14 Affordable Wine Clubs That Will Satisfy Even the Snobs


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Loving wine – or even joining a wine club – doesn't have to come with an aristocratic price tag. Joining an affordable wine club will bring a steady flow of the world's best vintages to your doorstep. Many are chosen specifically for each customer through samples and starter questions about interests and favorite flavors.

Winc Wine Club
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A box of curated wines is delivered monthly, starting at $13 a bottle. Winc Wine Club promises there are no hidden expenses or fees and that it's easy to cancel or suspend delivery for a month if necessary. Shipping is free on orders of four or more bottles.

Laithwaite's Wine Club
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The Laithwaite's 4 Seasons Club offers deliveries of 12 bottles – red, white, or both – for $140, or less than $12 a bottle. Even better, the club's introductory offer is 15 bottles for $70, which is less than $5 a bottle. Shipping is $20.

Gold Medal Wine Club
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Gold Medal offers six specialty clubs to choose from, described as saving up to 40 percent off retail. Packages are available up to $179; the popular Gold package is $39 a month for two bottles of boutique California wine, with shipping starting at $13.

Wine of the Month Club
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Launched in 1972, the Wine of the Month Club claims to be the first of its kind. The lower-tier Classic membership, the one that started it all, is never more than $25 monthly for two bottles. Shipping starts at about $12.

Wine Insiders
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Wine Insiders has an introductory offer of 15 bottles for $90 and free shipping. Afterward, a dozen bottles will show up about every 12 weeks for $140, or less than $12 a bottle, and shipping costs of $20.

Grab Bag Wine Club
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One of Vinesse’s warehouse-clearing quarterly packages costs about $10 a bottle (36 bottles at $359.64), featuring selections of "surprise" quality wines for adventurous connoisseurs. Its six-bottle package, however, is $91.20 per shipment and arrives five times a year, and the price includes shipping.

Wall Street Journal Wine Club
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It's tough to beat the WSJ Wine Club for dollars-per-bottle value – at least for the first quarterly shipment. The introductory offer is 15 bottles for $70. That's less than $5 a bottle. After that, deliveries contain 12 bottles for $150, or $12.50 a bottle. Shipping is $20.

International Wine of the Month Club
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Although the International Wine of the Month Club isn't the cheapest membership club, it might present one of the best values. The club, which touts its reputation for quality imports, has a Premier Series costing $40 for two bottles a month and $13 for shipping.

Tasting Room
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Tasting Room assures its customers it can deliver a $20 bottle of wine from one of 10 of the world's most prestigious wine-producing countries for as little as $13. The club is all about personalization; customers are able to adjust the size and frequency of deliveries and can get started with a tasting kit for $10.

Cellars Wine Club
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The Cellars Wine Club Premium membership includes an option of two bottles of premium wine for $42. Customers can customize shipment frequency and size. Although this isn't the cheapest club in terms of price per bottle, shipping is free.

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Glassful specializes in wines from sustainable and organic vineyards – and includes some that are "biodynamic," or free of additives. The company promises savings of 30 percent to 70 percent on three-bottle deliveries, which cost $54 with free shipping.

Bright Cellars
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Bright Cellars says its demanding monthly subscription packages include just one wine out of 12 tasted by its experts, and if you don't like a bottle, they'll help pick a free replacement. A shipment of four bottles a month costs $60, plus another $8 for shipping.

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Wine Crasher promises to ship only highly rated (89-plus points) wine. The cost is $55 for a three-bottle red wine package or $50 for three whites. A six-bottle mixed collection is $110. Shipping costs $5 within California, with flat-rate pricing for 44 other states, often around $20.

Naked Wines
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The Naked Wines crowdfunding format allows members (now on a wait list) to save as much as 60 percent on boutique wine. Members add $40 to their account every month to fund indie winemakers and buy their product, starting at $10 a bottle, with deliveries whenever members want rather than on a regular schedule. The club allows guaranteed withdrawals from the account whenever and offers a $100 first-order bonus.

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