The Cost of a Beer and a Hot Dog at Every MLB Ballpark


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Hot dog and a beer next to a baseball with an American flag in the background
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A day at the ballpark is a summer ritual, and that ritual is not complete without a cold beer and a hot dog. The price of attending a Major League Baseball game jumped by 2.4 percent over last year, and at many stadiums, beers and dogs weren't exempt from a price hike. Here's what you can expect to pay for a draft and a frank this summer at your local stadium compared to the league average of $5.98 and $5.01, respectively.
Wrigley Field
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Price of a Beer: $9
Price of a Hot Dog: $6.50
For the first time in a long time, the Chicago Cubs are the most expensive game in town, according to the Team Marketing Report Fan Cost Index, which factors in variables like parking, tickets and concessions. Wrigley's $9 beers — the No. 2 most expensive in the league — don't help, but keep in mind they're hefty, 20-ounce pours, compared to the vast majority of parks, which serve 16-, 14- or 12-ounce drafts.

Fenway Park
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Price of a Beer: $8
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.25
2018 marks the first time since 2009, and only the second time this century, that the Red Sox aren't the league's most expensive team to see. This year, they're the second most expensive. Not surprisingly, both dogs and beers are pricier than the league average, and the $8 beers at Fenway are especially pricey considering they're only 12 ounces.

Yankee Stadium
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Price of a Beer: $6
Price of a Hot Dog:  $3
The perennially pricey Bronx Bombers offer up a reasonable $6 beer and a $3 hot dog that's downright cheap. But before you call the management and thank them for their generosity, keep in mind that the Yanks hit you with a league-high $35 parking fee.

AT&T Park
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Price of a Beer: $8.25
Price of a Hot Dog: $6.25
The Giants remain one of the most expensive teams in the league despite their doldrums. A relatively puny 14-ounce beer costs $8.25 and a hot dog is more than a dollar over the league average.

Dodger Stadium
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Price of a Beer: $6.25
Price of a Hot Dog: $6.50
Rounding out the top five priciest teams in baseball are the L.A. Dodgers, who justified the expense with a trip to the 2017 World Series. The team stands out as one of the few in the league that charge more for a dog than they do for a brew.

Nationals Park
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Price of a Beer: $7
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.50
The Nationals entered the 2017 playoffs as the No. 2 seed, but their postseason dreams died on the vine at the hands of the Cubs. Both a hot dog and a beer are above the league average at Nationals Park, the latter of which is 14 ounces.

Minute Maid Park
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Price of a Beer: $6
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.25
In 2017, the defending champion Astros gave Houston a World Series trophy and 101 regular-season wins. This year, they're back at the top of the AL West. Even still, they ask their fans to pay only a few pennies over the league average for both beers and dogs.

Busch Stadium
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Price of a Beer: $5
Price of a Hot Dog: $5
Although they're one of the 10 most expensive teams to see overall, the Cards are the first team on this list that limbo under the league average bar in terms of both beers and hot dogs. Busch is one of just a handful of stadiums that charge more for a soft drink ($6.25) than it does for both a beer and a hot dog.

Safeco Field
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Price of a Beer: $5
Price of a Hot Dog: $6
A beer at Safeco Field is 98 cents below the league average and a hot dog is 99 cents above average. As long as you buy them in pairs when you take in a Mariners game, it's pretty much a wash.

Citizens Bank Park
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Price of a Beer: $6
Price of a Hot Dog: $4
Only the Tigers and the Giants turned in sorrier showings in 2017 than the Phillies, who came up just four games shy of losing 100 games. The tradeoff, however, are beers that flirt with the league average and franks that are well below.

Citi Field
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Price of a Beer: $10.50
Price of a Hot Dog: $6.50
At nearly a buck and a half above average, hot dogs at Mets games are hideously expensive. In fact, they're tied for the priciest in the league. That's child's play, however, compared to the double-digit cost of a brew. At $10.50, beers at Citi Field blow away the $9 you'll pay at Wrigley for the MLB's second-priciest draft.

Target Field
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Price of a Beer: $8.50
Price of a Hot Dog: $5
Hot dogs at Target field beat the league average by a penny. Beers are well above the league average, but they're generous pours. You get 20 ounces for the $8.50 you have to pony up at the tap — only two other parks pour drafts so large.

Kauffman Stadium
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Price of a Beer: $4
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.75
The price of a hot dog at Kauffman Stadium is nothing to sing about, but the cheap beers might make it a little easier for fans to ignore the fact that the Royals are currently locked with the Orioles in a race to the basement of the major leagues. At $4, they're tied for the No. 2 cheapest in the league.

Marlins Park
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Price of a Beer: $6
Price of a Hot Dog: $6.25
The Marlins currently have the worst record in the National League. The team's beer and hot dog prices aren't pretty, either. The dogs are among the priciest in baseball and the beers are above average even though they're puny 12-ounce pours.

Suntrust Park
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Price of a Beer: $5
Price of a Hot Dog: $4.25
The Braves fall into the cheaper half of the MLB's 30 teams, and that fact is reflected at the SunTrust Park concession stands. Beers are nearly a full buck cheaper than the league average and hot dogs are a good deal, as well.

Globe Life Park
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Price of a Beer: $6
Price of a Hot Dog: $6
Hot dogs are expensive at Globe Life Park, especially considering the Rangers are in the bottom half of the league in terms of overall cost of attending a game. Beers are just about average, but to be fair, they are big, 16-ounce pours.

Guaranteed Rate Field
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Price of a Beer: $7
Price of a Hot Dog: $4.50
White Sox fans get a break on the price of hot dogs compared to the league average. Beers, however, are more expensive. The $7 price tag on a draft starts to look better when you consider that they come in 16-ounce cups, which isn't huge, but is certainly a step up from the 12- and 14-ounce standard.

Rogers Centre
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Price of a Beer: $5.67
Price of a Hot Dog: $4.16
The Blue Jays are more than fair with both the price of their beers and the price of their hot dogs. The prices for both do not come out in round numbers because of the conversion from Canadian dollars.

Miller Park
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Price of a Beer: $7
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.50
The fact that the cost of a hot dog is above the league average in Milwaukee might not stand out as odd. But for a team named the Brewers that plays in a place called Miller Stadium, you'd think beer would be cheap. Not the case. A 16-ounce draft will cost you $7.

Progressive Field
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Price of a Beer: $5
Price of a Hot Dog: $4
Only the Dodgers did better than Cleveland's 102 wins in 2017. Not only are the Indians winners on the field, but they offer their fans beers and hot dogs that are about a buck cheaper each than the league average.

Comerica Park
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Price of a Beer: $5
Price of a Hot Dog: $4.75
Although the Tigers are sub-.500 so far in 2018, that's a step up from 2017, when they tied the Giants for the worst record in baseball. One saving grace for Detroit fans, however, is cheap dogs and beers.

Oakland Alameda Coliseum
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Price of a Beer: $5.50
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.50
You lose about half a buck compared to the league average when you buy a hot dog at Oakland Alameda Coliseum, but you get it back when you buy a beer.

Coors Field
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Price of a Beer: $3
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.25
Like the Brewers, the Rockies' stadium has beer right there in the name. But unlike Milwaukee fans, Colorado diehards are rewarded with the cheapest suds in the entire league. The team's $3 beers are even cheaper than their sodas.

Angel Stadium
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Price of a Beer: $4.50
Price of a Hot Dog: $5
The other Los Angeles baseball team takes it easy on its fans at the concession stand. Hot dogs are a hair under the league average, but the real savings are found at the beer tap, where a 12-ounce draft is nearly a buck and a half cheaper than average.

Petco Park
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Price of a Beer: $5
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.25
The Padres join the small handful of teams that charge more for hot dogs than they do for beers. The team, which exists in the crowded Southern California market, offers up a reasonably priced beer, but hot dogs are a bit more expensive than the league average.

Great American Ballpark
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Price of a Beer: $6.25
Price of a Hot Dog: $5.25
Rounding out the list of the top five cheapest teams to see overall are the Cincinnati Reds, who closed out 2017 with a ghastly 94 losses. Both hot dogs and beers are pricey compared to the league average, but at least the beers are 14 ounces instead of 12.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards
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Price of a Beer: $4
Price of a Hot Dog: $1.50
You'd be hard pressed to find a better deal in all of baseball than you will at Oriole Park in Baltimore. The beers are tied for the No. 2 cheapest in the league, and the $1.50 hot dogs are the cheapest of all 30 teams.

PNC Park
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Price of a Beer: $6
Price of a Hot Dog: $3.50
The No. 3 cheapest overall game to see in all of baseball is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hot dogs are much cheaper than the league average, and although beers are over by 2 cents, the pour is a relatively heavy 16 ounces.

Tropicana Field
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Price of a Beer: $5
Price of a Hot Dog: $5
Just one team is a better bargain than the Rays in all of Major League Baseball. Both beers and hot dogs both fall below the league average, although just barely for the franks.

Chase Field
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Price of a Beer: $4
Price of a Hot Dog: $4
The Arizona Diamondbacks are the cheapest overall team to see in baseball yet again — they've held that title since 2009. Beers and hot dogs are well below the league average, which is especially impressive considering the beers are 14 ounces. The stadiums with the cheapest beers usually have 12-ounce pours. participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product through a link on our site. This helps support our work and does not influence editorial content.