16 Best Tequilas Under $30 a Bottle


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The market for tequila is more interesting and diverse than ever. Prices of agave spirits have shot up in the past few years as the spicy Mexican spirit has gained recognition for its unique flavor and complexity, and top-tier bottles can cost easily hundreds of dollars. Frugal shoppers can find delicious 100 percent agave tequila for less than $30, though. We reviewed the results of the respected Ultimate Beverage Challenge and cross-checked with consumer reviews on several sites to find inexpensive winners in three categories: blanco, reposado, and añejo.

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Called blanco (white) or plata (silver), unaged tequila is clear in appearance. By law, these tequilas are bottled within two months of production. Blanco tequilas feature fresh agave flavors such as fresh grass, tropical fruit, pepper, and minerals.

3 Amigos Blanco
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Price: $28 | Buy it on Total Wine

This modestly priced blanco tequila offers a lot of bang for the buck, with spicy elements and herbs interwoven with a refined roasted pineapple core, creating considerable complexity for about $28.

Pueblo Viejo Blanco
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Price: $20 | Buy it on Wine Deals

This all-star bottle does well throughout competitions and consumer sites. It is a workhorse blanco tequila that is good as a shooter, sipper, or mixer. The clean crisp flavors are light and grassy, with a hint of jalapeño spice on the finish.

Lunazul Blanco
Photo credit: Courtesy of lunazultequila.com


Price: $16.50 | Buy it on Total Wine

This bottle easily beats some well-known competitors going for two or three times the price. Its silken texture offers flavors of ripe tropical fruit, with clean minerality that finishes dry. At such an affordable price, this bottle serves as an all-purpose blanco tequila for mixing or drinking straight.

Azteca Azul Blanco
Photo credit: Courtesy of astorwines.com


Price: $20 | Buy it on Astor Wines

Used in the wells of high-end cocktails bars across the country, this crisp blanco tequila is a star. With a strong reputations and consumer reviews to back it up, the bottle is a good all-purpose spirit. The flavors are agave forward, with notes of citrus, green chili, and pineapple core.

Olmeca Altos Plata
Photo credit: Courtesy of altostequila.com


Price: $25 | Buy it on Total Wine

This traditionally produced blanco is a strong contender for little money. A lower alcohol content means smooth sipping for this highland tequila. Flavors are sweet and salty, combining mango, lime, and a peppery piquancy that makes it excellent on its own or in cocktails.

Calle 23 Blanco
Photo credit: Courtesy of tequilacalle23.com


Price: $30 | Buy it on Astor Wines

This agave-forward spirit has become one of the industry standards for inexpensive but high-quality tequila. The flavors lean to the floral side, with subtle vegetal notes of sweet grass and baked pineapple coming through. It  is ideal for sipping or mixing.

Tres Agaves Blanco
Photo credit: Courtesy of bevmo.com


Price: $25 | Buy it on Total Wine

A favorite among consumers and professionals, this lowland blanco tequila is particularly aromatic, full of figs, green grass, and peppery spice, with layers that continue to unfold as you drink. Definitely a sipper.

El Mayor Blanco
Photo credit: Courtesy of thewhiskyexchange.com


Price: $22 | Buy it on Total Wine

This tequila overperforms for its price. Reviewers agree the flavors here are classic and appealing. The traditional spirit has a lightly creamy texture and flavor that adds to its tropical undertones.

shot glass filled with reposado tequila and lime on rim
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Tequila that is matured in wood casks for between two and 11 months is referred to as reposado (rested). These lightly aged spirits take on a natural golden hue and enhanced flavor from the wood, which is most commonly oak. Known for their light caramel and vanilla notes, these soft and rounded tequilas are good on their own and in cocktails.

Lunazul Reposado
Photo credit: Courtesy of lunazultequila.com


Price: $17 | Buy it on Total Wine

Another gem from the Lunazul label is its lightly aged reposado. Professionals are hot on this bottle, which is on the sweeter side, with cinnamon, vanilla, and baked custard flavors giving way to some darker burnt sugar characteristics that make it appealing as an after-dinner sipper.

Familia Camarena Reposado
Photo credit: Courtesy of tequilacamarena.com


Price: $20 | Buy it from BevMo

The famed Camarena family produces outstanding tequilas. With this bottling, it offers a high-quality product that's spicy and laced with cinnamon and herbs around an agave core.

Olmeca Altos Reposado
Photo credit: Courtesy of makro.co.za


Price: $25 | Buy it on Total Wine

A strong brand throughout the categories, this reposado is silky and refined, with notes of deeply roasted coffee and a playful green grassy flavor that adds brightness. It's a favorite among bartenders for cocktails, thanks to its earthy tone.

El Jimador Reposado
Photo credit: Courtesy of kegnbottle.com


Price: $15 | Buy it on Total Wine

This is a strong contender in the reposado category, with bright tropical fruits, slight charred pineapple, and a touch of jalapeño spice on the finish making this lighter option particularly refreshing. It's a good choice for mixing into cocktails.

Exotico Reposado
Photo credit: Courtesy of exoticotequila.com


Price: $20 | Buy it from BevMo

At $20 or less, this tequila is one of the best values on the market. What makes it good is a kiss of wood flavor from the aging, though the baked agave flavor is preserved with plenty of fruity and herbal characteristics.

three shot glasses of añejo tequila with limes on table
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Añejo (aged) tequila spends 12 to 35 months in wood casks. These spirits take on more color and flavor from the wood, resulting in a deep amber color. Soft flavors and aromas of tobacco and baking spices contribute significantly to the overall flavor profile. Añejos are often enjoyed as sipping spirits but can also be used in premium cocktails.

El Jimador Añejo
Photo credit: Courtesy of theliquorbarn.com


Price: $20 | Buy it on Total Wine

The most popular aged tequila in Mexico stands up against some of the most expensive alternatives. It has a rich flavor profile offering ripe fruit, dark earthy moss, and sweet baking spices, with a touch of vanilla on the finish.

Lunazul Añejo
Photo credit: Courtesy of lunazultequila.com


Price: $19 | Buy it on Total Wine

Professionals love this smoky aged tequila, but the flavor can be polarizing, with lots of leathery and spicy elements, leaning toward rustic and woodsy rather than cinnamon and caramel.

Hornitos Black Barrel Añejo
Photo credit: Courtesy of hornitostequila.com


Price: $28 | Buy it on Yankee Spirits

This añejo gets special treatment, spending its last 12 months in charred barrels, giving it a flavor bourbon lovers will appreciate. The flavors are intense, with elements of cigar tobacco, bourbon-like charred grain, and orangy citrus.

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