6 Things That Are Actually Going Down In Price

Opposite of Inflation

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Opposite of Inflation
Cheapism/DALL-E 3

You're not alone if you find yourself starting far too many conversations nowadays by complaining about how expensive things have become. It's truly spiraled out of control, and things don't seem to be slowing down. With that in mind, however, there are some things that have miraculously gone down in cost over the years. 

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1. Solid State Drives

This just boils down to the reality that anything that can be successfully mass produced while still in a hyper-competitive business landscape is destined for success, and a lower price point. 

Looking back at 2020-2021, the memory business sustained record prices with cloud computing, so many people working remote, and then the crypto boom. Then, in general, memory chips continue to get denser and, as a result, lower in their price point.

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2. TVs

There was a time when you might go over to an otherwise socially irritating human being's household for the sole sake of being able to watch "the game" on a bigger, higher-quality TV. Now it seems like TVs across the board are on a welcomed downslope when it comes to the average price point. 

Keep your eyes peeled, because there are some deals going around this time of year where you can set yourself up with a 40+ inch Roku TV for less than a couple hundred bucks. 

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3. Office Space

Largely due to the widespread shift by many companies that have the capacity to do so, we've never seen more people being able to work remotely. Consequently, the overall demand for office space lowers. While the companies that operate on a remote basis save money by avoiding the overhead costs associated with having to rent out an office, the folks that own those office buildings are in no way thrilled about the situation. 

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4. Eggs

Remember when "eggflation" swooped in last year, taking so many of us by storm and rendering us bitterly accepting of a reality where we would temporarily have to forego luxuries like omelettes? 

Yeah, it's always best to not get caught up in that vicious, energy-sapping cycle. Nowadays, the costs of eggs are pretty much half of what they were last year. 

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5. Diamonds

Largely thanks to lab diamonds, the world's real diamonds are nosediving in price. So, if you were on the lookout for a new diamond-themed piece of jewelry for yourself, a loved one, or a dear friend, you might be in luck. 

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Solar photovoltaic panels on a house roof. Sunset.

6. Solar

You probably wouldn't assume that solar panels would be down in price, but here we are. Yes, as fate would have it, solar modules and panels are cheaper than they've ever been. For a quick fun fact, in 1977 solar cells were priced at $76.67 per watt, while as recently as late 2020 the cost had dropped down to as low as $0.22 per watt. 

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