Where to Buy Bicycles That Are Made in America

U.S. Chromoly Cortello Commuter Bike

Detroit Bikes

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U.S. Chromoly Cortello Commuter Bike
Detroit Bikes

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Once upon a time, most of the bikes sold in the U.S. were American-made; these days, most bicycles and bike components come from China. But there are still plenty of small companies dedicated to building bikes here at home. Most cater to serious athletes and dedicated riders, and their bicycles are priced accordingly, but you'll also find kids' bikes, tandem bicycles, and tricycles for kids and grownups, including one American company that assembles bikes for Walmart. Take a spin with Cheapism as we look at some of the folks still building bicycles in the United States.

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26" BCA Adult Charleston Beach Cruiser Bike

Bicycle Corp. of America | Clarendon County, South Carolina

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Kent International, which has been building and selling bikes for more than 50 years, launched BCA in 2014 with the intention of reviving the American bike industry. It doesn't build bikes from scratch, but does assemble them — about 320,000 annually, most sold at Walmart stores nationwide. You'll find bicycle models for kids and adults, including beach cruisers and mountain bikes.

Bike We Like: 26" Adult Charleston Beach Cruiser Bike ($199)

Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle
Dirt King U.S.A.
U.S. Chromoly Cortello Commuter Bike
Detroit Bikes
Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Beltline
Ben's Cycle
Chumba Bikes Terlingua Steel Gravel Bike
Chumba Bikes
Worksman Cycles Team Dual Trike
Worksman Cycles

Worksman Cycles | Ozone Park, New York

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Brooklynites love their bikes, and Worksman Cycles caters to their commuting needs with custom-designed bicycles for easy riding. Cruiser bikes? Check. Comfort bikes? Check. Tricycles for adults? Check. Tandem trikes? Double check. Workman also sells folding bikes as well as cycles for businesses (check out its delivery bikes) and electric models.

Bike We Like: Team Dual Trike ($1,829 and up)

Spot Bikes Acme
Spot Bikes

Spot Bikes | Golden, Colorado

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The family behind Spot Bikes has been in the bicycle-building business since 1991 and knows a thing or two when it comes to building bikes for hardcore racing and riding. Spot specializes in carbon- and steel-framed mountain and road bikes that use unique belt drives instead of the usual chain drives.

Bike We Like: Acme ($1,899 and up)

Wyatt Bicycles Maverick
Wyatt Bicycles

Wyatt Bicycles | Bangor, Wisconsin

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Owner Wyatt Hrudka has been building bikes for some 20 years. His custom-built, aluminum-framed Maverick fat bikes are designed for go-anywhere riding, while the Vista mountain bikes can tackle everything from suburban trails to hair-raising pump tracks.

Bike We Like: Maverick ($2,399 and up)

Co-Motion Cycles Bluebird Tandem
Journeyman's Adventure Co.

Co-Motion Cycles | Eugene, Oregon

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Want a bicycle built for two? Co-Motion has been building them — along with single-passenger bikes — in Oregon for three decades. Among the 30 or so models it produces, you'll find bikes for roads, trails, and touring, including a couple triple-seaters. Tandems have aluminum frames; singles use steel.

Bike We Like: Bluebird Tandem ($3,195 and up)

REEB Cycles The Sam's Pants
REEB Cycles
Litespeed Bicycles Nolichucky
Litespeed Bicycles

Litespeed Bicycles | Chattanooga, Tennessee

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This hilly haven in southeastern Tennessee is a treat for cyclists seeking a challenge along with breathtaking views. In business for more than 30 years, Litespeed produces titanium-frame road, gravel, and mountain bikes for serious athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Bike We Like: Nolichucky ($5,375 and up)

Alchemy Bikes Atlas Carbon
Alchemy Bikes

Alchemy Bikes | Denver

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Colorado is a cyclist's paradise for mountain trails and urban routes, so little wonder that the state is home to some serious bike manufacturers. Based in Denver, Alchemy began by building a single road bike model in 2008. These days, it crafts a range of bicycles, including road, gravel, mountain, and custom models with hand-built carbon and titanium frames.

Bike We Like: Atlas Carbon ($8,999 and up)

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Independent Fabrication Club Racer
Allied Cycle Works Allroad Red Axs Complete Bike
Allied Cycle Works
Kinn Cascade Flyer Alfine
Kinn Bikes

Kinn Bikes | Portland, Oregon

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Kinn Bikes makes just one model, the Cascade Flyer. With a frame that's 6 inches longer than average, you can think of it as the stretch-limo version of a commuter bike. Those extra inches in the rear leave room for a generous bamboo platform that's big enough to haul cargo (the base rotates 90 degrees to support bulky items) or carry a youngster (thanks to a second set of handlebars and foot pegs).

Bike We Like: The Kinn Cascade Flyer ($2,350)