Famous Deli Sandwiches

You Have to Try These Famous Sandwiches in Every State

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Famous Deli Sandwiches

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Diehard fans of a truly well-crafted sandwich will tell you that one of the best places to enjoy L favorite meal is a deli. Whether it's a classic Jewish or Italian deli or a more new-school artisanal shop, you can rest assured that your sandwich will be carefully made with the best ingredients, which are often made in-house — and let's not forget the all-important pickle on the side. From an unforgettable pastrami on rye to legendary Italian cold cuts, here are the most famous deli sandwiches across the U.S.

Smoked Turkey at Sol's Sandwich Shop & Deli in Birmingham, AL
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alabama: smoked turkey

Sol's Sandwich Shop & Deli
First opened in 1968 by Palestinian immigrant Saleh "Sol" Bajalieh, this longtime favorite deli was reopened by his three sons after Bajalieh's death. While the Reuben is a popular option, the smoked turkey with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on fresh bread is huge local hit — smoked turkey and chicken are Alabama staples. Don't miss the signature tabouli salad as a side to your sandwich.

The Gobbler at TJ's Sandwich Shop in Fayetteville, AR

arkansas: the gobbler

TJ's Sandwich Shop
This unassuming shop delivers big with an impressive lineup of crave-worthy sandwiches and "steamers" — Vie de France brand hoagies (aka sub rolls) coated with delicious parmesan garlic butter. Don't miss the Gobbler, which features pan-seared turkey breast topped with caramelized onions, bacon, and cream cheese with the option of jalapeños for a bit of heat.

Pastrami Cheesesteak at MVP Sports Deli & Eatery in Anchorage, AK

alaska: pastrami cheesesteak

MVP Sports Deli & Eatery
Despite having a Chicago sports theme, this Anchorage shop has developed a loyal Alaskan following for its massive deli sandwiches (including a whopping 9-pound sandwich challenge). The signature MVP Pastrami Cheesesteak is a unique mashup, piled high with housemade pastrami doused in creamy Italian white cheddar cheese sauce, and a fresh Italian relish. Available in three sizes: Amateur (quarter-pound of meat and cheese), Rookie (half-pound), or Pro (one pound), you can also customize your sandwich at the toppings bar.

Italian Beef at Not Your Typical Deli in Gilbert, AZ
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arizona: italian beef

Not Your Typical Deli
Tucked away in a strip mall, this hugely popular Gilbert deli and bakery stands out not only because of its incredible food, but also because it trains and employs adults with developmental disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum. The slow-roasted Italian Beef with provolone and giardiniera (Italian pickled vegetables) is a fan favorite, as is the Cubano (try the hot dog version, too), and you don't want to miss the freshly baked cookies.

French Dip at Philippe The Original in Los Angeles, CA
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california: french dip

Philippe The Original
Los Angeles
For the uninitiated, a French Dip is a hot sandwich on a crunchy French roll, made with roast beef (though it could be ham, turkey, pastrami or even lamb), and served with a side of jus — a beef broth from the cooking process — for dipping. Philippe's in downtown L.A. claims to have invented the sandwich nearly 100 years ago, though nearby Cole's makes the same claim — so it's a good idea to taste test both. Just don't forget the hot mustard.

Braised Beef Brisket at Masterpiece Delicatessen in Denver, CO

colorado: braised beef brisket

Masterpiece Delicatessen
Celebrated chef Justin Brunson runs several restaurants in the Denver area, but if you're looking for an exceptional sandwich, Masterpiece Deli is the place to be. You can't go too wrong whatever you choose, but the standout is the braised beef-brisket sandwich, smothered in Taleggio fondue with caramelized onions, red wine gastrique and arugula on a freshly baked baguette.

Corned Beef at Rein's New York Style Deli in Vernon, CT
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connecticut: corned beef

Rein's New York Style Deli
Just off Interstate 84, Rein's is a must-visit that offers all the delicious trimmings of a classic Jewish deli. Served on rye bread, the legendary and hefty corned beef is not to be missed, though some fans swear by the Vernon Chicken Salad Club and the Reuben. Whichever you choose, you'll definitely want to take home some half-sour pickles and stop by the bakery for chocolate rugelach and other sweet treats.

The Bobbie at Capriotti's in Wilmington, DE

delaware: the bobbie

What began as a small shop in Wilmington's Little Italy opened by siblings Lois and Alan Margolet in 1976 and named for their grandfather has grown into a popular nationwide chain. For the signature sandwich, The Bobbie — named for the siblings' aunt — the shop slow roasts whole turkeys and serves the meat, hand-shredded, on a fresh roll with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo — essentially the perfect combo of Thanksgiving leftovers, but available year-round.

Cubano at Versailles in Miami, FL
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florida: cubano

A popular destination for Cuban exiles since 1971, Miami's Little Havana is home to Versailles, the place to go for an incredible Cubano. Featuring loaves of Cuban bread that are traditionally made with lard or shortening, the sandwich includes brown sugar-glazed ham, roast pork, thick-cut Swiss, sliced pickles, and a swath of mustard, and is pressed to perfection. The delicious creation is thought to have originated with Cuban workers in cigar factories in Tampa and Ybor City more than 100 years ago.

Chicken Conquistador at Zunzi's in Savannah, GA
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georgia: chicken conquistador

The Conquistador sandwich at this South African-inspired shop is not only a favorite locally, but has conquered numerous best of lists for the state and country. Deceptively straightforward, the hulking sandwich features baked chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, and a housemade special sauce, all served on crunchy French bread.

Kalua Pork Sandwich at 808 Deli in Kihei, HI
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hawaii: kalua pork sandwich

808 Deli
Hawaii's famous kalua pork — where a whole pig is smoked underground with sea salt, banana leaves, and koa wood — is given a fiery spin at 808 Deli. Here, the "Porkie" panini is made with barbecue pork, mango salsa, and pepper jack cheese on rye bread with a side of sweet chili dipping sauce. It's best enjoyed on the beach across the street.

Indica R./yelp.com

idaho: pb & jjb

Lemon Tree Co.
You'd think it'd be hard for a sandwich to stand out at a place equally adept at the meaty and vegetarian or vegan, with a menu covering a range of styles from banh mi to Peruvian with a mushroom and artichoke meatless "cheesesteak" in between. But the must (or at least must-try) at the Lemon Tree Co. is the PB & JJB, made of crusty focaccia around homemade peanut butter, smoked bacon, cherry preserves, and roasted jalapeño. "Bizarre but likable," the Idaho Statesmen decrees.

Italian Beef at Al's Italian Beef in Chicago, IL

illinois: italian beef

Al's Italian Beef
The Italian Beef is considered Chicago's signature sandwich, so what better place to have one than at the original shop that invented it? Created during the Depression — when meat was scarce — by Al Ferrari, along with his sister and brother-in-law, the classic features thinly sliced, dry-roasted, and spice-rubbed beef that's soaked in "gravy" or au jus and served on an Italian roll with giardiniera and sweet peppers. Get the whole sandwich "dipped" in the gravy for the full experience.

Peppered Beef at Shapiro's Delicatessen in Indianapolis, IN
Enjella L./yelp.com

indiana: peppered beef

Shapiro's Delicatessen
Since 1905, this legendary spot has been turning out incredible Jewish deli favorites such as pastrami, corned beef, and smoked tongue. But it's the local specialty, peppered beef, that sets it apart from the pack. The sandwich features lean beef round that's been salted and cured, then peppered, smoked, and seasoned with paprika and sugar, which is then piled high on fresh rye bread with mustard and a pickle on the side.

Dad's Killer Sandwich at B & B Grocery, Meat & Deli in Des Moines, IA
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iowa: dad's killer sandwich

B & B Grocery, Meat & Deli
Des Moines
While Iowa is known for loose-meat sandwiches (basically a Sloppy Joe without the sauce), if you're in search of a deli sandwich, look no further than this humble neighborhood grocer's "Killer" sandwiches. The legendary Dad's Killer Sandwich is a beast consisting of roast beef, turkey breast, smoked ham, corned beef, pepper cheese, Swiss cheese, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, Kosher pickles, mustard, Miracle Whip, and Tuscan Italian dressing, all on an Italian hoagie roll. Come hungry.

Spicy Tuna Melt at WheatFields in Lawrence, KS
Heather T./yelp.com

kansas: spicy tuna melt

For more than 20 years, this artisan bakery has been turning out delicious, hearty breads and other baked goods, so you definitely don't want to miss its excellent sandwiches that make use of those freshly baked loaves. The notable standout is the Spicy Tuna Melt, a fiery spin on the deli classic, that features Southwest spiced tuna, jalapeño cream cheese, and white cheddar on grilled white sourdough.

Country Ham at Morris' Deli in Louisville, KY
Matt R./yelp.com

kentucky: country ham

Morris' Deli
This no-frills deli and liquor store hasn't changed much in more than four decades of business, and hopefully it won't anytime soon. For its legendary, made-to-order deli sandwiches, it smokes meats in-house, including the not-to-be-missed country ham. Be sure to get it with a side of housemade pimento cheese, and maybe grab a beverage from the walk-in cooler, a former ice house that's said to be the coldest in town at around 24 to 26 degrees.

Muffuletta at Central Grocery & Deli in New Orleans, LA
Lei B./yelp.com

louisiana: muffuletta

Central Grocery & Deli
New Orleans
While eating po'boy sandwiches is certainly a must when visiting New Orleans, you definitely don't want to miss out on the Muffuletta. This NOLA original, said to have been invented at Central Grocery & Deli in 1906, is made with a round sesame-studded Sicilian bread and filled with mortadella, salami, mozzarella, ham, provolone, and a unique olive spread, consisting of green and kalamata olives, garlic, onion, capers, spices, and red wine vinegar.

The Regular Coffee Pot Sandwich at The Coffee Pot in Bangor, ME

maine: the regular coffee pot sandwich

The Coffee Pot
While the original Coffee Pot, a sandwich institution in Maine, may have closed in 2009 after nearly 80 years of business, a new business opened a few years back to carry the torch. The signature sandwich, beloved by generations, consists of a soft split-top roll that's filled with peppers, onions, and tomatoes, then uniquely topped with layers of salami or ham, American cheese, and pickles.

Colossal Reuben at Chick & Ruth's Delly in Annapolis, MD
Jean C./yelp.com

maryland: colossal reuben

Chick & Ruth's Delly
Ownership of this famous deli may have changed hands from the family that ran it for five decades, but it still remains a local legend. You'll find a huge variety of sandwiches on house-baked bread, many named for local politicians, but the truly hungry can opt for the "Man vs. Food" challenge, featuring a 1.5-pound "Colossal" Reuben, paired with a 6-pound milkshake.

Spuckie at Cutty's in Brookline, MA
Kevin L./yelp.com

massachusetts: spuckie

This small yet mighty sandwich specialist has received tremendous acclaim (and long lines) since opening in 2010 for its carefully crafted sandwiches made with in-house and locally sourced ingredients. Don't miss the signature Spuckie, which features a freshly baked ciabatta filled with hot capicola, fennel salami, mortadella, fresh mozzarella, and an olive-carrot salad. The place also has one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in the country.

Reuben at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI
John M./yelp.com

michigan: reuben

Ann Arbor
This Ann Arbor favorite has been a destination for foodies from all over since it opened in 1982. You'll find delicacies from around the globe, as well as Jewish deli classics and sublime sandwiches. The biggest seller is easily the Reuben, which features Zingerman's legendary corned beef, Emmental Swiss cheese, locally made Brinery brand sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on grilled rye bread from Zingerman's Bakehouse.

The Spicymonger
Mike B./yelp.com

minnesota: the spicymonger

France 44 Cheese Shop
Let's call this gourmet empire's Sweet Chorizo an appealing distraction with its manchego, quince paste, harissa and greens, but don't let it prevent you from picking up a Spicymonger — a masterful mix of heat from soppressata, a relish of sweet onion and pepper, and sriracha that's matched by the cool of a creamy chèvre on terrific, chewy baguette-style loaf.

Mike's Deluxe at United Deli and Grocery in Columbus, MS
Chain B./yelp.com

mississippi: mike's deluxe

United Deli and Grocery
Yes, this deli is tucked inside of a gas station. And yes, it's going to forever change your perception of what a gas station deli can be. While you'll find solid Southern specialties such as a muffuletta, po'boys, and even a gyro, the big winner is Mike's Deluxe, which features ham, turkey, roast beef, avocado, cheese, bacon, and your choice of condiments, piled high on a roll.

The Gerber at Ruma's Deli in St. Louis, MO

missouri: the gerber

Ruma's Deli
St. Louis
Regarded by many as an official state sandwich, The Gerber is a hot, open-faced sandwich on an Italian or French loaf that's coated in garlic butter, and topped with lots of ham, and melted provel cheese — a local specialty that's a blend of Swiss, provolone, and cheddar. Ruma's Deli is considered the birthplace of this beauty, where you can also find the notable Prosperity sandwich that swaps the ham for roast beef and gravy.

The Clubfoot at Staggering Ox in Helena, MT
Carolen M./yelp.com

montana: the clubfoot

Staggering Ox
As if the colorful local art wasn't enough to take in at this Montana favorite, the restaurant's famous Clubfoot sandwiches are sure to catch your eye. The signature sandwich is made with a foot-tall loaf of bread that's hollowed out, filled with ingredients and served upright. There are plenty of great variations, but one of the most notable versions is the ISIS Crisis that's filled with gyro meat, feta, Monterey jack, onions, green peppers, black olives, tomatoes, and lettuce, traditionally served with “Camel Spit” sauce.

Reuben at The Crescent Moon Ale House in Omaha, NE
John A./yelp.com

nebraska: reuben

The Crescent Moon Ale House
While most people associate the Reuben with East Coast delis, the origins of the famous sandwich are largely credited to Bernard Schimmel, who worked at the former Blackstone Hotel in Omaha. The Crescent Moon Ale House is regarded as the honorary heir to the tradition, where you'll find the tender corned beef cut into chunks rather than thin slices and served on dark rye bread that's slathered with Thousand Island dressing, covered in sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, and run through a conveyor-belt pizza oven.

Dirka Dirka at Full Belly Deli in Reno, NV
Dmitriy S./yelp.com

nevada: dirka dirka

Full Belly Deli
This irreverently creative deli offers up plenty of delicious variations on classic sandwiches served on a variety of freshly baked breads. But it's the Dirka Dirka that stands out from the pack: corned beef, pastrami, and Swiss cheese with pickles, yellow mustard, and jalapeño coleslaw. You can choose your bread, but the famous jalapeño cheddar is a solid choice.

Moe's Original Italian Sandwich at Moe's Italian Sandwiches in Portsmouth, NH

new hampshire: moe's original italian sandwich

Moe's Italian Sandwiches
What started as a small shop in Portsmouth specializing in just one sandwich in 1959 has since grown into multiple locations throughout New England with a slightly expanded menu. But Moe's original sandwich is still a must-order: mild-cooked salami, creamy provolone, thinly sliced onions and peppers, dill pickles, tomatoes, olives, and a splash of olive oil.

Sloppy Joe at Town Hall Deli in South Orange, NJ
Rolfe S./yelp.com

new jersey: sloppy joe

Town Hall Deli
South Orange
Quite different than the Sloppy Joe that comes to mind for most people, New Jersey's famous Sloppy Joe consists of a layered sandwich with two types of meat, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing, all layered between three long slices of super thin rye bread that's sliced into squares. Town Hall Deli lays claim to the original from 1935, which featured ham and beef tongue, though these days, the one with roast beef and turkey is the most popular.

Albuquerque Turkey at Relish in Albuquerque, NM

new mexico: albuquerque turkey

This beloved gourmet sandwich shop offers a mouthwatering array of deli classics made with high-quality ingredients. For a bit of delicious local flavor, go for the Albuquerque Turkey, which features honey roast turkey, havarti, tomatoes, chipotle mayo, and the iconic New Mexico green chile, all on toasted sourdough.

Pastrami on Rye at Katz's Deli in New York, NY
Brian G./yelp.com

new york: pastrami on rye

Katz's Deli
New York
When it comes to deli sandwiches, it doesn't get much more iconic than pastrami on rye. And when it comes to delis, it doesn't get much more iconic than Katz's Deli — a New York institution famous for its pastrami and corned beef. The pastrami is made from beef navel — a fattier, more traditional cut — that is coated with a secret spice blend, cured for up to 30 days, smoked for up to three days, sliced to order, and served on rye bread with a swath of deli mustard. Katz’s is also one of Cheapism’s must-visit U.S. restaurants.

The Turkey Day at The Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop in Fayetteville, NC
Lisa M./yelp.com

north carolina: the turkey day

The Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop
It's hungry work waiting for the North Carolina debate over the best barbecue pork sandwich — chopped (Eastern-style) vs. pulled (Western-style) — to end. Best fortify yourself with a non-controversial treat from The Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop. The shop offers a huge variety of options that uses its deep-fried turkeys, but we recommend The Turkey Day with stuffing on buttered Texas toast, and a side of gravy and cranberry sauce.

Everything Grinder at The Red Pepper in Grand Forks, ND
Red Pepper/yelp.com

north dakota: everything grinder

The Red Pepper
Grand Forks
A late-night favorite — especially among University of North Dakota students — since 1961, this classic eatery serves up a varied mix of tacos, burritos, burgers, and more. But it's the signature grinders that you want to try, specifically the Everything Grinder with ham, salami, turkey, slices of Swiss, taco meat, shredded Colby, and lettuce on a roll. Hope you're hungry.

Corned Beef at Slyman's Restaurant in Cleveland, OH

ohio: corned beef

Slyman's Restaurant
Loyal fans have been gathering at Slyman's for more than 50 years for its famous corned beef sandwiches. This Cleveland icon serves the corned beef piled absurdly high on rye bread with a pickle on the side. A true classic.

The Dutch Crunch at Trencher's Deli in Tulsa, OK

oklahoma: the dutch crunch

Trencher's Deli
At Trencher's Deli — named for the Medieval precursor to a sandwich where stale bread served as an edible plate for whatever ingredients were on hand — nearly everything is made in-house. The hugely popular deli bakes its own bread, smokes and roasts its meats, and even makes the condiments. Don't miss the Dutch Crunch, made with turkey, Swiss, bacon, tomato, arugula, and avocado mayo, served on a Dutch Crunch roll — a baguette with a crunchy top.

Ham and Salami at Laurelhurst Market in Portland, OR

oregon: ham and salami

Laurelhurst Market
Laurelhurst Market offers an exceptional brasserie-inspired steakhouse and a butcher shop with plenty of deli delights, such as sustainably sourced meats that are cured and smoked in-house. The cold corned beef and hot pastrami are favorites, and there are rotating specials such as the fried chicken — but the ham and salami is the must-try classic, including provolone, red onions, pepperoncini, shredded iceberg, spicy mayo, oil and vinegar, all on a freshly baked ciabatta roll.

Italian Roast Pork at DiNic's in Philadelphia, PA
Sarah C./yelp.com

pennsylvania: italian roast pork

While you may have expected to see a cheesesteak listed here, ask any Philly local and they'll tell you the essential sandwich of note is the Italian roast pork. To experience a legend, head to DiNic's, a fourth-generation sandwich shop in Reading Terminal Market. There you'll find juicy, slow-roasted pork with sharp provolone cheese topped with sautéed broccoli rabe, inside of a semolina roll.

Italian Grinder at Hudson Street Deli in Providence, RI

rhode island: italian grinder

Hudson Street Deli
Tucked away on a quiet residential street, this humble deli draws fans from all over for its extensive lineup of excellent sandwiches. But it's the Italian Grinder — a Rhode Island classic — that's not to be missed. The sandwich is loaded with ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone, onions, banana peppers, tomato, and romaine lettuce, and topped with homemade Italian salsa in a Italian loaf from the famous Crugnale Bakery.

Apple 'Butter' Jeans at Brown Dog Deli in Charleston, SC
Heather S./yelp.com

south carolina: apple 'butter' jeans

Brown Dog Deli
This friendly deli with two locations puts a strong emphasis on high-quality, local ingredients for its sandwiches. While you'll find several excellent classic deli options, it also offers lots of vegan and vegetarian choices, and an extensive list of specialty sandwiches. The top dog among them is the Apple "Butter" Jeans, with melted brie, sliced Granny Smith apples, local apple butter, fresh arugula, honey ham, mesquite smoked turkey, and applewood-smoked bacon on a panini-pressed local French baguette.

Pheasant Salad Sandwich at The Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge in Brookings, SD
Courtesy of roadfood.com

south dakota: pheasant salad sandwich

The Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge
While a pheasant salad sandwich may sound like an oddity to outsiders, locals know that the state's most famous game bird makes for an excellent sandwich. Prepared similarly to a chicken salad sandwich, the traditional rendition features ring-necked pheasant with apple, dried cranberries, and roasted pecans, and is served with melted Swiss on grilled marbled rye bread.

Asian Flank Steak at Mitchell Delicatessen in Nashville, TN
George L./yelp.com

tennessee: asian flank steak

Mitchell Delicatessen
This Nashville favorite has been drawing crowds since opening in 2008 and offers a tasty range of deli sandwiches, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. One of its first big hits has gone on to become an essential menu item, featuring grilled flank steak that's been marinated in a blend of Asian-inspired spices, then served with giardiniera, provolone, and mayo on a hoagie roll from the legendary Silke's Old World Breads Bakery.

Noble Pig at Noble Sandwich Co. in Austin, TX
Courtesy of noblesandwiches.com

texas: noble pig

Noble Sandwich Co.
This Austin shrine to exceptional sandwiches uses locally sourced, sustainable, and, in many cases, house-made ingredients. While you'll find unique takes on deli classics such as the smoked duck pastrami and seared beef tongue, be sure to try the famous Noble Pig made with ancho-spiced ham, pulled pork, provolone, spicy mustard, mayo, and bacon on toasted bread.

The Meatball at Caputo's Market & Deli in Salt Lake City, UT
Nicole C./yelp.com

utah: the meatball

Caputo's Market & Deli
Salt Lake City
A legend of Salt Lake City, Caputo's is a foodie's dream complete with cheese cave stacked with aging wheels, shelves of gourmet chocolates and countless imported and domestic artisanal treats. The deli's sandwich offerings are equally impressive, including the hugely popular Meatball with housemade meatballs, marinara sauce, parmesan, and provolone on a fresh loaf of Italian bread.

The Vermonter at Jericho Center Country Store in Jericho, VT
lisa c./yelp.com

vermont: the vermonter

Jericho Center Country Store
You'd be hard-pressed to find a deli or sandwich shop in Vermont that didn't serve some variation on the state's namesake sandwich. And while there are plenty of excellent options to choose from, many Vermonters themselves favor this historic country store's version, which features sweet ham, apple slices, honey mustard, Vermont cheddar, tomato, and onion, served on locally baked bread that's grilled in a panini press.

Pastrami with Kimchi Slaw at Union Market in Richmond, VA
Ching H./yelp.com

virginia: pastrami with kimchi slaw

Union Market
This neighborhood sandwich shop is known for using exceptional ingredients and putting creative twists on deli classics such as the French Dip with a fresh horseradish-sriracha dipping sauce. The same goes for the pastrami, which comes grilled and topped with a housemade kimchi slaw, smoked gouda, Russian dressing, and locally renowned Billy Bread. The sandwich can also be made vegetarian by swapping in tempeh and skipping the kimchi, which contains fish.

Porchetta Sandwich at Salumi Artisan Cured Meats in Seattle, WA
Jennifer J./yelp.com

washington: porchetta sandwich

Salumi Artisan Cured Meats
This Seattle favorite cures an extensive array of meats — perfect for taking home by the pound or enjoying in a sandwich. While a salumi platter is a great way to sample the specialties, including seasonal hits such as lamb prosciutto, you don't want to miss the Porchetta Sandwich, made with pork butt that's been filled with a meatball mix and spices, then braised for a very long time.

Ham Sandwich at Cam's Ham in Huntington, WV
Shelley W./yelp.com

west virginia: ham sandwich

Cam's Ham
Since the early 1950s, travelers have been stopping by Cam's Ham for the legendary sugar-flaked ham sandwich and top-notch onion rings. The unique West Virginia favorite features thin flakes of sweet, lean ham, piled on a toasted Grecian bun, along with lettuce and a sweet and tangy secret sauce. Better yet, the regular-size sandwich will set you back only $3.39, while the large is just $4.09. Add a slice of Swiss for 50 cents more.

Hear-O Israel at Benji's Deli and Restaurant in Milwaukee, WI
Terry S./yelp.com

wisconsin: hear-o israel

Benji's Deli and Restaurant
Since 1963, this no-frills deli has been a favorite destination for sandwich lovers far and wide. While you'll find plenty of great deli classics — and a great breakfast — consider the Hear-O Israel that was featured on "Man vs. Food." The famous half-pound sandwich is stacked with hand-carved corn beef, pastrami, salami, and pepper beef that have been steamed on the griddle, topped with Swiss, coleslaw, and 1000 Island dressing, all on rye bread.

Egg Salad Sandwich at The Bread Basket in Cheyenne, WY
Kirby W./yelp.com

wyoming: egg salad sandwich

The Bread Basket
While just about anything is elevated to new heights when served on freshly baked bread from this famous bakery, the delicate nuance of the oft-neglected egg salad is a perfect fit. It's a deli classic that's not to be missed. Also, be sure to take home a pie and some Danish.