This Is the Best Ramen in Your State, According to Customers

Vegan Kim Chi Ramen


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Vegan Kim Chi Ramen

Hot Ramen, Cool Places

If you're wondering where to find the best ramen in America, from tonkotsu to mazemen, we've got you covered from coast to coast. Here are 50 of the best noodle shops (plus one in the District of Columbia) — and crave-worthy ramen bowls recommended by reviewers — to help you slurp your way across the country (and save that package of instant ramen for late-night cravings).

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Spicy Tonkotsu ramen
Marika Y./Yelp

Alabama: Kamado Ramen


Kamado Ramen is a popular spot in Huntsville for those seeking an authentic Japanese ramen experience. Patrons can load up on generously sized, flavor-packed bowls of super fresh ingredients in a variety of ramen styles — from the brothless mazemen ramen with spicy chopped pork and thick egg noodles to vegetable ramen with kale noodles to spicy tonkotsu ramen with braised pork and shredded chili pepper. One Yelp reviewer says Kamado is "delicious, authentic ramen in a (tiny and, when it's hot outside, steamy inside) shop.”

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Naruto miso ramen
Christina L./Yelp

Alaska: Naruto Japanese Restaurant


In the heart of Anchorage, the cozy, always busy Naruto Japanese Restaurant serves up authentic Japanese fare like sushi, chicken katsu, and "easily the best ramen in the city," according to many Yelp reviewers. Satisfied customers are keen on the "gigantic and super filling" bowls of spicy kimchi ramen and naruto miso ramen with extra toppings like dried seaweed and a "dangerous meat kick" (or spicy meat paste).

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Spicy Ramen
Pete H./Yelp

Arizona: Tampopo Ramen


Tampopo Ramen prides itself on being "Arizona's original hakata ramen spot," according to their website. The small ramen shop crafts its noodles in-house daily with a machine imported from Tokyo, and there are seven top-notch ramen variations like ultra spicy, curry, miso, soymilk, and seafood on the menu. Yelp and Google reviewers say that the "ramen here is on point," particularly the ultra spicy ramen with rich soup, which is a "flavor bomb with every bite." Customers also note that "the noodles are a perfect, springy texture" and "the broth is consistently tasty, complex, and delicious."

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Veggie ramen
Greg S./Yelp

Arkansas: Ramen Nara


Locals flock to Ramen Nara for true Japanese comfort food. The noodles are prepared in house and ingredients are locally sourced, and the go-to ramen spot even offers top-notch vegan, gluten-free, and keto ramen options alongside their house-made chicken, pork, and seafood dishes. One Yelp reviewer notes it's the "closest thing to the ramen I remember from my time in Japan." You can't go wrong with any of their flavorful choices, but patrons rave about the vegetable ramen with fried tofu and sauteed vegetables as well as the garlic miso tori paitan with Japanese fried chicken in a thick broth. 

Julienne P./Yelp

California: Daikokuya

Los Angeles

Little Tokyo's Daikokuya was one of the first ramen bars to kick off the noodle craze in Los Angeles, and the owners have since expanded to four locations across the city. According to The Infatuation guides, "a visit to the original Little Tokyo shop for one of their traditional bowls is a pilgrimage every ramen disciple must take." Customers line up out the door at this no-frills ramen mecca for a chance to dig into the signature Daikoku ramen in a cloudy tonkotsu broth that's been marinated for a day with a special blended soy sauce and pork bones — amp it up with kotteri (pork fat oil) and extra pork.

duck ramen
Meax N./Yelp

Colorado: Uncle


Ramen lovers visit Uncle in Denver for the good stuff — house-made noodles, savory broth, and fresh ingredients, that is. Two laidback locations offer a small but ever-evolving lineup of ramen bowls like duck ramen with crispy confit duck in a shoyu broth and the much adored spicy chicken ramen with seared confit chicken, bean sprouts, scallions, and soft poached egg in a spicy, creamy sesame broth. Many Yelp reviewers agree that it's the "best ramen in Colorado," and also highly recommend the pork buns as an appetizer.

Darkness Ramen

Connecticut: Tiger Belly Noodle Bar


Customers journey from as far away as western Massachusetts to get a taste of Tiger Belly Noodle Bar's rich, flavorful pork and vegetable ramens. The noodle-focused restaurant's loyal fan base continues to grow largely through word of mouth. The bestselling "Darkness" ramen features a pork tonkotsu broth, simmered for 25+ hours, loaded with slow-cooked pork belly, a soy sauce-cured egg, bean sprouts, green onions, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, curly noodles, and finished with black garlic oil. The result is "the best ramen you can find in Connecticut," according to one reviewer.

Chicken Shoyu Ramen
Ike N./Yelp

Delaware: Ramen Kumamoto


Locals salivate for Ramen Kumamoto's steaming bowls of ramen and claim it's "definitely worth the wait" at this often packed hidden gem. The tiny eatery's recipes originate from Japan's Kumamoto region, and the broth is simmered for two days, giving it a deep flavor profile that can “only be described by experiencing it,” according to the website. While the menu will satisfy just about any palette, popular ramen dishes include miso ramen, spicy ramen, and chicken shoyu ramen. Vegetarian miso and shoyu ramen options are also available. The portions are more than generous and you can even specify the preferred firmness of your noodles.

volcano ramen
Nico G./Yelp

District of Columbia: Akira Ramen & Izakaya


This Washington, D.C. restaurant specialized in next-level ramen, offering four different kinds of broth: tonkatsu salt, miso, shoyu, and vegetable. Thin and curly noodles are made in-house daily, and diners are impressed. As one Yelp reviewer raved, “The portions were perfect. The broth was delicious. The spice was on point.” The volcano ramen gets points from another diner who calls it “a perfect blend of spicy, sweet, and savory.”

Black Dragon bowl
Phillip S./Yelp

Florida: Ichimi Ramen Bar

Coral Gables and Miami

The sleek noodle den Ichimi Ramen Bar sets the bar for atmosphere, service, and Japanese fare. From the spicy Black Dragon bowl to the vegetarian Garden Ramen, the menu's nine different ramen varieties — with perfectly cooked house-made noodles and "phenomenal broth" — are sure to hit the spot. Other Yelp reviewers say it's the "best ramen in town" and "definitely worth five stars in the realm of ramen restaurants."

Katsu Curry Ramen
JP P./Yelp

Georgia: Yakitori Jinbei


For mouthwatering ramen bowls, look no further than Yakitori Jinbei — where you can find both Japanese and Korean delicacies. A short jaunt from downtown Atlanta, this suburban noodle house was voted to have "the best ramen in metro Atlanta" in 2020. In an episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," host Guy Fieri dug into the restaurant's incredibly rich, flavor-packed katsu curry ramen and irresistible Korean fried chicken tossed in a signature sauce.

Wagaya Tsukemen
Lyla D./Yelp

Hawaii: Wagaya


You'll feel right at home at Wagaya, which literally means "our home," diving into a bowl of the restaurant's bold and complex tsukemen, a ramen dish with noodles that are eaten after they're dipped in a separate bowl of broth. You can opt for the Wagaya tsukemen or garlic tsukemen, which comes with thick, chilled noodles and a savory dipping broth "kicked up with garlic." One Yelp reviewer notes, "This is a must-have dipping ramen. Broth was well balanced and very flavorful," and another says, it's the "best ramen and tsukemen outside of Japan."

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Island Special
Roque H./Yelp

Idaho: Island Sushi and Ramen


The family-owned restaurant Island Sushi and Ramen serves up piping hot bowls of "super authentic Japanese ramen" in a variety of rich broth flavors — from vegetable and kimchi to Chashu with marinated pork belly and the Island Special featuring chicken, pork, shrimp, ham, and a fish cake. Generously sized bowls are topped with fresh ingredients like bean sprouts, seaweed, and a soft boiled egg. Customers also note that it's a "great spot to satisfy your ramen craving" and "the best ramen in Boise."

Spicy Miso Tsukemen
Jeff D./Yelp

Illinois: Chicago Ramen

Des Plaines

At Chicago Ramen, a simple counter-serve ramen joint located just outside of Chicago, the specialty is tsukemen, cold ramen noodles served with a separate bowl of ultra-concentrated, flavorful pork broth for dipping. The dish at this suburban spot is run by acclaimed Japanese chef Kenta Ikehata, who helped open the first outpost of the renowned Tokyo-based Tsujita chain in Los Angeles, and it was recently ranked one of the best ramen bowls in the area by the Chicago Tribune. Reporter Nick Kindelsperger says, "dunk some of the noodles in and each slurp is a riveting balance of cold and hot, bouncy and creamy." One Facebook reviewer even deems it "the best ramen in Illinois, hands down."

Spicy miso ramen
Bryan P./Yelp

Indiana: Ramen Ray


Folks in Indianapolis head to Ramen Ray for high-quality ramen. The small, no-frills Japanese establishment is a favorite for Sapporo-style ramen with rich, scratch-made pork and chicken broth and fresh, wavy noodles imported from Japan's northernmost island Hokkaido. From the lighter shio ramen to the soy sauce-darkened shoyu ramen, signature ramens with a range of flavor profiles here can accommodate just about every palate. Customers praise the spicy miso ramen with house-roasted pork. A Google reviewer says, "If you are craving authentic ramen, this is the best place to hit. Their spicy miso ramen is the bomb!"

spicy chicken ramen
Shelby C./Yelp

Iowa: Hana Ramen Sushi West

Des Moines

Contemporary Japanese standby Hana Ramen Sushi is where locals go to get their sushi and ramen fix. Yelp and Google reviewers say, "It's one of the very few places you can get authentic ramen in the Des Moines metro area" and "nearly every dish looks like a work of art." Crowd favorites include the deeply-flavored chashu ramen, spicy chicken ramen, and the "so dang tasty and filling" pork or chicken katsu ramen — choose from tonku or spicy tonku broth bases.

Daniel P./Yelp

Kansas: Ramen Bowls


Popular noodle Shop Ramen Bowls dishes up ramen inspired by the flavors of Honolulu's Chinatown, offering an amazingly broad selection of hearty options — from classic tonkotsu and shoyu to the house favorite post-rock beef ramen made with dry aged marinated beef steak and a spicy miso topping for an extra kick. Even the broth and noodles are made in house, including vegan and gluten-free options. Google reviewers say, "We keep coming back because it truly is the best ramen in the state" and "they got some good slurpin’ noodles."

spicy miso ramen
Michelle A./Yelp

Kentucky: Ramen House


The Bluegrass State's Ramen House in Louisville is a go-to spot for locals to slurp noodles in a steaming bowl of well-executed broth. The small, unassuming restaurant is almost always packed with patrons getting their fill of spicy miso ramen, shoyu ramen with a Kentucky bourbon-barrel soy sauce broth, and tonkotsu ramen with pork so tender that it "melts in your mouth." There's even an extremely spicy dish called "hell ramen," but "only order that if you are ready to sweat," says one Yelp reviewer. Customers also rave about the appetizers, so kick off your meal with some spicy garlic edamame and pork belly buns.

creamy chicken ramen
Coty H./Yelp

Louisiana: Journey East Noodle Bar


Choose from several signature ramen dishes, including weekly specials, or customize your own noodle bowls at local favorite Journey East Noodle Bar. This Louisiana restaurant serves up highly recommended options like a flavorful tonkotsu with pork that melts in your mouth and an "amazingly smooth and creamy" broth, "really friggin' good" spicy Korean miso, and creamy chicken ramen with a pan-roasted chicken leg or white chicken char siu and homemade chicken dumpling. Another Google reviewer notes, "THE best ramen bowls around! Who knew?? Did not expect such authenticity from a noodle place in a strip mall but any time I'm in Mandeville, I will save my appetite for this place."

tonkotsu ramen
Jon P./Yelp

Maine: Crunchy Poké


Dive into a hot bowl of ramen at Crunchy Poké, a small eatery in downtown Portland dishing up Hawaiian and Japanese staples like fresh poke bowls, sushi burritos, and ramen. The Old Port shop serves reliably delicious tonkotsu ramen, which one customer on Yelp describes as "wonderfully flavored with plenty of noodles, sprouts, pork, and so much more deliciousness." With fresh ingredients and a flavorful broth another reviewer "could drink all day," this balanced bowl of ramen will "definitely hit the spot."

Black and red Tonkatsu
Shannon H./Yelp

Maryland: Ramen Utsuke


Ramen Utsuke in Baltimore specializes in Kyushu-style tonkotsu ramen and Sapporo-style miso ramen. Ramen enthusiasts will enjoy the moderately spicy Oriole Park ramen — wavy noodles in chicken broth ramen finished with a drizzle of black garlic oil and spicy oil. One Google reviewer says, "Ramen Utsuke delivered 100%. I got the Oriole Park ramen, and the chicken broth was flavorful, not overly salty, and silky smooth. The noodles had excellent chew and everything else in the bowl was similarly delicious and well balanced."

spicy Gankara miso
Peter C./Yelp

Massachusetts: Ganko Ittetsu Ramen


Ganko Ittetsu Ramen, a compact noodle shop tucked inside Brookline's Arcade Building, is credited for bringing traditional Sapporo-style, wok-cooked ramen to New England. Wok-caramelizing the tare and vegetables before simmering them in pots takes some serious effort, but the result is a truly elevated tasting broth. Add in noodles imported from Japan and soy sauce and miso from an old Japanese microbrewery, and you've got a distinct flavor profile. Sought-after ramen dishes include the spicy Gankara miso, sesame-based tan-tan, and throwback Shoyu 1910 (a nostalgic shoyu ramen with "the taste of the year 1910 in Japan"). 

New Seoul Ramen
Kylie S./Yelp

Michigan: Johnny Noodle King


For "the best ramen in Michigan," hit up Johnny Noodle King, where "the flavor combinations with the ramens are out of this world," according to Yelp reviewers. The laid-back Detroit ramen shop can fulfill all your noodle needs — bowls range from traditional shoyu and tonkotsu to New Seoul with a Korean chili broth, sweet braised short ribs, kimchi, and sesame oil. There's even a rotating chef's special. A Google reviewer says, "Amazing ramen! They have lots of different options, meaning anything you get is highly customizable, so there's something for everyone to enjoy, including vegetarians/vegans."

Christian W./Yelp

Minnesota: Ramen Kazama


When Minnesotans need to warm up from the frigid temps, they hustle over to Ramen Kazama for a piping hot bowl of ramen. This neighborhood noodle shop dishes up exceptional tonkotsu ramen in a pork bone marrow broth, which one Google reviewer says has "melt-in-your-mouth pork belly, rich broth, and noodles with a good bite to them." But you definitely can't go wrong here — other standout menu options include the karamiso ramen with spicy ground pork and the torishio ramen with karaage (Japanese fried chicken). A customer on Yelp says, "I was impressed to look into the kitchen and see the owner taking part in the process of building each bowl with care. At Ramen Kazama, it's evident from the get-go that the ramen is meant to shine and it clearly does."

AF B./Yelp

Mississippi: SoLa


While ramen isn't on the regular menu, locals highly recommend SoLa for the restaurant's ever changing seasonal fare, which includes Asian-inspired dishes with a southern twist like ducky dumplings and daily specials like "Ramen Night" every Thursday with craveworthy ramen bowls for $10 alongside $4 glasses of rosé. Creative takes on the Japanese dish have included a French onion soup ramen with roast beef and lemon chicken ramen with ginger and jalapeños. One Yelp reviewer says, "Ramen Thursday is not to be missed. It is exceptional and there's nothing like it in Oxford or Mississippi quite honestly."

Shroomed Out
Audrey B./Yelp

Missouri: Nudo House

St. Louis

The owners of Nudo House in St. Louis trained with one of four recognized ramen masters in Japan before opening up shop — and it shows in the well-executed bowls with ingredients that play beautifully together. The gluten-free and vegetarian Shroomed Out ramen bowl was recently voted "Favorite Ramen" in St. Louis in Sauced Magazine Readers' Choice awards. The dish's rich, creamy mushroom broth layered with umami flavor stands out for its hearty slices of king oyster mushroom, sweet and tangy bamboo shoots, and custardy ramen egg. "I love their Shroomed Out mushroom ramen! You don't even miss the meat, it is so flavorful and filling," says one Yelp reviewer.

Spicy Beef Ramen
Steveo S./Yelp

Montana: Hokkaido Ramen and Izakaya

Various locations

With casual Japanese ramen restaurants all over Montana and Idaho, it's easy to warm up with one of Hokkaido Ramen and Izakaya's tasty ramen bowls. The lineup includes varieties like the spicy ramen (nicknamed "The Hotness") with three levels of spiciness to choose from and the tantanmen ramen (nicknamed "The Montana"), featuring a house favorite rich chicken broth with a sesame and ginger base and topped with chopped pork, bok choy, scallions, sesame seeds, chili oil, a smear of chili paste, and a marinated egg. 

kimchi ramen
Amy W./Yelp

Nebraska: Ika San


Ika San in downtown Omaha provides a modern and lively atmosphere that makes it a hotspot for locals and visitors alike. A hidden gem off a quiet alleyway, the trendy ramen bar's industrial interior features hip wall murals and hanging lanterns — and phenomenal ramen to boot. From vegetarian to kimchi ramen to spicy miso ramen, it's "the best ramen in Omaha," according to one Google reviewer. Another customer says "The staff is friendly, fast service, and it’s always been great food."

kuro ramen
Kasey L./Yelp

Nevada: Monta Japanese Noodle House

Las Vegas

Monta Japanese Noodle House in Las Vegas serves delicious and reasonably priced kurume-style tonkotsu ramen, a thick and rich pork-based broth with thin, straight noodles. The ramen at this reputable, cozy Chinatown joint is legit, and it's also a great spot for ramen newbies to try different styles of ramen — the extensive menu even provides thorough descriptors of each dish. You can't go wrong with any dish here, but devoted patrons rave about the tonkotsu shoyu ramen, kuro ramen with black garlic oil, and cold noodles with pork chashu, which "hits the spot in Vegas' hot weather," according to one Yelp reviewer

Spicy ramen
Alex N./Yelp

New Hampshire: Buba Noodle Bar


At Buba Noodle Bar, "the food is consistently amazing" and "the spicy ramen is not messing around,"  according to Yelp reviewers. Fresh ingredients packed into this steaming bowl include your choice of pork belly, soy-glazed chicken, or tofu in a spicy miso bone broth with kimchi, bok choy, scallions, and a soft boiled egg. Google reviewers claim this is the "best ramen in NH" and that it "rivals Boston and New York."

burnt garlic tonkotsu ramen
Vic H./Yelp

New Jersey: Ramen Nagomi

New Brunswick and Freehold Township

Out of all the ramen shops popping up in New Jersey, locals on Yelp consider noodle hotspot Ramen Nagomi a "tried and true" favorite for its "vibrant atmosphere," "delicious and rich" flavored broth, and "bouncy and delightful" noodles. Must-try dishes include the burnt garlic tonkotsu ramen, miso crab ramen, and spicy vegetarian miso ramen. Like most small and super popular restaurants, the original New Brunswick location can get quite busy. Regulars recommend getting on the waitlist or heading to the more spacious Freehold location. 

curry ramen
Yuqi T./Yelp

New Mexico: Naruto


Ramen fans in New Mexico visit Albuquerque's Naturo for its great atmosphere and exceptional noodles. Customers enjoy the black tonkotsu ramen in a super rich pork broth and curry ramen in a chicken broth with Japanese curry spices and beef brisket, in particular, noting that the "ramen broth is rich with complex flavors and there are different noodles for each dish." Another reviewer writes, "I have eaten in plenty of ramen locations, even a couple of shops in Tokyo Ramen Street. For the price and the taste, this location is really good."

Darby W./Yelp

New York: Ippudo NY

New York

Since the Japanese chain export landed in the East Village and kicked off New York City's ramen scene over a decade ago, Ippudo has remained one of the city's top ramen spots — largely due to its consistently creamy pork-based tonkotsu broth and springy housemade noodles. Today, with three outposts in the city — and several others across the globe — it's easier than ever to acquire the authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen, which takes two days to make. You can't go wrong with any ramen dish on the menu here, but the Karaka spicy bowl with pork belly and a special blend of spices comes highly recommended. Their pork buns are also a must-order. A Yelp reviewer notes, “It’s some of the best and most consistent ramen NYC has to offer."

Fire and Ice
Thomas R./Yelp

North Carolina: Futo Buta


Some Yelp reviewers note that Futo Buta's "incredible execution on ramen" isn't the most traditional, but the restaurant's clever takes on the noodle dish are wildly popular with locals. It still has classics like tonkatsu ramen with a creamy pork bone broth and pecan-smoked pork belly, but also unique variations like Fire and Ice (made with hot smoked salmon in a kimchi and dashi broth) and the well-regarded Buta Bowl with chicken and dashi broth, double noodle, pecan-smoked pork belly, duck confit, spicy pork, onsen egg, chili sauce, sweet white corn, scallion, and cayenne pepper threads. 

Rhonda C./Yelp

North Dakota: Noodlezip


The tiny and incredibly popular restaurant Noodlezip in North Dakota boasts a mighty menu — its seasonal, homemade noodle-based offerings span from Vietnamese pho to Korean glass noodles to Singapore curry to Japanese ramen. Customers highly recommend the Shoyu ramen, and one Yelp reviewer notes: "The Shoyu Ramen has a deeply flavorful broth. The pork slices were well executed and generous in serving size. The scallions were fresh. The half egg was creamy and flavorful. The noodles were excellent, both springy and chewy." 

Thai curry ramen
Juan J./Yelp

Ohio: Speakeasy Ramen


Tucked in an old neighborhood, Speakeasy Ramen might feel like you've discovered a hidden gem when you taste its creative and super fresh offerings (though it's no secret to local diners). The menu might be limited, but it packs a mighty punch with a short, rotating list of reasonably priced and perfectly mastered bowls using local ingredients in innovative ways. Whether you opt for the classic tonkotsu with bone marrow broth that simmers for three days and grilled shrimp or the Thai curry ramen with its silky coconut broth and Thai spices topped with shrimp (or sweet potato should you go vegan), a Yelp reviewer assures us that "once you have eaten here you will be hooked!"

yasai vegan ramen
Shay B./Yelp

Oklahoma: Gorō Ramen and Izakaya

Oklahoma City

Gorō Ramen and Izakaya's journey began as a food truck venture and series of pop-up dinners dubbed Project Slurp before opening its doors to ramen lovers as a brick-and-mortar spot. Since then, the masses have been noshing on playful snacks and mouthwatering ramen inspired by Chef Jeff Chanchaleune’s travels and Japanese flavors and techniques. Customers recommend the spicy miso ramen, chilled ramen, and yasai vegan ramen — adding house-made chili garlic bombs for an extra kick. Google reviewers share that "eating here was a spiritual experience" and the ramen is "seasoned to perfection for the gods."

yuzu shio ramen
Jason C./Yelp

Oregon: Afuri Izakaya


Tokyo-based ramen shop Afuri Izakaya — wooed by cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, and Dubai — made Portland its first outpost outside of Japan because of its fresh spring water and local produce. In Japan, Afuri's ramen noodles and broth are prepared using spring water from Mt. Afuri, a process they wanted to replicate in the Pacific Northwest. This high-end spot is known for its refreshing signature yuzu shio ramen featuring a lighter broth made from locally grown chicken reduction, flavored with yuzu citrus, and topped with chashu pork, soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and seaweed. A Yelp reviewer says it's "refreshing and very appetizing!" and definitely recommends "as the broth is not something you can find in any ramen restaurant."

Spicy ramen
Denisse V./Yelp

Pennsylvania: Terakawa Ramen


Terakawa Ramen's recipes originate from the Kumamoto region of Japan — perfectly al dente noodles are made from scratch and the signature pork bone broth is simmered for two days to give it a deep, satisfying richness. Shops in Philadelphia's Chinatown and University City load ramen bowls with fresh ingredients, and the result tastes "as authentic as our favorite Tokyo noodle shops," according to a Yelp reviewer. Ramen varieties include the signature pork bone broth ramen with roast pork and the crowd-pleasing tan tan ramen in a spicy miso and chicken broth soup with sesame paste topped with minced pork. A Google reviewer says, "The toppings are robust and the bowls come out looking like a piece of art...Truly a culinary experience!"

tonkotsu ramen
Amy M./Yelp

Rhode Island: Sakuratani Ramen and Izakaya


Rhode Islanders can satisfy their ramen fix in the small town of Bristol at Sakuratani Ramen and Izakaya. According to a Google review, this authentic spot has "wicked good ramen," and a reviewer who grew up in Japan says "their tonkotsu ramen is the real deal." The tonkotsu's tasty pork broth contains straight, thin noodles and is topped with chashu pork, a soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, scallions, narutomaki, and pink ginger. A Yelp reviewer says, "Having lived in Japan and then in LA (where I had no shortage of authentic Japanese cuisine), I can say this place nailed it. Any ramen option you order will leave you full and happy."

Spicy Ramen
Pam K./Yelp

South Carolina: Menkoi Ramen House

Columbia, Greenville and Fayetteville

To get the best bang for your buck, visit one of several Menkoi Ramen House locations — or Menkoi Noodle House in downtown Greenville. A Yelp reviewer says, "This is the way ramen is meant to be. Delicious comfort food at inexpensive prices. Nothing pretentious, just great ramen." Customers praise the spicy ramen in a pork-based soup with marinated pork, bean sprouts, spinach, green onions, nori, and a boiled egg. Fun fact: “Menkoi” means “the love of noodles.”

Larson J./Yelp

South Dakota: Ramen Fuji

Sioux Falls

Ramen Fuji is a "hidden gem in Sioux Falls if you like ramen," says one Yelp reviewer. No need to travel halfway across the world, or even to LA or NYC, for quality ramen when you can find it here. Customers flock to this Japanese joint for the crispy chicken ramen, beef ramen that has "a nice spicy kick to it," tantanmen ramen with spicy ground pork, and seafood ramen another Yelper notes is "a good value with the number of shrimp, mussels, and squi

tonkotsu ramen
Daniel T./Yelp

Tennessee: Two Ten Jack

Nashville and Chattanooga

Japanese-inspired pub, or izakaya, Two Ten Jack integrates Southern ingredients into the kodawari ramen and other comfort food it serves. This hip spot, which is part noodle joint and part cocktail bar, slings delicious draft cocktails and dishes up a diverse roster of phenomenal ramen, including a popular pork broth-based tonkotsu ramen with chashu (braise pork belly), bamboo shoots, mushrooms, garlic, and a soft egg — try adding a little burnt garlic oil. Google reviewers say, "Their tonkotsu pork belly ramen warms my soul" and "The only bad thing about Two Ten Jack is that once you eat their ramen, all other ramen shops will never live up to your expectations. Seriously, the tonkotsu is the best you can find."

Tonkotsu Ramen with a spicy bomb
Adam T./Yelp

Texas: Ramen Tatsu-ya

Austin and Houston

With several locations in Austin and Houston, it's easier than ever to get your fix of authentic ramen at Ramen Tatsu-ya. This OG noodle soup shop kickstarted the ramen craze in Austin, and their slurp-worthy ramen bowls have only exploded in popularity with the noodle-obsessed over the years. Their original tonkotsu ramen with chashu is legit, but if you're in the mood for an extra kick, add a red pepper paste "spicy bomb" or opt for the "Mi-So-Hot" ramen with pork.

Shoyu and tonkotsu ramen
John C./Yelp

Utah: Asa Ramen in Orem


Grab your chopsticks and slurp up a mouthful of the best ramen in Utah at Asa Ramen. This little restaurant serves hearty and affordable bowls of ramen like a tonkotsu/shoyu blend with medium wavy noodles and karai with spicy broth. One Facebook review says, "Best ramen. I can't say ever because my first ramen experience was in Japan. But it is the closest in my opinion." Another reviewer on Yelp says, "I've tried a ton of ramen joints in Utah and this is by far the best. I'd even go as far as saying it's the best I've had outside of Japan. Very authentic and tasty!"

Osen Rament
Megan C./ Yelp

Vermont: Onsen Ramen


Onsen Ramen is named after the geothermal hot springs found in Japan, and this is a good place to warm up during a long Vermont winter. The spicy miso gets raves, as does the ginger salad.

Spicy Miso
Sarita N./Yelp

Virginia: Marumen


Marumen is the go-to spot for Asian comfort food in Northern Virginia. It serves traditional ramen dishes like the popular spicy miso ramen and shoyu ramen as well as several specialty ramen options like the spicy "Army" ramen with sausage, spam, pork shoulder, kimchi, cabbage, and bean sprouts. Another ramen called the "Spicy Mazemen" features chilled brothless noodles served with sweet chili pepper sauce, nitamago, chashu, stir-fried mung bean sprouts, scallions, and nori. A customer on Yelp says, "One of the best ramen spots in Northern Virginia! Marumen tops my list in terms of ramen in Virginia: the broth is hearty and rich in flavor and I like that the meat (for most of their dishes) is thick."

Classic Rekka Ramen with ajitama
Jessica S./Yelp

Washington: Ramen Danbo

Seattle, Vancouver, and New York City

Ramen Danbo serves traditional Fukuoka-style ramen with Kyushu-style thin noodles and a signature pork-based tonkotsu broth that are both crafted in house. Outside of Japan, the restaurant has outposts in Seattle's Capitol Hill as well as Vancouver and New York, drawing ramen lovers to its mouthwatering pork and vegan broth offerings. Customers on Google appreciate the "super tasty, fully-customizable ramen" — diners can choose the noodle thickness and firmness, broth thickness and fattiness, and spice level as well as the toppings. Try the classic chashu-men with six slices of tender braised pork belly or the vegan negi-goma atsuage ramen with six slices of thick-fried tofu in a white, creamy broth with sesame oil, roasted sesame seeds, and fresh scallions. 

Shoyu Ramen
Hongxuyang Y./Yelp

West Virginia: Yama


West Virginia's Yama is a hidden gem known for its delicious and authentic Japanese fare and friendly service. A Facebook reviewer writes, "I have had ramen in many big cities (New York, Chicago, DC, etc) and they simply do not compare to Mr. Yama’s amazing ramen!" The intimate spot is a "Morgantown staple that never fails to deliver," according to one Yelp reviewer. While there are many dishes worth ordering, the shoyu ramen stands out for its "simple and well balanced" soy sauce-based broth, and "fresh noodles, dried seaweed, and a fish cake all make a wonderful taste treat in this delicious bowl," note other customers on Yelp. You can also order this dish with chilled noodles instead. 

Strings Ramen
Gregory G./Yelp

Wisconsin: Strings Ramen


You may not think of Wisconsin as a place that turns out quality ramen, but guess again. One Yelp reviewer raved, "As someone who's had ramen from top spots in Singapore and grew up eating allll kinds of Southeast Asian noodles, Strings is up there." Don't miss the Hell Ramen if you're in the mood for {very) spicy.

Tonkotsu ramen
Kelly N./Yelp

Wyoming: Honolulu Poke and Ramen


Mall food can be hit or miss, but we promise you won't be disappointed with a visit to Honolulu Poke and Ramen located in the middle of the Cheyenne shopping scene. Customers praise this unassuming food court spot as an amazing find for its must-try spicy ramen dishes, which you can order with proteins like beef brisket, chicken karaage, and pork belly. Wash it all down with some bubble tea. If heat isn't your thing, there are still options like the tonkotsu (also available as spicy), shoyu, and veggie ramen. Google reviewers say it's "the best ramen in town" for its fresh taste, friendly service, and reasonable prices.