The Most Popular Dishes on the Denny’s Breakfast Menu

Denny's, Las Vegas, Nevada


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Denny's, Las Vegas, Nevada

America's Breakfast

Breakfast is wonderful at all times of the day, but at Denny’s, it especially doesn’t matter what time it is. The immensely popular diner chain operates 24/7, meaning that whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., bacon and eggs are available. The Denny’s breakfast menu is expansive, and maybe even a little frightening if you’re new to it. Let’s take a look at seven of the most popular items available at Denny’s for breakfast.

Prices may vary depending on location.

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lumberjack slam


$9.99 and up

The Grand Slam, which Denny’s is famous for, will always be one of the best chain restaurant deals in the game. For $10, you can build a four-piece breakfast plate. Options include eggs, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and the rest of the breakfast classics, as well as upgraded offerings like French toast and ham steak for a few bucks more. 

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eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict


A Classic Benny at Denny’s is only about $10, but so is the Southwestern Benny, which comes topped with chorizo, pepper sauce, and pico de gallo. Feels wrong not to do it that way. Oh, and huge miss not calling these things “Eggs Dennydict.”

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chocolate chip banana pancakes

Pancakes and Crepes

$9.69 and up

Denny’s can also dress your pancakes up in a variety of ways, depending on just how froggy you’re trying to get. Need ‘em simple? Grab some Hearty 9-Grain pancakes. Want to bring some bigger energy to your day? Chocolate banana pancakes might be just what the doctor ordered.

breakfast bowls

Breakfast Bowls


There are a few bowls offered at Denny’s if you prefer your breakfast in circular fashion. The Santa Fe bowl comes loaded with eggs, chorizo, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and potatoes, while the chicken, biscuit, and gravy bowl takes a Southern turn. Here we’ve got biscuits, eggs, cheese, and fried chicken drenched in country gravy. Sounds like an intense way to start the day.

ultimate omelette


$11.29 and up

Like any good diner, Denny’s has all kinds of omelette fixings on standby. Ham, peppers, and even grilled prime rib are available. Gang’s all here.

t-bone steak and eggs

Steak and Eggs

$13.29 and up

Both T-bone steak and eggs and country fried steak and eggs are options for the red meat breakfast eater lurking inside you. It really just depends on what kind of day you’re trying to have. Both of these roads end with a couch nap, by the way.

moons over my hammy

Breakfast Sandwiches

$10.79 and up

Denny’s has a couple of breakfast sandos ready for you, each with varying degrees of insanity. Moons Over My Hammy is pretty simple, featuring just ham, eggs, and cheese on bread, but The Grand Slamwich is a lot more unhinged; think sausage, bacon, ham, and even maple spice spread.

And yeah, Moons Over My Hammy is a pretty good name, but remember when Hoobastank did a Denny’s collab? They made a burrito, and they called it the Hooburrito. It had chicken strips, BBQ sauce, nacho cheese, onion strings, and all manner of other nonsense in there. I think about that all the time.