No Peel Mashed Potatoes Hack

TikTok / lorafied

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Thanksgiving mashed potatoes will be so much faster and easier to make if you follow the instructions from a hack that has gone viral on social media.

Blogger and TikTok user Lorafied figured out a genius way to make mashed potatoes without having to peel the potatoes at all, and we're wondering why we haven't figured this out before. Unlike so many "hacks" that actually add hassle or don't produce results, this one seems like a winner.

This 'No Peel' mashed potatoes kitchen hack is incredibly simple. 

All you need to do is wash your potatoes, then boil them whole until they're tender all the way through. Don't even bother cutting them before you cook them.

Then, set a baking or cooling rack, the kind with crisscrossed wires, over a large bowl. 

Cooling rack over mixing bowlPhoto credit: TikTok / lorafied

Once they're soft, let them cool for a couple of minutes until you can handle them, then cut them in half.

Screenshot of a boiled potato for mashed potatoes on a cooling rack over a bowlPhoto credit: TikTok / lorafied

Place your potato half on the rack, cut side down, and press it through. It'll go through like butter, leaving the peel behind and ready for the trash, and you'll already be halfway done mashing.

Potato skin on a cooling rack over a bowlPhoto credit: TikTok / lorafied

Just look at that. It's so simple. 

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There are a couple potential snags with this hack. You do need to have the proper kind of wire rack — though they're very handy for everything from roasting meat to cooling cookies — and then wash it when you're done. You'll also need to boil the potatoes for longer than if they were cut in smaller pieces, which might be a deal breaker for some. But overall, this spud strategy is pretty solid, and who doesn't want to save some hassle in a busy Thanksgiving kitchen?

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