These 19 Foods Are No Longer Worth It Because They Cost Way Too Much

Foods Not Worth the price cover

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Foods Not Worth the price cover
Cheapism / Ant DM/Vicheslav/sergeyryzhov/istockphoto

Inflated Eats

We dare you to walk into a grocery store or gaze at a restaurant menu today without experiencing sticker shock. Though prices are set to increase at a slower rate in 2024 than they did the previous year, your grocery bill will still be going up. Translation? We'll likely have to forego food we once added to our carts without a second thought. 

But which foods are no longer worth it? We named over a dozen items that we think should be left on the chopping block.

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2. Out-of-Season Produce

It's lovely that you can purchase produce like asparagus and corn on the cob in the dead of winter in states where it actually feels like the dead of winter, thanks to states that stay warm enough to continue growing produce. What's not lovely is scanning that bunch of asparagus at check out, placing it on the scale, and about passing out when you see an amount double what you'd pay for the stuff when it's in season. We'll be basing our menus around what produce is most affordable, thank you very much.

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4. Cereal

Hitting the cereal aisle used to be such a simple thing. You went right for your favorite varieties and tossed them in the cart without a care in the world. Today, that's a great way to give yourself a case of sticker shock. Nowadays we hit the cereal aisle and scan the tags for sales, only buying brands that promise a good deal for breakfast. Two for $5 sale on Kellogg's? Time to figure out which Kellogg's offerings top your list and leave Post alone until next time. It's the new name of the cereal game.

Treats > Ice cream II

5. Ice Cream

This one's a real bummer because who doesn't love ice cream? What was once an affordable and refreshing treat to enjoy with family and friends has now become a luxury item. According to a consumer index conducted by Axios, the cost of ice cream increased by 12.5% in 2022 compared to the previous year. 

If you're feeling inspired, though, why not give homemade ice cream a whirl? This way you'll save money while having full control of the ingredients that go in it. 

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6. Restaurant Pizza

Admit it: You've probably ordered pizza over the phone and said, "On second thought, never mind, please cancel that order" when you've been told the total amount due at the end. You'd be hard-pressed to order two large pizzas and an order of bread for under $50 anymore. No wonder frozen pizzas are steadily growing in popularity. Plus, it's not rocket science (or overly expensive) to make your pies at home.

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Oreo Cookies
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10. Crab Legs

Look, no one loves getting knuckle-deep in clarified butter and slurping big ol' chunks of crab meat right out of the shell like we do. But here's the reality: Those dang legs are way too much money nowadays. We're talking hundreds of dollars for ten pounds of king crab legs. We're either going to ball on a budget with snow crab or hold onto our memories of surf and turf dinners that didn't threaten our financial well-being. 

And for that matter, other "fancy" seafood like scallops can also shove off. Considering how many scallops it would take to fill our bellies, we'd go broke on those little guys. 

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11. Single Serve Anything

From puddings and yogurts to single-serve soup containers, buying these items as single servings is not the way to go anymore. We'd much rather buy a box of yogurt from Costco than pay $1 or more apiece for a morning Yoplait. 

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12. Deli Lunch Meat

Ten bucks for a pound of Boar's Head is not doing it for us. We'll be sticking to whatever is on sale at the deli counter or looking to the likes of peanut butter and jelly, egg salad, and grilled cheese sandwiches if we must. 

Various baked food in glass cabinet at bakery

13. Bakery Breads and Desserts

We know how tantalizing the aromas pouring out of a bakery can be. And we know the pull is even stronger when you're staring at cakes, breads, muffins, and cookies behind glistening glass cases. But the bakery isn't the most affordable place to grab a cake, guys. Budget with Betty Crocker, dupe with Duncan Hines, or play around with Pillsbury instead.

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14. Hot Bars

Hot bars are a trap. As you stroll through the grocery store, growing hungrier while meandering from aisle to aisle, self control is pretty hard to muster when you come upon the hot bar. Just remember that the prices are outrageous and you're better off resisting the temptation.

Hand with packaging of almond nuts in store

15. Nuts

Whether we're talking about almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, or even peanuts, the price of nuts has gotten, well, nuts! Sure, they're delicious and nutritious, but our bank accounts matter, and we're not willing to sacrifice our savings over some nuts. 

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Chicken Wings

16. Chicken Wings

This one cuts so deep. Whether we're talking about grocery store prices or restaurant menus, chicken wings have become expensive. We remain committed, so you will find us searching for sales or hitting up any local wing night deals we come across. But if we're faced with full price options only, we're leaving chicken wings alone.

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17. Most Meats at the Grocery Store

Chicken wings aren't the only case of sticker shock you're liable to face in the meat department. From ground beef to chicken breasts, the cost of meat fluctuates to such a degree that we will adapt our entire meal plan to revolve around what's on sale — or opt for buying in bulk through local farmers or meat markets to save money in the long run.

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18. Fast Food

Kids today don't know the disdain of dial-up or what it was like to rewind a VHS tape before taking it back to Blockbuster. Soon they'll also be saying, "What's a dollar menu?," because such a thing is becoming rarer by the minute. There are still fast-food deals to be had, but you'll likely be paying more than a buck.

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19. Steakhouse Dinners

Chains like Outback Steakhouse and Lonestar — we're looking at you. Charging $40 for a subpar cut of steak with a baked potato and a scoop of broccoli is not the move. If you feel disgusted with yourself once you pay your tab at a steakhouse, thinking "I could have made multiple steaks and taters for that price," it's not worth it.