Gifts for Co-Workers

30 Smart Gift Ideas for Your Office Co-Workers

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Gifts for Co-Workers


It can be a surprisingly tough call deciding what to give the people you spend most of your waking hours with each workday. But there's no need to settle for last-minute gifts in this case. Whether you're participating in an office gift exchange or just want to spread some holiday cheer to your teammates, these affordable, office-appropriate gift ideas are easy ways to show your co-workers some appreciation. (Note: Prices and availability are subject to change.)

Carry-On Cocktail Kits
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Cocktail-loving co-workers traveling home for the holidays will appreciate these carry-on cocktail kits ($24 each) to take the edge off during a flight. The mini-mixology kits come with everything you need to mix up two cocktails at 30,000 feet -- whether you're in the mood for the perfect Old Fashioned or Moscow Mule.

Adult Coloring Books
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Touchscreen Gloves
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Give your co-worker the gift of warm hands and the ability to text or respond to emails while on the run out in the cold this winter. One of this year's best gift buys on Amazon, these soft touchscreen gloves ($10.64) keep fingers toasty and work brilliantly on gadgets with 10-finger functionality and precision.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
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Co-workers can stay hydrated (and even earn some health and wellness points) with one of these nifty, BPA-free plastic fruit infuser water bottles ($17.14), which come with an extra built-in infuser pump to boost the fruit flavors. Throwing strawberries, lemons, kiwis, watermelon, or mint into the mix is a fun way to ensure you're getting enough H2O throughout the day.

Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser
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Spice Tower
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This gourmet spice and herb salt tower ($28) gives foodie co-workers the ability to take their boring lunches to the next level. It's "NaCl like you've never seen it before" with fennel thyme, smoked paprika, and sagemary salts included in the gift set. Try each of the eight assorted salts on their own or mix and match for a whole new flavor set.

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Help a colleague keep his or her workspace free of undesirable condensation rings with a cool set of coasters. Options run the gamut from cork and wood to iron and sandstone, but these slate coasters (set of four for $10.48) and marble and wood set (set of four for $25) are a luxurious addition to any desk.

Bottle Loft Fridge Storage Strips
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The office beer enthusiast will love the super strong Bottle Loft magnetic strips ($38). Designed to suspend beverage bottles from the ceiling of your fridge, these clever storage strips help conserve precious fridge space by holding up a six pack of brews. They can hold over 3 times the weight of an average 12-ounce bottle and they leave plenty of room for snacks.

Fun Wall Calendar
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Is there anything more satisfying than popping a roll of bubble wrap? Forget about lame office wall calendars; this interactive, poster-size bubble wrap calendar ($25) lets you pop your way through an entire year. Your co-workers will just have to refrain from popping each day of the year in one fell swoop.

Cord Organizers
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Help your co-workers keep cords organized with a three-pack of these handy cord keepers (set of three for $18). These rustic leather wontons keep headphones, USB cords, and other accessory wires in line in bags, pockets, cars, or in the home or office.

Scalp Massager
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Treat an officemate to a luxurious, stress-relieving scalp massage. Don't worry, you won't have to risk giving your HR department a coronary by getting handsy. This set of scalp massagers (two for $1.66) should do the trick for a speedy lunchtime massage (you can even keep one for yourself). Or get a pack of 10 for the whole department.

Brainstorming Notepads
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Somehow ideas flow better outside of the office, say in the shower or on the train. Prepare your officemates for the inevitable by getting them a dozen pocket notebooks (set of 12 for $12.97) or a waterproof notepad ($7) to jot down to-do lists or notes when their next big ideas strike.

Sticky Note Sets
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Cube Puzzles
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Help your officemates overcome writer's block or take their minds off a deadline-driven workday for a bit with a cube puzzle. This playable art cube ($20) and snack-inspired Rubik's cube ($10) make great deskside companions for those in need of some much needed zone-out time.

Desktop Sports
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Everyone appreciates an office break now and then, and desktop sports are a fun way to let loose between meetings. You'll find everything from portable mini bocce ($33.95) to basketball ($35) to skee ball ($35) to meditative golf ($11.80) to occupy those Fridays when your boss is out of the office.

Mobile Lens Kit
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Any office social media guru would appreciate this mobile lens kit ($34), which comes equipped with fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses, plus a universal clip that's compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Set them up with a gift that'll kick their Instagram skills up a notch.

Conversation Starters
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Getting to know your fellow co-workers can be awkward if you're unsure how to strike up a conversation about non-work endeavors. Get the ball rolling with the Table Topics cube ($25), the ultimate conversation starter. The office holiday party could get significantly more interesting with a little wine and some engaging questions.

Charity Gift Card
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Gift cards are always a safe option, whether it's for your boss or brother-in-law. But there's no greater gift than the gift of giving. A GlobalGiving gift card is a great way for your socially conscious officemates to donate to charities and causes they care about the most.

Fun Eyeglasses Holder
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For colleagues prone to misplacing or breaking their glasses, one of these eyeglass holders (from $18) will make for a practical and unique gift that'll look good on a desk. Choose from a nose figure or an owl -- each hand-carved out of sustainable wood in India -- or a comical stoneware bird or pig.

Roku Streaming Stick
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What do you give to the person who's been your greatest mentor over the years? Splurge on the portable Roku Streaming Stick ($50), which works with any television with an HDMI port. More than 1,200 apps -- Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and more -- can be accessed at home or on the go (something they'll surely appreciate while away on a business trip).

Tile Sport
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Do you have a workmate who's often in disarray? You can help them with these Bluetooth trackers ($35) that have a range of 200 feet -- double other Tiles. These Tiles are also waterproof. Your co-worker can use the Tile app to ring any lost item with a tracker, such as phones, keys, purses, and other important items.

Jackery Bolt External Battery Charger
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Who couldn't use a little extra juice at work? The Jackery Bolt ($27) makes a great stocking stuffer for that co-worker who never gets your texts because their phone died. Built-in Apple MiFi and Micro USB cables charge iOS and Android devices, Kindles, GoPros and others; there's also a full-size USB port and emergency flashlight. A sleek design keeps cords stashed away until they're needed.

LectroFan Wireless Sleep Sound Machine
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If you have co-workers who spend a lot of time on the road, this compact and ultra-portable LectroFan ($35) can help them stay well-rested and productive. It has a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 16 hours of sound, a swivel design to angle noise where they need it, and a Bluetooth-connectable speaker that lets travelers take conference calls or stream their music with ease. At night, they can choose from fan, white noise, or ocean sounds to sleep like a baby.

Falcon Binoculars
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Workers who toil in high-rises will appreciate this second set of eyes when something interesting is happening on the street below. Backed by the Bushnell brand, these lightweight Falcon series binoculars ($30) feature high-definition clarity and come with a case. They're rugged and built for outdoor wear and tear.

NCA Fleece Blanket
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Officemates who are diehard college sports fans can let their allegiances be known with these blankets ($17). They're machine-washable and measure 45 by 60 inches.

Lend Me Your Ears: Greatest Speeches in History
Hot Sauce Pack
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If there's a "chilihead" on your team, they'll definitely warm up to this gift. Habanero heat combined with a touch of sweetness from carrots makes this Belizean hot sauce assortment ($21) both distinctive and delicious.

Ello Travel Mug

Ello Hammertime Travel Mug

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Commuters who enjoy a bit of elegance can make good use of this item. Most travel mugs aren't known for their style, but this vacuum-insulated option from Ello ($18) can keep her coffee piping hot for five hours and look good doing it. It will fit in a car's cupholders for spill-free drives into work and can be tossed in the dishwasher for even easier cleanup.

Desk Succulent Kit

Desk Succulent Kit

If there's a budding horticulturalist in your office, you might consider this kit. An enclosed garden may be just the right gift for someone with a green thumb: One of these miniature wonders can brighten their day at work or her favorite room at home. This kit from Eastern Leaf ($39) comes complete with three succulents, moss, and rocks, so it's ready to flourish from the get-go.

Couch Caddy
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When the workday is done, everything a binge-watcher needs for a successful night on the sofa can be stashed in a handy organizer ($15) that sits right over the arm of most couches. It holds the remote, a cellphone, reading glasses, and much more in six pockets. There's even a snack tray for food and drinks.