Hilariously Bad DIY Disasters We Saw This Week

DIY Disasters Cover

Cheapism / u/4reddityo/Reddit / u/EdBetterCamp/Reddit

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DIY Disasters Cover
Cheapism / u/4reddityo/Reddit / u/EdBetterCamp/Reddit

Leave It to the Pros

When it comes to DIY projects, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. In fact, it doesn’t even mean you can. You might just think you can.

Need to see some people that made examples out of themselves? Check out these hilarious home improvement mishaps, all sourced from the popular Reddit thread, DIY Fail.

Backwards door handle

1. The Backwards Door Handle

One fun way to install a door handle is to do it backwards, so that you can guarantee it goes the wrong way around and scrapes against the door frame. Genius.

dangerous DIY pool deck
Broken mailbox
unsafe DIY staircase
Ceiling fan covered in spackle
Poorly "fixed" deck
Broken doorknob fail

7. Door Handle, or Torture Device?

This looks like something James Bond would use to break into a locked door. Or some sort of medieval torture device.