6 'Poor People Foods' That The Rich Ruined

Poor People Foods Ruined by Rich

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Poor People Foods Ruined by Rich
Cheapism/DALL-E 3

They Should've Kept The Wings Out Of This

Food prices — in restaurants and grocery stores — remain on the rise as the overall cost of living also continues to climb. In particular though, there have been devastating price increases for foods that anyone in a financial rut will rely on as a go-to dish. It's a troubling fact that we no longer live in a world where it's easy to find a decent "Wings Night" special. Yet, here we are. 

vietnamese pho with spicy sriracha sauce shot top down

1. Pho

Ah, yes, a true rainy-day staple dish. Pho used to be easy enough to find for $5-$7. If you had a particularly voracious appetite, you could also treat yourself to a Banh Mi without making too noticeable a divot in your bank account. Well, no more. Nowadays, a bowl of pho can rarely be found for under $10, and the price tag goes as high $17 in some places. 

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Food Truck In The Park

2. Food Trucks

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when you could hop on your phone or even just explore around the neighborhood and find yourself a wildly tasty food truck option. Often, those food trucks offered various dishes at an affordable price. Nowadays, you might find a hipster burger that's being rung up to the tune of $20 (not including a side of fries). Even mobile coffee stands are getting to be completely out of control with their price points. 

Bowl Of Oxtail Soup

3. Oxtail

According to a recent Today.com article, the price of beef oxtail has risen from around $9 per pound in 2018 to nearly $14 per pound. Sadly enough, the buck doesn't even stop at oxtail. It's pretty much grown to be the case for most any non-mainstream part of an animal. But oxtail has long been a particularly popular food for anyone who was committed to cutting down on expenses. Now they've gone buckwild with the pricing. 

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Avocado toast. Shot from above.

4. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast making an appearance on this list honestly comes as its own kind of grand surprise. For so long, just hearing the words "avocado toast" naturally brought to mind pricier and more upscale cafes and restaurants, where one would generally be expected to post a picture of their avocado toast before taking a nibble. So some might be surprised to learn that before it became a symbol of millennial extravagance, avocado toast was a staple for anyone looking for a cheaper yet nutrient-packed sandwich.

Order of Tacos Closeup

5. Tacos

OK, granted, there are thankfully still plenty of establishments where you can find reasonable enough deals on platters of tacos, but there are also an increasingly alarming number of restaurants that'll try to pull fast ones on customers by charging something like $20 or more for a few tacos and a soda. 

Homemade Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings

6. Chicken Wings

Remember the days when you would see restaurants and bars advertising "50 cents wings night"? Yeah, not anymore. Nowadays, it's pretty much a given that if you see a bar or restaurant promoting a mega-cheap wings deal, you might want to also check the food rating of said establishment before potentially signing your insides up for a horrific emotional rollercoaster. 

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