8 Hilarious Examples of Super Low-Budget DIY Ingenuity

DIY Fails Cover

Cheapism / Reddit

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DIY Fails Cover
Cheapism / Reddit

DI-Why Not?

We like to think that the concept of low-budget DIY ingenuity is like 'Murica meets MacGyver. When you don't have something you need and also don't have the means to obtain that certain something, you make do with what you've got. And there's an entirely separate, backcountry lens to see those things through, too, as it turns out, and we've rounded up some of the funniest examples we could find. 

Air Conditioner AC
u/acidSlumber via Reddit.com

Window Shaker, Meet Mini Van

If the A/C goes out in your ride, it's not a cheap fix ... unless you're a savvy DIYer who makes no qualms about knocking out the back window of your minivan to install a window shaker like this one posted on the r/funny channel on Reddit. We are a little curious about the words written on this vehicle though — "hoodie" and "all shirts $1" — is it also considered ingenius to write your shopping list on the body of your vehicle so you can take a look to see what you need when you pull into the store parking lot? Or perhaps they're advertising things they're trying to sell to fix the A/C. Either way, it's ... creative.

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low budget ingenuity 3
u/Please_obtain_taco via Reddit.com

When Nature Calls ...

We love a good backcountry spin on a car mod. This little car-v has an outhouse attached to it, so when Dad says, "We're not stopping for anything" on the next road trip, he can follow through. 

low budget ingenuity 2
u/rockproducer via Reddit.com
low budget ingenuity 5
u/BackwoodsGrim via Reddit.com
low budget ingenuity 4

Fingers Crossed They're Clean

If you want to keep yourself safe from germs with a face mask and you opt for undies in a pinch, if nothing else, you'll inspire others to social distance from you.

low budget ingenuity 6

Never Compromise Good Gas Mileage

Pickup trucks offer the power to haul things, and that's a very useful ability if you ask just about any blue-collar person. There's just one problem: trucks don't get as good of gas mileage, and many even require pricier diesel fuel. Just slap a bed on a car instead and you've got the best of both worlds. 

low budget ingenuity 7
u/KaiWenXiao via Reddit.com

Kitchen Aid, Smitchen Aid

When those late night cookie cravings hit but you're balling on a budget and don't have a hand mixer let alone a stand mixer, this makeshift one will do ya just fine.

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low budget ingenuity 8
u/Okcthundersbison via Reddit.com

That's One Way to Get to the Laundromat

Hop on, loser, we're going to the landromat. As one commenter said, "Well the laundromats aren't gonna walk to them."

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