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It's Happy Hour Somewhere...

Just been invited to an impromptu online cocktail party but don't have the time to run to the store? Relax. In many cities, you can have booze delivered to your door in an hour or so from grocery or liquor stores and online retailers. If local delivery isn't an option, many of the same sellers can ship orders to homes and offices, and a few even offer monthly wine and liquor subscription services. The downside — if there is one — is that some states prohibit some or all online alcohol sales (Utah, for instance). But for most of us, a tasty adult beverage is just the click of a mouse or the tap of an app away.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Who they are: Drizly is a website that connects consumers with local retailers for same-day delivery in 60 minutes or less, as well as out-of-state shipments in some areas.
What's available: Beer, wine, and spirits; mixers and soda; candy and snacks; ice
Do they deliver? Available in cities in 26 states, including Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; New York; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Dallas; and Miami
Where they ship: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming
Local delivery cost: $5 per order; may be higher in some metro areas.


Who they are: BevMo is a West Coast liquor chain of more than 160 stores that offers online scheduled same- and next-day local deliveries. Shipments are also available to 10 states.
What's available: Beer, spirits, wine, soda and mixers, snacks, water and ice
Do they deliver? Yes, select cities in Arizona, California, and Washington state.
Where they ship: Alaska; Arizona; California; Nebraska; Nevada; North Dakota; New Mexico; Oregon; Washington, D.C.; Washington state; Wyoming
Local delivery cost: $50, with free delivery on orders of $500 or more (except in San Francisco, where a $10 flat fee applies).



Who they are: This venerable web-based delivery service allows you to order from 12,000-plus grocery stores, restaurants, liquor stores, and other retailers. (You can even have your dirty laundry picked up for cleaning.)
What's available: Beer, wine, liquor, soda, and more.
Do they deliver? Delivery.com is available in more than 100 cities in the U.S., but liquor delivery is only offered in Austin, Texas; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Chicago; Dallas; Jersey City and Hoboken, New Jersey; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; New York City; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Schenectady, New York; Somerville, Massachusetts; and Washington, D.C.
Where they ship: Delivery.com does not offer shipping.
Local delivery cost: None, though some partner merchants may add a service charge.



Who they are: Firstleaf is primarily a subscription-based wine club, but they also sell individual bottles of wine. Monthly subscriptions cost $80 for six bottles.
What's available: Wine, wine, and more wine
Do they deliver? No. Firstleaf does not offer local delivery.
Where they ship: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington state, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.
Shipping costs: Free shipping on purchases of 12 bottles or more; otherwise, rate varies based on order size and location. Club members pay a flat fee of $10 for subscription shipments.



Who they are: Flaviar offers members-only quarterly subscription services and tasting boxes as well as shipments from regional merchants and producers. Subscriptions start at $25.
What's available: Best-selling, small-batch and craft spirits, with an emphasis on whiskey, bourbon, and rye.
Do they deliver? No. Flaviar is mail-order only.
Where they ship: Arizona; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Florida; Georgia; Indiana; Kansas; Louisiana; Maine; Massachusetts; Missouri; Nebraska; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina; North Dakota; Oregon; Rhode Island; South Carolina; Tennessee; Washington, D.C.; Washington state; and Wisconsin
Shipping costs: Free for members; nonmember shipping rates vary by location and order size.



Who they are: Wine.com is one of the largest online wine sellers in the U.S.
What's available: Wine and wine accessories
Do they deliver? No. Wine.com does not offer local delivery, but local pick-up is an option in some cities at Walgreens, FedEx, and select grocery stores.
Where they ship: All states except Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Montana, South Dakota, and Utah
Shipping costs: Standard and expedited shipping rates vary based on order size and delivery location.



Who they are: Minibar partners with retailers for local same-day deliveries as well as shipments to select states.
What's available: Wine, beer, liquor, mixers
Do they deliver? Yes, in 50-plus cities and metropolitan regions, including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, and St. Louis. Deliveries in an hour or less, based on availability.
Where they ship: California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and New York state.
Local delivery cost: Varies by merchant.



Who they are: Like Drizly, Saucey is a third-party platform that uses local vendors to fulfill and deliver orders in a handful of major metro areas. The site promises "no order minimums and free delivery on 30-minute orders."
What's available: Beer, wine, and spirits
Do they deliver? Yes, in Chicago; Dallas; Los Angeles; New York City; Orange County, California; Sacramento, California; San Francisco Bay Area; Silicon Valley; south Los Angeles County; and Washington, D.C.
Where they ship: California and New York state
Local delivery cost: None. 



Who they are: The grocery-delivery service also delivers booze.
What's available: Beer, wine, liquor, other beverages and ice
Do they deliver? Yes. Most cities and larger towns in all 50 states
Where they ship: Instacart does not offer shipping.
Local delivery cost: Service fee of up to $10 applies on liquor deliveries, based on order total.



Who they are: Another online-only operation, Swill promises scheduled deliveries from local retailers in as little as one hour.
What's available: Beer, spirits, wine, mixers and soda, ice and party supplies
Do they deliver? Yes, in Austin, Texas; Buffalo, New York; Chicago, Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Miami; New York City and New Jersey metro area; San Diego; Seattle; Washington, D.C.
Where they ship: Wine-only ground shipments can be sent nationwide, Massachusetts and Texas excluded.
Local delivery cost: None



Who they are: Like Firstleaf, Winc is a subscription-based wine club that also sells bottles and cases online. Monthly subscription fee starts at $39 for three bottles; other subscription tiers available.
What's available: Wine and cider
Do they deliver? No.
Where they ship: Winc delivers to all states except Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. Local restrictions also prohibit some deliveries as well.
Shipping costs: Members pay a $9 flat shipping rate per order; nonmembers, $15. Free shipping on orders over $149.

Wine Express
Wine Express

Wine Express

Who they are: Wine Express is the online retailing partner of Wine Enthusiast magazine.
What's available: Wine by the bottle or case, wine subscriptions, and gift baskets
Do they deliver? Wine Express does not offer local delivery. Where they ship: Arizona; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Florida; Georgia; Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Minnesota; Missouri; Montana; Nebraska; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina; Oregon; Rhode Island; South Carolina; Texas; Washington, D.C.; Washington state; Wisconsin; and Wyoming.
Shipping costs: Ground shipping rates vary based on order and location; free shipping on orders of more than $149. Monthly club subscription shipping fee is $13.

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Don't Forget Local Beer Brewers

The tap rooms may be closed, but many micro- and craft breweries are still open for to-go orders and desperate for business. In the Texas capital, for instance, Austin Beer Works has set up a tent outside their brewery for online to-go orders. California has temporarily relaxed liquor laws allow bars and restaurants that would otherwise be closed to sell cocktails to go.