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Fast-food restaurants exist to provide convenient, (usually) affordable sustenance to customers. These establishments are supposed to attract humble patrons who realize they are not dining at a Michelin star-laden restaurant. Yet every once in a while, some lunatic throws a temper tantrum when their fries aren't handed to them on a silver platter. Most recently, two men vandalized a Worcester, Massachusetts-based Popeyes after an employee told them they couldn't add jalapeños to a chicken sandwich. 


this is not fair 😖😖 Attack at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Worcester MA 😭😭😭 we never imagined that a normal day at work could turn into this tragedy 😫😫

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Upon being told that jalapeños were unavailable while in the drive-thru, the irate customers threatened the cashier and barged into the restaurant. After entering the Popeyes, the adult toddlers began chucking food at employees and smashing restaurant equipment, including cash registers, monitors, and computers. (Seriously, all we can picture is a 2-year-old throwing a fit because mommy cut a PB&J diagonally instead of down the middle). 

While the men were destroying the restaurant, several other visitors fled, apparently fearing for their safety. When the men left, they hurled a rock at the drive-thru window, shattering the glass. One of the workers posted a video of the damage to their TikTok account, writing, "We never imagined that a normal day at work could turn into this tragedy." 

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The Worcester Popeyes was forced to shut down for the remainder of the day, with employees posting signs at the drive-thru to inform customers of the unexpected closure. 

Emotionally prepare yourselves before heading to a fast-food joint, folks. Anticipate the possibility that not everything on the menu will be available at any given moment. And if you do find yourself in an annoying situation whilst in the drive-thru, repeat "goosfraba" until your breathing regulates rather than getting violent with innocent employees and cash registers. 

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