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The holidays are for spending quality time with loved ones and enjoying home-cooked meals, but sometimes there's a need for reliable, fast-food grub. Whether you're sneaking out for a quick bite mid-holiday obligations or craving breakfast served all day, here are fast-food restaurants saying they will be open (or closed) on Christmas Day.

Note: This list is not exhaustive, and many chains are independently operated; hours may vary or be open for takeout only.We advise calling local restaurants to confirm before going. 

Fast-Food Places Open on Christmas Day:

1. Boston Market

Looking to pick up a roast chicken for Christmas dinner? Boston Market will be open on Christmas Day, though some select chains may have different operating hours.

2. Burger King

Is Burger King open on Christmas Day? Yes ... and no. It depends entirely on the franchise location, so be sure to call ahead if you're craving a Whopper.

3. Denny's

Good news! Known for being "always open," Denny's will be open on Christmas Day. 

4. Domino's

While some Domino's locations will be open, it's best to check with your local franchise for operating hours. 

5. Dunkin'

Most Dunkin' locations will be open on Christmas, meaning you can snag a coffee (or maybe something from Dunkin's secret menu) before doing your own holiday baking. 


While a Christmas breakfast casserole sounds nice, pancakes at IHOP, which will be open on Christmas, sounds good too. Holiday hours will vary by location, so be sure to check with your local outpost before you go.

7. McDonald's

Like other fast-food chains on this list, most McDonald's locations will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but it depends on the location. 

8. Panda Express

Select Panda Express locations are open on Christmas with reduced hours. We can taste the orange chicken already.

9. Starbucks

You'll likely be able to pick up a holiday drink at the Starbucks drive-thru on Christmas, as most locations will be open on Christmas. 

10. Waffle House

As a chain that boasts being open 24/7, 365 days a year, you better believe Waffle House is open on Christmas Day.

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arby's bacon beef n cheddarPhoto credit: Arby's

Fast-Food Restaurants Closed on Christmas Day:

1. Arby's

You'll have to get your burger fix elsewhere — Arby's is scheduled to close on Christmas Day

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

While BWW is open Christmas Eve, the wings destination will close for Christmas Day celebrations. Better get your wing sauce fix ahead of time.

3. Carl's Jr.

Though it's open on many other holidays, Carl's Jr. will close on Christmas this year.

4. Checkers

Checkers — or Rally's, as it's known depending what part of the country you're in — will be closed on Christmas Day. 

5. Chick-fil-A

All Chick-fil-A locations will shutter on Christmas, so if you want to stock up on the chain's famous pebble ice, you'll have to do so earlier in the week. 

6. Chipotle

No burrito bowls for you on Christmas Day. Chipotle is closed, unfortunately.

7. Dairy Queen

Get your soft serve ice cream elsewhere on Christmas Day.

8. Del Taco

In search of Mexican food on Christmas Day? You'll have to look elsewhere. While Del Taco will be open Christmas Eve, the Mexican fast-food chain will shutter its doors on Christmas Day.

9. El Pollo Loco

While El Pollo Loco is closed on Christmas, the chain is open on Christmas Eve (albeit with limited hours). 

10. Five Guys

Five Guys locations will be closed on Christmas, so if you want a burger, head to McDonald's.

11. KFC

Most KFC locations will shutter on Christmas Day, but, like many other chains, check with your local branch to see if it might be open.

12. Panera Bread

Stock up on Panera soup before Christmas Day, since the chain will be closed on the holiday.

13. Pizza Hut

Sorry folks: Most Pizza Hut locations will be closed on Christmas Day, though many will be open on Christmas Eve. We've got a few suggestions for reheating pizza, if you want to pick up a pie a day early.

14. Shake Shack

According to the company's website, all Shack Shack locations are closed on Christmas. Bummer.

15. Subway

While Subway is open on Christmas Eve, the majority of locations shutter on Christmas Day. You'll have to make that sub at home, sorry.

16. Taco Bell

While Taco Bell is open on Christmas Eve (hours vary by location), the taco destination won't be open on Christmas.

17. Wingstop

After closing early on Christmas Eve, Wingstop will pause operations on Christmas Day. Check out our guide to Wingstop's best flavors and get your fix before then. 

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