17 Hilariously Bad DIY Projects That We Found This Week

Terrible DIY Projects thumbnails

u/DiYWHY / Cheapism

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Terrible DIY Projects thumbnails
u/DiYWHY / Cheapism


Despite what HGTV might tell us, not everyone is cut out for DIY projects. Even if you have a really good idea (you probably don't), there's still the issue of execution. 

Here are some of our favorite irredeemably bad DIY projects and fixes that we found this week.  

DIY Painting without a paint roller
u/KiddieSpread / Via reddit.com

"My parents: we don't need a paint roller"

"My favourite part is where instead of removing the stuff from the shelf so they could paint the whole wall, they left the stuff on the shelf and just didn't paint behind there" - u/blewberyBOOM

Lamp made of ties and a belt
u/tangytacosman / Via reddit.com

"Recent find at the thrift store. didn’t buy it"

"Should have bought it, it really ties the room together" - u/Pickingnamesisharder

DIY poorly done sink
u/Competitive-One-1877 / Via reddit.com
Fence built around a tree stump
u/StalksNStems / Via reddit.com

"I don't know what to say to this."

"The stump will last a whole lot longer than the fence." - u/solstice38

DIY chair reupholstered using denim jeans

"It was listed as a Jair."

"At least you'll have plenty of places for the remote control" - u/migoodridge

Hinge with stripped screws
u/ZEAC2001 / Via reddit.com

"Saw this on Instagram"

"Nothing says "safe" like a door perforated like a postage stamp." - u/publicnuissance

Window AC unit being propped up by a table, chair, and board
u/hanyacker / Via reddit.com
Facebook marketplace posting for a DIY lamp made out of a meat grinder
u/joeChump / Via reddit.com

"It’s unique for a reason."

"Well.. it is technically unique.." - u/ figbott

Fake grass in a shower
u/TheCuriousBread / Via reddit.com
DIY disgusting looking wall pattern
u/ridleywithpitsvoice / Via reddit.com

"This “fancy” wall pattern my dad put in"

"Does this look exactly like a frosted cake, or is it just me?" - u/Either-Ant-4653

Small table made of beer bottles

"This piece of furniture(?) I saw on a walk"

"A beer table, you see them once in a blue moon" - u/AndrewSeven

DIY bird house made out of a bed pan
u/alfy2pointohno / Via reddit.com

"Bed pan bird house that no one asked for."

"Honestly, kinda well done. I don't hate it. I've seen far worse upcycles." - u/Bored2001

Lawnmower with extremely long front forks

"I’m at a loss.. no idea what intended purpose this has.."

"I have no idea either, but what I do know is that I want to buy it and find out" -u/kyjoely

DIY above ground pool on stilts
u/nahog99 / Via reddit.com

No, just no

"Of all the things I’m never getting in, that’s the thing I’m not getting in the most" - u/FoobarWreck

DIY addition to AirBnB home of basement beach
Cutting the soles out of your shoes so you can discretely walk barefoot

"Why why why?"

"I think it’s time to change the brakes on the Rockmobile, Fred." - u/DjSeku

Horribly designed staircase
u/Coneskate / Via reddit.com

"Found on an apartment rental listing"

"This looks like it was designed by a cat." - u/ClipsAndPicsBooks