These 11 Popular Chains Have You Covered With Fast-Food Breakfast All Day

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Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast for Dinner

There's no worse feeling than arriving at McDonald's a couple minutes after the breakfast window. Fast-food workers act like it's a crime to serve McMuffins after 11:01 a.m. Fortunately, there are several chains that offer all-day breakfast. The next time you want to enjoy fast-food breakfast all day, roll on up to these drive-through windows any time you like.

Frappuccino beverage from Starbucks Coffee

1. Starbucks

It feels odd to start anywhere else, doesn't it? Starbucks is specifically designed to get you going in the morning, so it makes sense that its breakfast beverages and snacks would be around all day long (unlike, ahem, Panera Bread, which stops serving breakfast after 10:30 a.m.). Unfortunately, the ubiquitous coffee chain tends to sell out most of its breakfast fare before the day is done, so just because you can get breakfast all day doesn't mean you will.

But if you can snag some breakfast fare later in the day, we have a few favorites. Out of all the Starbucks bakery items, the ham and Swiss croissant has our heart. If you're more in the mood for a Starbucks breakfast sandwich, the bacon, Gouda, and egg sandwich sits at the top of our list. And if a healthy fast-food breakfast option is what you want, grab one of the kale and mushroom egg bites.

Jack In The Box
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2. Jack in the Box

Not only is Jack going for breakfast all day, he's packing his menu full of options. He's got egg-based sandwiches (hello, sausage, egg, and cheese) loaded into croissants, brioche-esque buns, and (obviously) sourdough. Breakfast burritos and McDonald's-style pancake platters are available as well. Hash browns? Yeah, Jack has those, too. 

Be on the lookout for fast-food breakfast deals at Jack in the Box, like 2 for $6 cheddar biscuit sandwiches. 

Au Bon Pain Bakery
Au Bon Pain Bakery by Thank You (23 Millions+) views (CC BY)

3. Au Bon Pain

Much like Starbucks, Au Bon Pain (or "from good bread) is cafe-centric, which means breakfast is available any time of day. Choose from items like The Good Egg (two eggs, cheese, tomato, and avocado on a baguette), a Power Protein Wrap (two eggs, turkey sausage, cheese, avocado, spinach, tomatoes in a wrap), and egg whites on a wheat bagel. The cafe also offers avocado toast and oatmeal, and has a few vegetarian and gluten-free fast-food options.

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White Castle Restaurant

4. White Castle

Dubbed America's oldest fast food chain, White Castle has enough credibility under its belt. The all-day breakfast doesn't hurt though, especially in slider form. Swing through whenever you please for breakfast sliders, hash browns, and toast sandwiches.

Want something a little sweeter? The chain also offers mini Belgian waffles with maple syrup, along with waffle sliders. To drink, there's coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

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Sonic restaurant

5. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic has a little bit of extra oomph when it comes to breakfast, serving food that tastes like it might have been made at an actual restaurant. The SuperSonic Burrito (filled with scrambled eggs, sausage, shredded cheese, jalapeño, onions, tomatoes, and crispy tots) makes a strong case for the best fast food breakfast burrito. Oh, and did we mention the Sonic breakfast menu features French toast sticks? 

When you're not in a breakfast mood, be sure to stop by for Sonic's value menu. You'll find hearty sandwiches and sweet desserts for under $3.


6. Denny's

Is Denny's really fast food? Probably not. It's a massive chain with over 1,700 locations in the U.S. though, and as "The Santa Clause" taught us, it's open 24/7. That breakfast menu is always shining, so as long as you stay away from any Hoobastank collabs, you should be just fine. 

Some of our favorites on the Denny's breakfast menu include the Grand Slam (a build-your-own, four-piece breakfast plate), the eggs Benedict, and chocolate and banana pancakes.

Dunkin' Power Breakfast Sandwich
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7. Dunkin'

Did you know it's just called Dunkin' now? Dunkin' Donuts is no more. Anyway, there are plenty of pricey order mistakes you can make at Dunkin', but it's never a mistake ordering one of their doughnuts as an afternoon snack. The cult favorite also serves wraps, croissants, bagels, and muffins well past breakfast time, along with overrated coffee (yeah, we said it).

Ihop Sign
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Much like Denny's, IHOP doesn't fully count as fast food, but the fact remains: Breakfast is ready to hit the table at any time of day. Most IHOPs tend to be open late, so if chocolate chip pancakes are what you require as you leave the bar, you know where to go. The chain also serves omelets, sweet and savory crepes, burritos, French toast, and Belgian waffles. 

Exterior of Bojangles Fast Food Restaurant, Hickory, North Carolina, Surrounded By Parking, with a Car in Drive-Thru, Sign Is in the Foreground
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9. Bojangles

The Bojangles biscuit series on the all-day breakfast menu ranges from "normal" to "maniac," but that's exactly how we like it. Egg and cheese? Sure, why not. Pork chop and chicken-fried steak biscuits? A bold move, but luckily they're excellent. Nothing but pimento cheese? You've lost us on that one, but that's okay. Keep doing your thing, Bo.

waffle house

10. Waffle House

Waffle House never stops serving breakfast, and for that we are thankful. Where else are we going to get peanut butter chip waffles drenched in syrup at 3 a.m.? Or Hashbrowns All the Way (those are hashbrowns loaded with grilled onions, American cheese, ham, jalapeno peppers, and more) enjoyed as the sun comes up? Open 24/7, 365 days a year (for the most part), Waffle House is a bastion for breakfast lovers who can't seem to find other fast-food restaurants open when the breakfast cravings hit. 

Tim Hortons Buffalo Late
Tim Hortons

11. Tim Hortons

Though it's more widely known as a Canadian coffee and doughnut shop, there are Tim Hortons locations in Texas, New York, Maine, Georgia, and beyond. And yes, you can order breakfast items throughout the day. Grab a hot breakfast sandwich, grilled breakfast wraps, homestyle oatmeal, or hash browns. Doughnuts are freshly baked all day long, so there's always a chance to snag a hot one. Just don't forget the coffee.