What to Buy — and What to Skip — in April

Showers of Deals


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Showers of Deals

Showers of Deals

It's officially spring, and retailers are preparing for warm weather and hotter sales. In April, buyers will find deals on everything from spring clothes to jewelry, as well as some remaining winter items. Although the selection of last season's goods will be even slimmer than it was in March, prices will be deeply discounted. With the coronavirus pandemic continuing, online shopping will be the order of the day this season. 

The Best Time to Buy Almost Anything This Year 

Car Parts and Accessories

Car Parts and Accessories

April is National Car Care Month, so auto parts stores and service centers will be running promotions. Even if you don't need any major work done, it's usually a good time to take a vehicle in for a tune-up; check brakes, wipers, and tires; and shop for car accessories. 

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Bling just might be the thing to buy in April. With the Valentine's Day bump a distant memory, jewelers are ready to compete for tax-refund money by offering low prices to get customers in the door. 

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Diamond Halo 18” Pendant Necklace

Deals on Jewelry

Large specialty chains like Jared and local jewelers' online sites are certainly worth a look. But don't forget to look for jewelry sales on big-box and department-store sites like Macy's, with some of the deepest discounts coming on items that have mass appeal, such as diamond stud earrings and pendants, gemstone rings and necklaces, and cultured pearls. Watches may also be nicely discounted.

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Mother's Day Gifts
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Mother's Day Gifts

Speaking of jewelry, early April is also the moment to get a head start on Mother's Day shopping. Wait until May, and prices will be higher on sparkly stuff, as well as flowers and chocolate. 

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Deals on Mother's Day Gifts

Deals on Mother's Day Gifts

If you always send flowers for Mother's Day, now's the time to think about buying. Brad's Deals found that Valentine's Day buyers could lock in a good price on roses by ordering a month in advance, and Mother's Day is a similarly big deal for florists. In 2019, Cheapism's price analysis found ProFlowers to be the best budget-friendly delivery service, but don't overlook ordering from local florists, where quality tends to be more reliable.

If mom has a sweet tooth, take advantage of deals on chocolate and other treats after Easter, April 4. Mass-market chocolate will quickly go on sale at Walmart and Target, often at 30% to 50% off. Fortunately, those with more discriminating palates should be able to find discounts from higher-end brands like Godiva, too. 

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Snow Removal Equipment

With the last of the snow out of the way, equipment like snow blowers and snow shovels will be on clearance to make room for spring gardening tools. Now is the time to look for end-of-season sales and make a big purchase for next winter.

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Deals on Snow Removal Equipment

Deals on Snow Removal Equipment

Home Depot and Lowe's are the obvious go-tos for deals on beefier equipment like snow blowers. But don't forget Amazon, which has a surprising selection, particularly of smaller electric blowers.

Home Improvement Supplies

Home Improvement Supplies

With spring in the air, many do-it-yourselfers are ready to tackle some projects they let slide over the winter. While demand is high, so is competition, making it possible for enterprising homeowners to snag some great deals this time of year. 

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Deals on Home Improvement Supplies

Deals on Home Improvement Supplies

In the past, Home Depot has offered "Spring Black Friday" discounts in April, making this the month to stock up and get to work. Deals have covered everything from lawn mowers to mulch to patio furniture. Lowe's has offered similar discounts, including 50% off gardening supplies and 30% off outdoor power equipment. And don't overlook smaller players like Ace Hardware

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Spring Apparel
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Spring Apparel

Retailers are ready to clear out spring apparel to make room for summer duds. That means shoulder-season clothing — think jackets, lightweight sweaters, and long-sleeve T-shirts — will be going on sale. 

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Deals on Spring Apparel
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Retailers typically feature April promotions on pots, pans, and cooking tools in time for bridal showers, weddings, and college graduations. And if mom has her eye on some new cookware, don't forget that Mother's Day is just around the corner. 

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Deals on Cookware

Deals on Cookware

Shoppers can almost always count on companies such as Macy's for deals on cookware sets. Retailers like Target and Walmart may also discount certain sets, including lower-end basics that can be ideal as graduation gifts. Got an eye on something pricier? Williams Sonoma usually has a Spring Cookware Event in April when shoppers can find half off or more on higher-end brands including Le Creuset, Calphalon, and All-Clad. 

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Secondhand Items

Secondhand Goods

Spring cleaning yields loads of donations to thrift stores, so take a break from your own chores to check out a fresh array of secondhand clothing, home decor, and other deals from stores. Smart thrift-store shopping tips include buying off-season for the best selection. Vintage clothing is always in style, and cheap home decor and pieces can often be repurposed. 

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Set Up an Ebay Account
Be Barbecue Ready

Skip: Grills

Although outdoor temperatures are climbing and many people are itching to barbecue, waiting until July or August to buy a cheap grill pays off. 

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Skip: Mattresses

Mattresses seem to be perpetually on sale, but with no "shopping holidays" in April, they're less likely to be discounted. If you can hold off, you'll find much better mattress deals once Memorial Day rolls around at the end of May.

Summer Apparel
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Skip: Summer Apparel

The beginning of a season is always the worst time to find deals on new duds. With retailers clearing out spring merchandise and stocking up on summer apparel, now isn't the best time to buy new summer clothes.