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20 Gifts for Dog-Obsessed Humans

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It's a Dog's World

What should you get the dog lover in your life? We have a wealth of gift ideas for everyone from doting pet parents to those who are simply pup-obsessed. Ahead you'll find products that solve problems (e.g., keep bath time peaceful, remove fur from clothes, ease separation anxiety, and keep Fido well fed), as well as some that are purely fun (expect Corgi butts, of course). And if you need to buy presents for other people in your life, be sure to check out all of our Unique Gift Ideas

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Dog Bingo
Uncommon Goods

Dog Bingo

$30 from Uncommon Goods
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Dog bingo is played just like regular bingo, meaning it all comes down to luck. But while a pup lover’s knowledge may not give them the upper hand at this game, they’ll surely enjoy the beautifully illustrated boards and cards featuring 64 different doggy breeds. Each illustration is labeled with the name of the breed, so all players will be canine connoisseurs who can tell a whippet from a Weimaranerafter a few rounds.

Pine Cone Hill Woof Sheet Set

Woof Sheet Set

$248 and up from Wayfair
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The, ahem, well-heeled dog lover will enjoy snuggling up to this artful bedding, which features a series of watercolor pup portraits. Printed on 200-thread-count cotton, this set consists of a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase(s), and is available in sizes from twin to king. In search of the whole pack? There are duvet covers and shams (and even shower curtains and boxer shorts!) featuring the same print.

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Megan Carn Dog Playing Cards

Illustrated Dog Playing Cards

$21 from Anthropologie
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Colorfully illustrated by artist Megan Carn, this 54-piece deck features a cast of furry faces in lieu of traditional court cards and French suits. An open-mouthed husky takes the place of the joker, standard poodles stand in for aces, and spades are swapped out for black labs in a series of charming substitutions that will make even losing players smile.

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Kit Atlas Dog Magnet

Pre-Illustrated Pet Magnet

$22 and up from Etsy
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In her award-winning Etsy shop, artist Brittney Andrews has a repository of more than 200 adorable dog face illustrations. Customers select the one that most closely resembles their doggo and then submit a photo so that Andrews can replicate the fur coloring before turning it into a magnet. If none of her pre-illustrated designs do justice to your gift recipient’s precious pooch, there are entirely custom dog magnets available, too.

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Socksmith Corgi Butts Socks

Socksmith Corgi Butt Socks

$8 from Amazon
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There are dog lovers and then there are Corgi lovers. The latter are decidedly obsessed with the breed’s distinctive derrière, which is featured repeatedly on these crew cut socks by California brand Socksmith. The design is available in three colors: gray, navy and pink.

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Loloi x Rifle Paper Co Dachshund Pillow
Rifle Paper Co

Embroidered Dachshund Pillow

$40 from Rifle Paper Co.
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A collaboration between home goods brand Rifle Paper Co. and rug-and-pillow maker Loloi, this embroidered dachshund pillow is a playful touch for homes where dogs are most certainly welcome on the sofa.

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My Adorable Dog: A Journal & Keepsake Book
Urban Outfitters

My Adorable Dog: A Journal & Keepsake Book

$15 from Urban Outfitters
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The new pet parent in your life may initially feel conscious at the thought of keeping a dog diary. Assure them, though, that years from now they will treasure this keepsake tome, which invites users to document life with their canine companions via a series of playful prompts.

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Megan Carn Brown Doodle Fine Art Print
Megan Carn

Fine Art Dog Print

$40 from Megan Carn
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If your giftee loves color as much as they love canines, a fine art print from Megan Carn is sure to be enthusiastically received. The 12x12-inch prints feature a range of breeds, each rendered with different degrees of artistic liberty. Choose from a hot pink pug, a Jack Russell posing amid long-stemmed flowers, and more true-to-life depictions of a Bichon Frise and Boston Terrier.

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Ollie turkey recipe

Ollie Dog Food Subscription

$2 per day and up from
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Between horror stories about commercial dog food and warnings about homemade diets, pet owners have reason to be confused about what to feed their four-legged pals. One great option: Ollie, a subscription service that delivers “human-grade” meals to dog lovers’ doors. Recipes are designed by veterinarians, meal plans are personalized based on each pup’s individual health details, and the consensus among canine testers is that it beats kibble by a mile.

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We Rate Dogs! The Card Game
Chronicle Books

We Rate Dogs! The Card Game

$20 from Amazon
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WeRateDogs has amassed a nearly 9-million-strong Twitter following by offering excessively high ratings (e.g., 15/10), plus accompanying commentary, on user-submitted photos of their dogs. In the card game version, three to six players compete to be crowned Best in Show. Though only one player takes the top prize, no pup receives a score lower than 10/10, of course.

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Furbo Dog Cam
Silicone Dog Bath Lick Pad
The Grommet

Silicone Dog Bath Lick Pad

$15 from The Grommet
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If you know a pup that puts up a fight or suffers from extreme anxiety at bath time, get them this lick pad stat. When topped with a spreadable treat like peanut butter, the silicone pad — which sticks to any flat or solid surface — keeps dogs distracted so they can be bathed or groomed with minimal fuss.

People I Want To Meet Dish Towel
Always Fits

'People I Want to Meet' Dish Towel

$13 from Always Fits
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For the person in your life who makes no bones about preferring furry friends to humans, this lighthearted dish towel sums it all up. The 28x21-inch kitchen accessory is made of unbleached cotton and billed as “super-absorbent.”

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Away Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

$225 from Away
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Years after its hard-top suitcases took over airports, Instagram’s favorite luggage brand is catering to four-legged travelers with its just-launched pet carriers. TSA-approved and designed fit under standard airplane seats, the carriers feature a strap that secures them to extendable suitcase handles, latches that allow them to be fastened to car seatbelts, and a security clip for doggos who are prone to jumping out after being confined — even if that time was spent on comfortable sherpa bedding.

Cratejoy Paws and Pour

Paws & Pour Dog Box Subscription

$39 per month from Cratejoy
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The Paws & Pour subscription box caters to people who love drinking wine and spoiling their dogs in equal measure. Each monthly box contains four to six items — treats and toys for the doggy, and amusing wine-themed products for the human. One reviewer advises filling out the company’s questionnaire for more personalized offerings, writing: “[The box] didn't feel like it was mass sent to anyone who subscribes, but [like] it was made for me.”

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Fur Zapper

Pet Hair Remover for Laundry

$15 from The Grommet
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Fur-covered clothes are the price we pay for snuggling up to our beloved pets. But instead of lint rolling your outfits on a daily basis, drop this silicone paw by FurZapper into your washer and dryer. Its slightly sticky surface loosens hair, fur, and dander from clothes and linens. The former end up in the lint trap, and the latter come out looking like they’re from a pet-free home.

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Dogs of Summer Art Print
Rifle Paper Co.

Dog Days of Summer Art Print

$24 from Rifle Paper Co.
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The dog lover who has the most stylish pooch on the block will appreciate this art print, which features 20 impeccably groomed canines in their finest summer accessories: bows, bandanas, collars, heart-shaped sunnies, and even aviators. Custom framing is available, but note that it can add two to three weeks to the lead time.

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Socksmith Corgi Face Mask

Corgi Face Mask

$12 from Socksmith
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Corgi fandom is no joke. The makers of this face mask claim there’s an “everything Corgi” movement, which explains why a person would wear drawings of the dogs on their face. The straps on this mask are non-adjustable, but it does have a pliable metal strip that can be molded to the bridge of the nose.

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Do you look like your dog memory game

Do You Look Like Your Dog? Match Dogs With Their Humans: A Memory Game

$15 from Amazon
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Researchers have found that many people are able to correctly pair dogs and their owners based on appearances alone. Try your hand at this — and test your recollection skills while you’re at it — with this 50-card memory game featuring amusing portraits of pooches and their humans. There’s also a funny booklet that provides clues if you’re not among the people with the visual skills to match pets and their parents.

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Embark Breed and Health Dog DNA Test Kit

Embark Breed & Health Dog DNA Test Kit

$169 from Chewy
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If you want an in-depth DNA analysis of your dog to clue you in to their ancestry and potential health problems, this kit from Embark is the one to get. The company touts its kit as the “most accurate and highest rated test on the market,” and an in-depth review by New York Times-owned Wirecutter lends credence to that claim, saying it performs the most comprehensive screening for genetic diseases. This test also has a fun Relative Finder feature so you can locate Fido’s long-lost cousins, and the company calls any customers who receive worrisome results to review the implications of the findings.

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