The Best Wines for Thanksgiving

Cheers to this great Thanksgiving dinner!


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Cheers to this great Thanksgiving dinner!
Brie Cheese on Crackers with Wine

Hors D'oeuvres: Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is the perfect wine to sip with guests before sitting down for the main meal, says John Killebrew, winemaker for Z. Alexander Brown. "The vibrant aromatics, crisp acidity, and concentrated flavors one gets from the sauvignon blanc complement the lighter cuisine dishes and really build on each other," Killebrew says. He recommends the wine be paired with foods such as seafood salad, goat cheese with green herbs and vegetables, and even turkey, should you prefer something lighter. 

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Lettuce and beatroot sala

Salad: Pinot Grigio

As the first course is served, turn to pinot grigio. "The wine’s bright acidity and lively, lingering finish perfectly complements the fresh flavors of a fall salad or seafood dish, either warm or cold," says Ashley Larson, brand manager for Noble Vines. Larson suggests the brand's 152 Pinot Grigio.

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toasting with wine glasses in front of chicken dinner

Turkey: Gamay

Ready for the main attraction? Alissa Abica, tastings coordinator at Wine & Spiritsrecommends a gamay, a light and fruity red grape from southern Burgundy labeled by the region it comes from, Beaujolais. "This wine pairs perfectly with turkey, gravy, and all the sides — especially cranberry sauce — because it's low in tannin for the lighter-style protein and has nice acidity to complement a lot of rich food. Plus the cherry and cranberry fruit notes naturally complement the holiday flavors," Abica says. She recommends Louis Jadot because it's affordable and can be found in most supermarkets.

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Freeze motion of red wine pouring into glass.

Turkey: Pinot Noir

This wine varietal is another good option to sip with bites of turkey. "Both styles of wine have the perfect balance of fruit, earth, and spice to pair with a holiday meal and will complement instead of overpower the food," Abica says.

A green bowl of herbed mashed potatoes

Mashed Potatoes: Chardonnay

What about those tasty Thanksgiving side courses, should they get their own wine? Andrew Blok, Brand Director for 1924, enjoys pouring a chardonnay with his potatoes. "The buttery richness of the chardonnay plays off of creamy mashed potatoes perfectly," Blok says.

Pumpkin Pie With Whipped Cream

Pumpkin Pie: Port

Thanksgiving dessert, such as pumpkin pie and apple pie, calls for a port, according to Abica, who particularly likes Fonseca 20. "All the caramel notes from the wine complement the pumpkin spice," she says.