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The Best Value Meal Deals at 28 Chains Across the Country

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chicken nuggets and sauce

Best Value Meal Deals

Fast food restaurants have been quietly axing dollar menus over the past few years in favor of meal deals. You pay more money, but get multiple items of food at a discount from the regular menu price. Family-friendly restaurant chains, too, are cutting back on the coupons and specials as the economy continues to take a blow from the pandemic.

But there are still great offers to be had, whether you're going to the drive-thru, ordering pizza delivery, or heading out for burgers with your family. Here are some of the value meal deals you can take advantage of at favorite chains, but remember that many are only offered for a limited time.

Prices and availability may vary by location.

The Best Fast Food Deals to Grab This Month

BTS Meal
Christian C./Yelp


The golden arches logo of the largest chain in the country are just as iconic as its Big Mac and Happy Meals.

Value Meal Deals

  • $10 Saweetie Meal with a Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Sprite, and Saweetie 'n Sour and BBQ sauces

Henry C./Yelp


Square burger patties? You bet. But Wendy's is more well known for its spicy chicken sandwiches and nuggets now, not to mention a cult following for chili and frosties.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 Crispy Chicken Biggie Bag 
  • $5 Bacon Double Stack Biggie Bag
  • Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Four for $4 Meal
  • Jr. Cheeseburger Four for $4 Meal
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich Four for $4 Meal

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Burger King
Burger King by yum9me (CC BY-NC-ND)

Burger King

The home of the Whopper always has a ton of meal deals available that change often; navigate to the "Offers" section of its website or the app to see what's good.

Value Meal Deals

  • $3 Chicken Fries and large fries

  • $3 Croissan'wich and any small brewed coffee
  • $6 King's Feast with Spicy Ch'King sandwich, four-piece cheesy tots, small fries and small drink

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Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger
Ann N./Yelp

Jack in the Box

Fans of Jack in the Box love its two-for-$1 tacos, especially late at night — the restaurant is open 24/7.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger combo
Taco Bell
Kathy S./Yelp

Taco Bell

Though fans of Taco Bell are angry about recent menu reductions, you can still grab some cheap meal deals, even late night.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 My Cravings Box

  • $5 Nacho Fries Box
  • $5.19 Breakfast Crunchwrap Combo
  • $5.19 Grande Toasted Burrito Combo
  • $6 Three Crunchy Tacos Combo
  • $6 Three Soft Tacos Combo
  • $6.89 Crunchwrap Supreme Combo
  • $7.19 Chicken Quesadilla Combo
  • $8.49 3 Doritos Locos Tacos Combo
  • $9.89 Nachos BellGrande Combo

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Pizza Pizza Pie
Pizza Pizza Pie by Nadir Hashmi (CC BY-NC-ND)


One of the big pizza chains, Domino's has some of the best long-running deals and shows no sign of letting up.

Value Meal Deals

  • $6 Mix and Match Deal with options of: Medium 2-Topping Pizza, Bread Twists, Salad, Marbled Cookie Brownie, Specialty Chicken, Oven Baked Sandwich, Stuffed Cheesy Bread, 8-Piece Boneless Chicken, or Pasta in a Dish
  • $8 Carryout Deal: All 3-topping large pizzas or 10-piece wings
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Though the 11 herbs and spices in the seasoning are still a mystery, it's no secret that KFC is one of the go-to fast food restaurants for fried chicken.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5.50 Fill Up with a pot pie or Famous Bowl

  • $6 Drum-and-thigh Fill Up
  • $6 three-piece tenders Fill Up
  • $6.29 Popcorn nuggets combo
  • $7 Chicken sandwich combo
  • $7 four-piece tenders combo
  • $10 four-piece chicken combo

Papa John's papadia

Papa John's

The things that make Papa John's pizza so good are the extras you get in the box: creamy garlic sauce to dip the crust in, and the tangy pepperoncini peppers.

Value Meal Deals

  • $6 Papadia

  • $7 Parmesan Crusted Papadia
  • $16 Epic Stuffed Crust Combo

Cindy C./Yelp


Popeyes created a phenomenon when it released its chicken sandwich, but the restaurant's classic fried chicken pieces are still the star of the show.

Value Meal Deals

  • $3 Popcorn shrimp

  • $7.69 two-piece signature chicken combo

  • $9 Two-Can-Dine with five pieces of chicken or six tenders

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Little Caesars

Little Caesars

Detroit's Little Caesars is well known for selling inexpensive pizza nationwide that's always hot and ready to be picked up.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 classic cheese, pepperoni, or sausage pizza

  • $6 Extra Most Bestest cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza
  • $6 Slices-n-Stix pizza
  • $7 Extra Most Bestest Thin Crust pepperoni
  • $8.50 Crazy Calzony pepperoni or cheese
  • $9 Extra Most Bestest Stuffed Crust pepperoni
  • $9 Deep!Deep! Dish cheese pizza

Gee L./Yelp


Everyone ends up at Denny's at some point, especially when they need to fill their stomachs with hot coffee and a Grand Slam breakfast at 3 a.m.

Value Meal Deals

  • $4 Wings and Rings
  • $5 Biscuit and Gravy Breakfast
  • $5 Everyday Value Slam
  • $6 Choconana Stack and bacon
  • $7 Classic Burger
  • $8 Triple Play Breakfast
  • $9 Cowboy Chopped Steak 
Kim T./Yelp


Panera has made a name for itself with fresh breads and bakery items, sandwiches, coffee shop beverages and great soups.

Value Meal Deals

  • $6.49 Value Duets with soup and select salads and half sandwiches

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Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Probably America's favorite Italian chain, Olive Garden has been dishing up pastas, salad, and those famous breadsticks for decades.

Value Meal Deals

  • $8 Lunch Favorites Monday through Friday before 3 p.m.: fettuccine alfredo, spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, and soup, salad and breadsticks
  • $9 Lunch Favorites Monday through Friday before 3 p.m.: spaghetti and meatballs, cheese ravioli and five cheese ziti al forno
  • $10 Lunch Favorites Monday through Friday before 3 p.m.: chicken parmigiana, shrimp scampi and lasagna classic

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Miori I./Yelp


One of the most popular sit-down chains, Applebee's is well known for its inexpensive deals such as $1 cocktails and late-night app specials.

Value Meal Deals

  • $20 for two select entrees and one select appetizer

Torya M./Yelp


Tex-Mex is king at this casual sit-down chain with a chili pepper in its logo. Chips and salsa, queso dip, and barbecue ribs are favorite menu items.

Value Meal Deals

  • $8 Lunch Combos 
  • $10 pick 3 meal include a non-alcoholic beverage, select entree, and select appetizer
  • $25 Meal for 2 with a starter, two select entrees, and a dessert
Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen isn't just for soft serve and Blizzards, especially in rural areas where there's a DQ in practically every town.

Value Meal Deals

  • $4 Two for $4 Super Snack
  • $6 Meal Deal with ⅓-pound double with cheese or three-piece chicken strips

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Del Taco
Daniel K./Yelp

Del Taco

Found mostly in the western United States, Del Taco is another reliable bet for cheap, fast Mexican eats.

Value Meal Deals

  • $1.49 Three Value Tacos on Tuesdays 3-11 p.m.
  • $2.49 Three Grilled Chicken Tacos Thursdays 3-11 p.m.
  • $6 Fresh Faves Triple Chicken Box
  • $6 Fresh Faves Sampler Combo Box
Red Lobster
Alla G./Yelp

Red Lobster

Almost everyone has celebrated a special event at Red Lobster, a seafood chain that's as good for families as it is for date night.

Value Meal Deals

  • $18 Ultimate Endless Shrimp on Mondays
  • $42 for two Mariner's Feasts on Tuesdays
  • $20 Steak and lobster meal on Wednesdays
  • $13 Walt's Favorite Shrimp and a beverage on Thursdays
  • $12 Fish Fry on Fridays

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Chicken tenders

Hardee's/Carl's Jr.

Though it's got two names depending which part of the country you're in, Hardee's/Carl's Jr. is known for decadent and hearty breakfasts and burgers.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 All Star Meal with three-piece chicken tenders

  • $5 All Star Meal with two Hot Ham 'n Cheese sandwiches

BJ'S Brewhouse
Joel Christian A./Yelp

BJ'S Brewhouse

BJ's gets its Brewhouse moniker from the microbreweries some locations have, but every location of this casual sit-down chain has a menu of pizza and homestyle favorites.

Value Meal Deals

  • Half off large pizzas on Mondays
  • $3 Pizookies on Tuesdays
  • $10 Loaded Burgers on Wednesdays
  • $15 Slow-roasted Specials on Thursdays
Steak 'n Shake
Charleston P./Yelp

Steak 'n Shake

Prices at Steak 'n Shake won't break the bank, but it can't hurt to get there from 2 to 5 p.m. on weekdays for happy hour, when drinks and shakes are half price.

Value Meal Deals

  • $4 Chicken fingers and fries
  • $4 Original Double 'n Cheese Steakburger and fries
  • $4 Triple Steakburger and fries
  • $4 Bacon 'n Cheese Single Steakburger and fries

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Based in Chicago, this sandwich chain toasts all of its subs on soft sub buns. Don't skip the signature hot giardiniera pepper mix, which you can buy by the jar.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 Small turkey sandwich and a bag of chips

El Pollo Loco
Maria P./Yelp

El Pollo Loco

Found mainly in the Southwest, El Pollo Loco is the place to indulge in Mexican favorites based around savory grilled chicken, including grilled chicken breasts.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 Classic Chicken Burrito Combo
  • $5 Chicken Tacos al Carbon Combo
  • $5 Original Pollo Bowl Combo
  • $5 Chicken Nachos Combo

Bob Evans
Emil C./Yelp

Bob Evans

Dating all the way back to 1948, Bob Evans serves up hearty comfort food in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic in a country living-themed atmosphere. 

Value Meal Deals

  • $8 Dinner Bell Plates
Long John Silver's
Viktoria F./Yelp

Long John Silver's

Seafood is usually an afterthought at fast food chains, so Long John Silver's fills a niche for fried fish and shrimp lovers.

Value Meal Deals

  • $6 For two Mix & Match plates
  • $10 15-piece Shrimp Sea-Share
  • $10 nine-piece Chicken Sea-Share
  • $10 six-piece Fish Sea-Share
#239 White Castle Sack meal 1
#239 White Castle Sack meal 1 by Like_the_Grand_Canyon (CC BY-NC)

White Castle

Cooking up sliders since 1921, White Castle is often credited as the first fast food burger chain. Now it can be found in 13 states, mostly in the Midwest.

Value Meal Deals

  • $7 Original Slider Combo
  • $7 Chicken Ring Sandwich Combo
  • $16 Castle Pack with 10 Sliders, two fries and two drinks

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Huddle House
Jonathan B./Yelp

Huddle House

Named after the football huddle, Huddle House is a 24-hour family restaurant that was founded in the 1960s and is concentrated in the Southeast.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 BLT Down Home Combo
  • $5 Sausage or Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Down Home Combo
  • $5 Farmhouse Burger Down Home Combo
  • $5 Bacon, Egg & Cheese Melt Down Home Combo
  • $5 Chicken Tender Toaster Down Home Combo
  • $5 Hashbrowns All the Way Down Home Combo
  • $5 Open-faced Sausage Biscuit & Gravy Down Home Combo
Aizelle C./Yelp


Spaghetti, lasagna, and garlic breadsticks are crowd-pleasers, so it's no surprise this Italian restaurant chain is a hit with families.

Value Meal Deals

  • $5 small spaghetti with marinara and breadsticks
  • $5 small spaghetti with meat sauce and breadsticks
  • $5 small fettuccine alfredo and breadsticks
  • $5 spaghetti and tortellini bake and breadsticks