From Cajun Fries to Buttermilk Biscuits: 6 of the Best Popeyes Side Dishes, Ranked

Popeyes Sides

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Louisiana Kitchen Popeyes
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Side Chickens

Popeyes deals in comfort food, from the top of its menu to the bottom. The New Orleans-style chicken chain is known for its fried chicken, but we all know the truth: There’s no such thing as a great fried chicken dinner unless you’ve got side dishes that perfectly complement the star of the show. Popeyes knows this, too. 

But if you've only got two slots to fill in a combo plate, what are you choosing? I tried them all, and I've got the answers you seek. Here are six Popeyes sides, ranked.

Prices and availability are subject to change. All calorie information is taken direction from Popeyes' provided nutrition information.

red beans and rice from popeyes
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Best Popeyes Side: Red Beans and Rice

Price: $3.49

Calories: 250

There are not many fast-food sides that can compare to Popeyes’ red beans and rice. The stuff is true, next-level umami. You’ve got smoky red beans, Cajun rice, and soulful, rich flavors to bring them all together. I’ve been to more than a few restaurants in the city of New Orleans that didn’t even have red beans and rice this good. If you leave Popeyes without it, you’re out of your mind.

homestyle mac and cheese from popeyes
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2. Homestyle Mac and Cheese

Price: $3.99

Calories: 280

This is the exact type of mac I dream about when the craving hits. It’s thick, it’s cheesy, and none of it tastes like fake cheese sauce. This tastes exactly how soulful, Southern mac and cheese should taste.

buttermilk biscuits from popeyes
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mashed potatoes with cajun gravy from popeyes
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4. Mashed Potatoes and Cajun Gravy

Price: $3.49

Calories: 110

Oh-so-buttery. Oh-so-peppery. The Cajun gravy brings a layer of extra flavor that those creamy mashed potatoes need, and really, no other fried chicken chain should bother competing.

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popeyes cajun fries
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coleslaw from popeyes
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6. Coleslaw

Price: $3.49

Calories: 140 

There’s a whole lot of dill going on in this slaw, and while I like it quite a bit, the dill becomes distracting. I’d stick it right under KFC’s slaw. Still doesn’t bother me too much. 

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Fast Food Restaurant III

The Verdict

When it comes to Popeyes, there are no bad side dishes. The coleslaw wasn't our favorite, especially compared to coleslaw at other fried chicken chains. 

That being said, for our money, the red beans and rice and mac and cheese are the clear standouts. 

How We Ranked Popeyes Sides

We ordered Popeyes sides via a delivery app and taste-tested this at home. We feel that the delivery time did not negatively affect the quality of the sides compared to eating it at a Popeyes location.

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