Fast Food
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The Best Fast Food Deals to Grab in September

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Fast Food
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Minivan Meal

School, and all of the activities that go along with it, is back in session. Families are busy, so hitting the drive-thru in the morning before work or between practices for dinner is a convenient time saver. Fast food restaurants don't have to bust your budget though, especially if you plan ahead to take advantage of their current deals and promotions. Before you pile in the car or call up the pizza place, check out these fast food money savers.

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McDonald's: Free Fries

Many would argue that the French fries are the best thing at McDonald's, and you can get a medium fry for free every Friday with a minimum $1 purchase through the app. If it's not Friday, you can still get a great deal: $1 large fry, once each week through the app. Both deals, which have been offered all year, were extended through the end of 2021. Plus, MyMcDonald's Rewards, a loyalty program to earn free food, launched recently, so sign up if you eat there regularly.

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Wendy's: $2 Croissant Sandwiches

Back-to-school morning breakfast just got a little cheaper at Wendy's. They're offering sausage, egg, and Swiss and bacon, egg, and Swiss croissant sandwiches for just two bucks through October. But if you're there for lunch or dinner, grab a free 6-piece spicy or crispy chicken nuggets deal with any purchase through their app before September 19th.

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Burger King
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Burger King: Buy One Get One for $1

Burger King has a BOGO for $1 on many of their premium entrees right now. There are six items to choose from: Whopper, Impossible Whopper, single Bacon King, chicken fries, original chicken sandwich, and Big Fish. You can mix and match, and the lower priced item will only be one dollar. And not to be outdone by their competition, BK is also offering free medium fries on Fridays with any $1 purchase.

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Taco Bell
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Taco Bell: $1.50 Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco

Taco Bell is entering the chicken sandwich wars this month with a small, inexpensive taco and sandwich hybrid. A tortilla-crusted chicken tender fits in a fluffy flatbread bun along with creamy chipotle sauce and jalapenos. Plus, breakfast is back at most locations, including a lineup of three new toasted breakfast burritos.

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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme: Free Doughnut

What you heard is true: Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts to those who've been vaccinated for COVID-19. All you have to do is show a valid vaccination card and you get a free original glazed doughnut. The deal goes through the end of the year, and you can redeem a free doughnut every day.

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Arby's Now

Arby's: 2 for $6 Chicken Nuggets

Arby's has updated its 2 for $6 menu, and it now includes 9-piece chicken nuggets. The new nuggets are made with white meat chicken and resemble small, boneless wings. You can mix and match them with classic roast beef or beef 'n cheddar sandwiches. Also new: a prime rib cheesesteak with melted provolone cheese, onions, roasted bell peppers and an optional spicy barbecue sauce.

Pizza Hut Priazzo

Pizza Hut: $10 Tastemaker Pizza

A large, 3-topping pizza at Pizza Hut is only $10 right now. The Tastemaker special can be ordered online or over the phone, and is available for both carry out and delivery. And if you need to feed a crowd, you can still get the Big Dinner Box for $24.

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KFC: $30 10-Piece Feast

You can feed a whole family with the latest meal deal at KFC. The $30 10-piece feast includes 10 pieces of original or extra crispy chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, four biscuits, four chocolate chip cookies, and a half-gallon beverage bucket. 

Domino's: $19.99 Perfect Combo Deal

Domino's: $8 Carryout Pizza & Chicken

Right now at Domino's, you can feed a whole crowd for not much money. For $8 each, you can get large three-topping pizzas on any of its crusts, 10-piece chicken wings, and boneless chicken. It's available only for carryout, but it's a great deal anyway.

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Papa John's Pizza storefront
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Papa John's: $7 Parmesan Crusted Papadia

There's a new variety of the Papadia, Papa John's version of the hot sandwich. The new Papadia has grated parmesan cheese baked onto the outside until it's caramelized and crispy. It's available with fillings such as grilled buffalo chicken and meatball pepperoni marinara for $7.

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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
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Popeye's: $3 Popcorn Shrimp

Popeye's is known for their fried chicken, of course. But magical things happen when you coat seafood in that crunchy breading too. Right now you can get an order of crispy popcorn shrimp for $3 along with one dipping sauce.

Jack in the Box
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Jack in the Box: Spicy Tiny Tacos

Tiny fried tacos are getting a makeover at Jack in the Box. Now they also come in spicy, complete with bright red tortilla shell. You can also get them in a loaded version with cheddar cheese sauce, shredded cheese, lettuce and taco sauce. Bacon lovers also keep an eye out for the BBQ bacon double cheeseburger complete with onion rings stacked on it.

Sonic sign

Sonic: Half Price Drinks and Slushes

Sonic's daily happy hour is well known, but did you know you can get the same deal all the time? All you have to do is order online or in the app, and you'll get half price cherry limeades and mango blue coconut slushes anytime you order them.

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Hardee's Now

Hardee's: $3 French Toast Dips

Hardee's has added to its inexpensive breakfast items with the new $3 French toast dips. They're kid-friendly (and adult friendly, let's be real) sticks of french toast that are sprinkled with powdered sugar and come with a container of syrup for dipping. They join a $2 sausage biscuit and $4 sausage breakfast platter on the breakfast value menu.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars: $6 Extra Most Bestest Pepperoni

Little Caesars does cheap pizza really well. They're well known for their $5 large pizzas, but if you pay a dollar more, you can get an Extra Most Bestest instead. They have more cheese and more pepperoni, making them noticeably better than the $5 pizzas. The upgrade is worth the extra change.

Del Taco

Del Taco: $1 Crispy Chicken Tacos

There are now four $1 crispy chicken tacos to choose from at Del Taco. Each one includes a crispy chicken strip, lettuce, and cheese, plus a sauce: ranch, habanero, honey mango, or honey chipotle BBQ. If burritos are more your style, there are also three $5 crispy chicken burritos to choose from, including one with guacamole, one with honey mango sauce and bacon, and one with honey chipotle BBQ and bacon. 

Chick-fil-A Restaurant

Chick-fil-A: Peach Milkshake

A favorite summer treat is back at Chick-fil-A. The peach milkshake is blended with peaches and topped with whipped cream and a cherry for good measure. It pairs well with the limited-time lemon kale caesar salad with warm grilled chicken nuggets, shaved parmesan, and lemon wedges.

White Castle
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White Castle: Crave Clutch

Right now you can get a Crave Clutch of 20 original sliders at White Castle for $16. If you'd like to add American cheese to those sliders, it'll set you back about $20. Grab a few friends and get some sliders for dinner.

Church's Chicken

Church's Chicken: $20 Feed Six Meal

The family meals at Church's were recently streamlined, and currently the meal for six is the best value. For $20, you get 10 pieces of mixed chicken, 12 pieces of dark meat, or 15 chicken tenders plus two large classic sides and six honey butter biscuits. There's also family meals for four and eight people as well.

Quiznos Subs (2009)

Quiznos: The Smilin' Pig

The Smilin' Pig sub at Quiznos has a silly name but it's a serious sandwich. The toasted sub includes smoked pork loin, bacon and ham, plus barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese and pickles. It's the ultimate sandwich for barbecued pork lovers. 

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Dairy Queen Breeze

Dairy Queen: 2 for $4 Super Snack

There's a mix and match 2 for $4 menu at Dairy Queen. Put together your own super snack by choosing from 9 items: cheeseburger, small sundae, pretzel sticks with queso, 2-piece chicken strips, regular fry, any size Misty slush, chili dog, any size soft drink, and bacon queso fries.

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Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs: Chicken Gyro Sub

A Greek-inspired sub has hit the menu at Firehouse Subs this month. The chicken gyro sub is made with grilled sliced chicken breast, feta cheese, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion and a zesty pepperoncini tzatziki spread. 

Long John Silver's seafood resaurant

Subway: 15% Off Any Footlong

Long gone are the days of $5 Footlongs, but you can still score a good deal on one. You can get 15% off one Footlong per order when you order through the Subway app and use code 15OFF. It's a great way to try out their revamped menu. 

Bojangles storefront & sign
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Bojangles: $2 Southern Gravy Biscuit Combo

Breakfast is served all day at Bojangles, since they're best known for their biscuits. You can get a biscuit with sausage gravy, small Bo-Tato Rounds, and a medium coffee or drink for just $2. That's the same price as the Southern gravy biscuit alone, so be sure to snap up the combo at participating locations.