Weekly Update: Junk Food Secrets, Business Flops, Back to School, & More


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Junk food calls to us, but there's actually some worth listening to. We'll tell you not just which junk food is the least bad, but which supposedly healthy foods are the biggest liars. (And offer nearly 30 cheap, easy, and delicious recipes for truly good summer eating.) Similarly, we'll remind you of which attempts at capturing the stomachs, hearts, and wallets of consumers failed the most spectacularly in the past decades, and where to go with your nest egg if those historical flops sour you on investing in standard stocks, bonds, and businesses. Meanwhile, the school year is getting too close to ignore, and Cheapism has 90 tips for discounts and savings whether the student is headed for kindergarten or college, as well as a look at gadgets from calculators to drones that might make a difference in a child's grades.

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The 20 Least Unhealthy Junk Foods

Not all junk food is created equal. Pretzels, beef jerky, and even pork rinds can be somewhat healthier alternatives to potato chips and other snacks.

12 Products with Meaningless Nutritional Claims

Though abundantly emblazoned on many foods, terms such as "organic," "natural," and "free range" don't necessarily spell "healthy." Find out why not.

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