Wine bottles on shelf at a winery. Wine bottles in wooden stand on display at store.
Wine bottles on shelf at a winery. Wine bottles in wooden stand on display at store.

Red Wine on a Dime

While expensive wine can be amazing, great wine does not have to cost a lot. Our roundup of the best value red wines under $20 is based on professional reviews and competition results, as well as insider knowledge, to ensure that every bottle offers a great deal. Most are widely distributed across the country, although prices and availability vary by state. (No vintages are specified, because these inexpensive wines, many of them red blends, are generally made in a consistent style year after year.) Weather and grape yields also play a role, and many of these great wines are cheaper than when Cheapism looked a year ago.

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Cline Zinfandel

Cline Zinfandel ($10)

Cline Cellars has been making rich and indulgent wines in the family tradition from Sonoma County, California, since the 1990s and is responsible for some of the best, inexpensive red wines on the market. Its entry-level zinfandel offers plenty of ripe berry and spice flavor. It is smooth enough to enjoy on its own and powerful enough to pair with steak.

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Crane Lake Cabernet Sauvignon
Bronco Wine Co.

Crane Lake Cabernet Sauvignon ($5)

Some of the best inexpensive red wines can be bought for well under $10. Along with the wines of Chateau Souverain and the red blend Apothic Crush, this California line represents one of the best values in domestic wines. The cabernet is round and smooth, with supporting notes of raspberries, blackcurrants, and hints of earth. It is a cheerful wine and, at this price point, one of the best red wines for any occasion, be it casual or fancy.

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Bodegas Luzón Verde
Aviva Vino

Bodegas Luzón Verde ($9)

While New Zealand, Rhone Valley, and Sonoma County get plenty of notice for their wines, don't overlook Spain as a source for some of the best inexpensive red wines. An organic wine from Jumilla, this all-purpose red has a medium body, flavors of spicy red fruit, and notes of earthy foliage, baking spices, and ripe red berries. Soft enough to be enjoyed without food, it also pairs well with grilled meats and hearty vegetables. It's certainly one of the best values and one of the best cheap red wines to look for the next time you're at the grocery store.

Qupé Central Coast Syrah
Total Wine

Qupé Central Coast Syrah ($18)

This is an elegant wine with deeply concentrated flavors of black cherry, red plums, and spice-laden cassis and one of the best red wines to pair with a stew or meat dish. The Central Coast of California is known for producing best value wines of considerable heft, and this full-bodied wine is typical of the bold style.

Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon
The Liquor Barn

Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon ($15)

Made from grapes sourced from different subregions within California's Central Coast, the entire Foxglove line is quick to sell out, thanks to its reputation for delicious, high-value wines. The cabernet sauvignon is typical of the region, with notes of currants and green bell pepper and one of the best wines to pick for a casual meal.

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Emilio Moro Finca Resalso

Emilio Moro Finca Resalso ($18)

The best red wine is a matter of taste, but this one is worthy of consideration no matter what. Emilio Moro is a well-known producer from the Ribera del Duero region of Spain, famous for powerful and luscious red wines that are best paired with hearty meals. This wine is in line with the traditional style, offering big flavors of chocolate, blackberries, and hot and sweet spices, with a long, velvety finish.

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Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé
Morton Williams Wine & Spirits

Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé ($10)

From one of the most popular producers from South Africa, this cabernet sauvignon rosé has been a popular bottle since it was first released in 1999. It's a particularly full-flavored rosé with tons of berry and black cherry flavors.

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon ($10)

Interested in trying a wine some consider one of the top 10 best wines for an inexpensive option? Situated along the Columbia River in Washington state's wine-rich Colombia Valley, Columbia Crest produces wines that have won awards (not unlike fellow statesman Charles Smith) from Wine Spectator, among others, and has a deserved reputation for excellence. This is a full red wine with plenty of spice and fruit.

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Castle Rock Mendocino Pinot Noir
The Liquor Barn

Castle Rock Mendocino Pinot Noir ($13)

Need a tasty pinot noir wine recommendation? From Mendocino, California, this medium-bodied pinot noir wine is one of Castle Rock's top 10 sellers and widely recognized as a good value and one of the best pinot noirs. The flavors of this sweet red include bright cherry, hints of violet, and plenty of earthy herbs. Delicious on its own, it would also pair well with duck or turkey.

Casamatta Rosso
Hay Wines

Casamatta Rosso ($15)

From producer Bibi Graetz, this juicy wine from Tuscany, Italy, is an old standby for inexpensive, high-quality red table wine. Made from 100 percent sangiovese grapes, it has a tart and tangy profile full of red fruit and spice not unlike some wines by Chateau Soverain that is begging to be paired with red sauce, from pizza to lasagna to mushroom bolognese.

Lindeman's Bin 40 Merlot ($6)
Total Wine

Lindeman's Bin 40 Merlot ($6)

Hailing from southeastern Australia, this cheap and cheerful wine is an all-purpose, easy-drinking red. Round and smooth, in true merlot fashion, it features ripe red berry flavors with some herbal notes underneath. Keeping a couple of these on hand for impromptu occasions is always a good idea.

Ravenswood Vintners Blend Old Vine Zinfandel

Ravenswood Vintners Blend Old Vine Zinfandel ($10)

Ravenswood is known for its zinfandel, which gets its powerful kick from the old vines from Sonoma, California. In this yearly release, flavors of blueberry, black cherry, chocolate, and spice are all rolled up into a velvety-smooth, full body. Open it on a cozy night by the fire.

Montinore Estate Pinot Noir
The Wine Wave

Montinore Estate Pinot Noir ($16)

Arguably the best value in Oregon's Willamette Valley, this entire line of wines is stellar. The pinot noir is a blend of styles, incorporating the elegance and lighter body associated with traditional European wines like the vinho verde as well as the full flavor of cherries, flowers, and earth characteristic of domestic pinot noir.

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Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages
The Drinks Basket

Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages ($13)

A tried-and-true classic, Louis Jadot's Beaujolais-Villages is a standard among wine enthusiasts. The medium-bodied red is full of plum, berry, spice, and earth flavors that combine to make a balanced wine. Not unlike a vinho verde, it is smooth and light enough to stand alone and plenty flavorful enough to go with food, making it the best wine to take on a dinner date.

Regaleali Nero D'avola

Regaleali Nero d'Avola ($14)

From producer Tasca d'Almerita in Sicily, this wine is one of many bottles proving that the Italian island is home to some of the very best wine values worldwide. The bright juicy wine is medium-bodied with considerable cherry and raspberry flavors. A long finish highlights the silky texture.

Terrazas De Los Andes Reserva Malbec
Terrazas De Los Andes

Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec ($18)

Argentinian malbec has become a darling of the wine world, and this example from Mendoza delivers on every expectation. It's a big, plush wine full of dark fruit flavors with undertones of chocolate and smoky earth. Enjoy it alongside hearty fare in cool weather.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir
Cono Sur

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir ($9)

This all-purpose, medium-bodied red is made with sustainably grown grapes from Chile. The flavors are light and typical of the variety, offering hints of cherries and red berries. It works especially well chilled, in warm weather or with spicy foods.

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Bob's Pinotage

Bob's Pinotage ($9)

A South African specialty, the pinotage grape makes a hefty red wine that is earthy, spicy, and totally dry. This inexpensive bottle is a good, full-flavored introduction to the variety. Proceeds support HIV/AIDS awareness and research.

Kingston Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Just Wines

Kingston Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($12)

This Australian wine has undertones of smoky berries, chocolate, and earthy herbs like rosemary. The texture is bold and soft, giving this full-bodied wine a velvety feel. It's meant to pair with roasts and steaks.

Marius Grenache Syrah

Marius Grenache Syrah ($10)

This blend of syrah and grenache comes from Michel Chapoutier, a well-known producer of French wines from the Rhône Valley. A silky body unveils flavors of spicy berries, pink peppercorn, and wild mountain herbs. True to its European heritage, this wine is best served with food.

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Indaba Mosaic Red

Indaba Mosaic Red ($9)

Indaba is a consistently inexpensive and good-quality producer of red and white wines from South Africa. In this red blend, Bordeaux grape varieties create a supple, smooth, and rich wine with flavors of cranberry and baking spices.

Bandit Merlot

Bandit Merlot ($7)

Packed in environmentally friendly Tetra Pak containers, this crisp and easy-drinking California wine comes in a liter size. That's 25 percent larger than a regular bottle, making the savings even more pronounced. The flavor profile is supple, round, and smooth.

Big House Red
Triangle Wine Company

Big House Red ($9)

This juicy and powerful California wine gets its name from a nearby prison yard. The flavors are bright and concentrated, with juicy cherry and raspberry flavors, hints of chocolate, and earthy elements that linger on the finish.

Chono Cabernet Sauvignon

Chono Cabernet Sauvignon ($12)

Chilean wine is becoming known for sophisticated flavors and low prices, and Chono cabernet is a good example why. This full-bodied red is laden with flavors of tobacco, cocoa, and black raspberries, with distinct green pepper notes coming through. This is the bottle for a steak dinner.

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Jelu Malbec

Jelu Malbec ($13)

Having a good go-to malbec is important, because it has become one of the most popular varieties in the United States. This example from an organic Argentinian producer delivers the full-body, dark fruit flavors, and silky tannins that people have come to love in malbec.

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Bogle Petite Sirah

Bogle Petite Sirah ($10)

Petite sirah is a variety of grape that makes intense wines with a deep concentration of ripe plums and berry flavors along with considerable spice. This California version does not disappoint, offering all the typical flavors in an inexpensive bottle.

Underwood Pinot Noir

Underwood Pinot Noir ($13)

Inexpensive pinot noir can be difficult to find from any country. This Oregon producer prides itself on upholding strict quality standards while creating an affordable, everyday wine. The pinot noir has flavors of cherries and flowers, a medium body, and a silky finish.

Vrac Côtes Du Rhône
Astor Wines

Vrac Côtes du Rhône ($10)

Known by table wine enthusiasts by the category Vin de France, vines from the Rhône region in central France are praised for being easy drinking and pairing well with a variety of foods. This one is a medium-bodied wine with juicy red fruit flavors, undertones of cinnamon, and a balanced, dry finish.

Château Maris Old School
Château Maris

Château Maris Old School ($13)

This red blend in the Vin de France category from the Minervois region of France is a nice change of pace from many other inexpensive options. The flavors are bold and rich with notes of lilac and violets alongside ripe and spicy fruits. The producer's biodynamic practices add a lot of character.

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Cortijo Rioja
Ole & Obrigado

Cortijo Rioja ($13)

When you've grown tired of sauvignon blanc, consider a wine recommendation for a Spanish red. This tried-and-true wine from the Rioja region of Spain is made from 100 percent tempranillo. Oak aging gives the red berries and bramble fruit a smoky background note with hints of vanilla and coconut similar to those of Dreaming Tree wines. This is a top choice for serving alongside roasted lamb.

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin ($10)

A classic California producer, Gnarly Head has an entire line of wines made from old vines that provide depth of character and concentration. No matter what the vintage, this zinfandel is a full-bodied wine that leads with spicy blueberries and blackberries and notes of dark roasted coffee.

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Hedges CMS Red
Hedges Family Estate

Hedges CMS Red ($13)

Washington has more outstanding wines than just Charles Smith. In production since 1987, this blend from Washington state's Columbia Valley is a standby for delicious red wine at a good price. It's a structured, balanced wine with black and red fruit flavors, bright acidity, and a smooth, medium body.

La Vieille Ferme Rouge
Famille Perrin

La Vieille Ferme Rouge ($8)

Some of the best wines are surprisingly cheap. This medium-bodied, spicy, and fruity wine is an easy-drinking all-purpose red. Tasty on its own, it also pairs well with many types of food, from burgers to Thai. The blend of grapes from the Rhône region of France creates a smooth texture.

Gouleyant Cahors Malbec

Gouleyant Cahors Malbec ($13)

If you're looking for a lighter wine, you aren't stuck with sauvignon blanc or other whites. This medium-bodied wine from producer Georges Vigoureux comes from the homeland of malbec, in southwestern France. It is similar to malbec from Argentina but with a slightly lighter profile and a touch more elegance, rather than boldness. The flavors play between juicy blackberries and baking spices.

San Felice Il Grigio Chianti Classico
Vision Wine and Spirits

San Felice Il Grigio Chianti Classico ($19)

Chianti is one of those wines that will always be a classic. Whether it's for casual pizza night or homemade eggplant parm, this wine is an inexpensive go-to for Italian fare made with red sauce. The medium-bodied wine balances traditional flavors of cherries, spices, and earthy herbs.

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Library

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon ($8)

Before you reach for a pricier Cabernet, consider this great wine that costs less than $10. This malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, retains all the bold and concentrated flavors of malbec, such as plum, chocolate, and coffee. The body is full and plush, making it an easy wine to pair with grocery store or Trader Joe's staples like steaks, mushrooms, and cheeses.

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Il Faggio Montepulciano D’Abruzzo ($10)
Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit

Il Faggio Montepulciano D’Abruzzo ($10)

From the Italian wine region Abruzzo, this is an easy-drinking wine that suits most any occasion. It's a crowd-pleaser with a medium body, flavors of red fruit, and hints of spice.

Red Truck California Red
Red Truck Wine

Red Truck California Red ($8)

In this blend, five grapes from various regions in California come together to create a well-integrated and drinkable red wine. Flavors of red fruit and baking spices and a velvety finish characterize this anytime wine.

Veramonte Merlot
Cepas y Cebadas

Veramonte Merlot ($13)

The flavors of this soft wine from Chile are characteristic of merlot, offering ripe plum, blackberries, and a smooth, velvety texture. Hand harvesting ensures only high-quality grapes go into the wine.

Portillo Malbec
Celtic Whiskey Shop

Portillo Malbec ($9)

Not all malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, is created equal, and the Portillo from Bodegas Salentein has been recognized as one of the top examples. Bold flavors of cocoa, coffee, and tobacco are complemented by juicy dark fruit flavors and a smooth finish.

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Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon

Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon ($15)

This straightforward cabernet is spice forward, with elements of black peppercorn, menthol, and cinnamon all wrapped up in fine tannins that are satiny on the palate. This wine from Paso Robles, California, has been given high scores by Wine Spectator for its quality.

Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon
The Liquor Barn

Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon ($15)

Having made appearances on various lists for its quality and value, Geyser Peak sets a benchmark for inexpensive wines that taste good. The cabernet sauvignon is a blend of flavors that will be familiar to fans of Dreaming Tree wines, mixing blackberry preserves with herbs like rosemary and thyme and a hint of nuttiness on the back end.

Wolffer Estate Classic Red

Wolffer Estate Classic Red ($18)

This is one of the few New York wines that sells for less than $20 and maintains a high level of quality. This great wine is a food-friendly red from a leading producer, and it's rich with smoky cedar notes that mingle with the intense red fruit and overall smooth and dry palate.

Fontanafredda Briccotondo Barbera
Luekens Liquors

Fontanafredda Briccotondo Barbera ($15)

Barbera is one of the premier grapes from the Piedmont region of Italy. While most of the wines from this area are quite expensive, this juicy, medium-bodied wine allows drinkers to savor the flavors of the region for less.

D'Arenberg Stump Jump Shiraz
Ace Spirits

D'Arenberg Stump Jump Shiraz ($10)

When grown in Australia, the syrah grape is called shiraz and makes a richer, fuller wine than syrah from other areas of the world. This example is full-bodied and full of plush red and black fruit flavors, along with baking spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and mace.

Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano D'Abruzzo ($15)

This traditional Italian wine still comes with a straw and twig decoration that people who have been drinking wine for 30 years will remember. With easygoing flavors of red raspberry, baked cherry, and herbal undertones, it's a crowd-pleasing choice for any occasion.

Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon
The Hess Collection

Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon ($16)

This sturdy wine from California can be a workhorse during any season. The full body encompasses traditional flavors of red and black currants, blackberries, and hints of green peppers that are classic and balanced.

Meiomi Pinot Noir
Monumental Enterprises

Meiomi Pinot Noir ($19)

A fuller style of pinot noir from California, this wine is for those who love the delicate floral and cherry flavors of pinot but want a rich and bold wine. The silky body continues to develop and unveil flavors of mushroom and earth as the bottle breaths.

Novecento Malbec
Fox Importadora

Novecento Malbec ($9)

A classic Argentinian malbec from producer Dante Robino, this red is full-bodied, with smooth flavors of blackberry, black cherries, and juicy plums. Undertones of cocoa powder and hints of cayenne pepper keep the overall profile dry and well-matched for rich meat dishes.

Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rouge
Mouton Cadet

Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rouge ($13)

This full and fruity red blend expresses an easy-drinking side of the infamous Bordeaux wine region of France. There are firm tannins to keep the overall finish dry while pairing well with rich foods like steak and hard cheeses (pick some up some next time you're at the grocery store or Trader Joe's for an elegant evening). Drink with a slight chill to mimic cellar temperature.

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