Valentine's Gift for Men In Their 50s

50 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Men In Their 50s

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Valentine's Gift for Men In Their 50s

niceties, not necessities

What could there possibly be left to get for a man who's in his sixth decade on Earth? Well, plenty, actually. Whether your Valentine is refined and mature or cruising through his 50s as a kid at heart, you've got options for keeping the spark alive with a gift that breaks the boring, traditional Valentine's Day mold.

The Godfather Board Game
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the godfather board game

Price:$24 | Buy it on Amazon

If your fella is a fan of the greatest mafia drama in history, make game night your family business with The Godfather: Corleone's Empire. Up to five players — one for each crime family — can scheme, swindle and steal their way to control over the dynasty established by Don Corleone himself.

Fitbit Flex 2
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fitbit flex 2

Price: $60 | Buy it from Fitbit

Help him keep that New Year's resolution this year with this slim, waterproof fitness tracker. The LED display on the Fitbit Flex 2 is backed up by wireless syncing, reminders to get moving, and exercise-recognition features. It also silently monitors sleep duration and quality as you snooze. Looking to spend a little less? There are plenty of fitness trackers under $50.

Exotic Meat Crate
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exotic meats crate

Price:$110 | Buy it on Man Crates

If your Valentine is a carnivore, go beyond ordinary meat and get him a box filled with delicious jerky made from the most exotic flavors in the animal kingdom. Ostrich, alligator, pheasant, boar, venison, elk, buffalo, and the legendary African delicacy of biltong are just a few of the choice cuts he'll enjoy.

American Flag Cutting Board
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brooklyn butcher blocks american flag cutting board

Price: $135 | Buy iton The Grommet

When it comes to countertop slicing and dicing, there are cutting boards and there are butchers blocks. The three ingredients in this heavy hunk of kitchen masculinity are cherry, oak, and maple. An essential kitchen item made to last a lifetime, this New York City-bred butchers block is perfect if the chef in your life and the patriot in your life are the same person.

Unbreakable Sunglasses
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unbreakable sunglasses

Price:$20 | Buy them on Amazon

Whether he's out on the boat or out in the woods, these polarized sunglasses will stand up to whatever abuse he can dish out. Crafted from a durable magnesium/aluminum alloy, they have a hardness level rated several times higher than that of traditional sunglasses, all while blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays. If you feel like spending a little more, you might consider some of these fashionable shades.

Microfleece Bathrobe
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microfleece bathrobe

Price: $55 | Buy it on Amazon

Help your man find his inner Lebowski with a bathrobe fit for a king. Long, hooded, warm and microfleece-cozy, this wearable blanket comes with oversized pockets for all-day lounging. It's so soft, warm and plush, in fact, that it scores 4.5 stars after more than 1,700 reviews.

Pipe Carving Kit
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fire in the briar pipe carving kit

Price: $90 | Buy iton Man Crates

Few things are more refined than a gentleman who pauses for a few puffs on a pipe — except for him crafting his own pipe by hand, that is. The Fire in the Briar kit includes all the high-quality pipe-carving tools needed for the job. When he's finished, his new pipe will represent the ultimate in delayed gratification.

Golf Club Cleaner
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all-in-one golf club cleaner

Price: $25 | Buy it on The Grommet

Even if your man's play on the course doesn't always reflect that of the pros, his equipment can be PGA all the way. This all-in-one scrub pad, towel, and groove cleaner earned more than 4 stars out of 5 with happy reviewers. Light and portable, it will keep his equipment in tip-top shape — and perhaps even improve his game.

Silverstone Blessing Bracelet
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silverstone blessing bracelet

Price: $26 | Buy it on QVC

No matter how stressful his life is, you can give your guy the gift of serenity this Valentine's Day with the My Saint, My Hero bracelet. Handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, it's displayed on a card that tells the tale of Medjugorje and the Benedictine medal. Valentine, after all, was a saint.

Travelambo Minimalist Wallet
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travelambo minimalist wallet

Price: $15 | Buy it on Amazon

With 4.5 out of 5 stars after more than 4,000 reviews, this slim leather wallet features not just RFID blocking technology, but superior craftsmanship for men with refined taste. Made from renowned Napa leather, this front- or back-pocket wallet is tanned with 100 percent plant oil — not chemicals.

Stainless Steel City Map
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stainless steel city map

Price:$30 | Buy iton The Grommet

Whether it's the city where he was born, his adopted hometown, or the place where he dreams of retiring, every man has a favorite city. This stainless steel, laser-cut precision map is framed in black and protected with Plexiglas — perfect for a desk or hanging on a wall in a home office.

Moscow Mule Set
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old dutch moscow mule mugs

Price:$67 | Buy it on QVC

Moscow mules are among the classiest and most timeless drinks a man can stir up when he has company over. But if you want to be authentically Russian, you're going to need an authentic set of mugs — and this set is special if nothing else. Made from hammered solid copper, all four mugs hold 16 ounces of mule and are finished with cast brass handles.

Takeya Insulated Water Bottle
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takeya insulated water bottle

Price:$25 | Buy it from Target

Whether it's for a water break during a 4K race or a meeting gone long at the office, the bottle is insulated to preserve the temperature of both cold and hot drinks. The sleek, stainless steel bottle holds a full 32 ounces.

Rapid Beard Grooming Kit
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rapid beard grooming kit

Price:$35 | Buy iton Amazon

Beards are in — which means there's no shortage of grooming kits to choose from. But this luxury collection from Rapid Beard will pamper his whiskers with butter wax, leave-in conditioner, oil, and balm. The kit, which earned 4.5-star total reviews, also includes a high-quality brush, comb and scissors.

Premium Cigar Humidor
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premium cigar humidor

Price: $120 | Buy iton Man Crates

Made from American cedar, this moisture-managing humidor features a double-guillotine cutter for surgically perfect cuts, as well as a '50s-era Thunderbird butane torch. The moisture content of every single stogie that emerges will be perfect, thanks to an on-board hygrometer.

Earth Cork Briefcase
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earth cork tondela briefcase

Price:$105 | Buy iton QVC

Everyone else at work will have to step up their office-accessory game if they want to keep up with your Valentine's Earth Cork Tondela briefcase. The corners of this unique cork satchel are reinforced with polished steel, which is the same material used for the main zipper.

Story of a Lifetime
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story of a lifetime

Price: $80 | Buy it on

This Valentine's Day, give the gift of a legacy that he'll eventually hand down. Leather-bound with gold-tipped pages, this journal poses questions that, when answered, give an intimate and accurate glimpse into his life and heart for those who come later down the line.

Le Creuset French Press
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le creuset french press

Price: $70 | Buy iton QVC
This 27-ounce French press is likely to be the bridge between hobby and obsession for the coffee connoisseur you're shopping for this Valentine's Day. True coffee lovers know that no system creates a more authentic brew than a French press, and this imported stoneware model can even handle loose tea.

Hidden Message Tie
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hidden message tie

Price:$50 |Buy iton Personal Creations

Hand made from 100 percent silk, this tie isn't perfect for Valentine's Day because it's deep red. It's perfect for Valentine's Day because of the secret pocket hidden in the back designed for you to hide love notes. Even better, you can personalize it with any name up to six characters long.

Tiger Stone Blessing Beads
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tiger stone blessing beads

Price: $13 | Buy iton Amazon

Wow the Eastern philosopher in your life with these stone onyx chakra beads. The four-piece set is believed to have healing properties and comes inscribed with the soothing six-syllable mantra of compassion held dear by Buddhist monks: Om Mani Padme Hum.

Whiskey Stones and Glasses
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whiskey stones and glasses set

Price: $30 | Buy it on Amazon

For the refined and mature partaker, watered-down drinks just won't do. This set, packaged with class in a joint-structure wooden display box, includes two heavy crystal rocks glasses, eight smooth-edged, no-scratch chillable whiskey rocks and an engraved woodworking design on the box.

Locker Room Prints
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locker room prints

Price: $45 | Buy it on

Give the gift of nostalgia this Valentine's Day by letting your man finally rub shoulders with his childhood heroes. Whether it's baseball, hockey, or football, his jersey can hang in the locker room among giants — either literally or metaphorically, depending on his team loyalties.

Vintage Leather Bracelet Set
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vintage leather bracelet set

Price: $10 | Buy it on Amazon

For the man who's all about understated but elegant jewelry, these braided bracelets are 100 percent handmade and wood built from genuine leather. You can pick up a set of 10 for about a buck each, and he can wear a different one each day or mix and match them depending on how he feels.

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n-ferno balaclava

Price: $11.25 | Buy it on Amazon

With 4.4 out of 5 stars, this ninja-esque balaclava will keep your Valentine's visage warm and cozy, no matter what his preference of winter sports. From skiing and skating to hunting or hiking, this soft, full-coverage, windproof fleece hood will keep the winter out.

Luxury Watch Box
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luxury watch box

Price: $45 | Buy iton

After five decades of telling time, a man collects a whole bunch of wristwatches. This elegant, lockable display box showcases as many as 10 timepieces at once. Laser-engravable, the box comes in black or brown and is topped with a glass display window.

Tile Mate
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tile mate

Price:$25 | Buy it from Tile

Let's face it. In your 50s, it's easier to lose stuff than it ever was before. This tiny Tile Mate device can be attached to key rings, cell phones, wallets, or just about anything else. Since it's linked to the Tile Mate mobile app, when you misplace something, it will never stay lost for long.

Vetelli Hanging Toiletries Bag
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vetelli hanging toiletries bag

Price: $45 | Buy it on Amazon

Whether at home or on the road in a hotel, this toiletries bag from Vetelli brings not just organization, but class to the bathroom. Made with easy-to-clean, water-resistant, high-grade leather, it's lined with canvas and features four internal pockets — two with snaps and two with zippers.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker

Price:$25 | Buy iton Amazon

Bring the drive-through to him this Valentine's Day with a morning sandwich maker. The dishwasher-safe set takes your own fresh ingredients — like eggs, English muffins, ham, bagels, sausage, or whatever else he craves — and turns them into an effort-free breakfast of champions.

Minnetonka Moccasins
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minnetonka softsole moccasins

Price: $94 | Buy it on QVC

Some call them driving shoes, others refer to them as luxury slippers. But no matter what word you use, these soft, double deerskin slip-ons feel will feel great on his feet. Stitched in the Dominican Republic, these moccasins feature plush deerskin not just on the outside, but also in the insole, outsole, upper, and lining.

Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker
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bose soundlink micro bluetooth speaker

Price: $100 | Buy it on QVC

If the music lover in your life demands full, rich sound in a small package, the Soundlink packs legendary Bose quality into a speaker slightly larger than a hockey puck. Rugged and waterproof, it pairs with Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Siri, and more — all while responding to voice commands.

High Definition Grip Scope
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high-definition grip scope

Price:$40 | Buy it on Amazon

Unlike bulky binoculars, this BAK4 prism-equipped monocular 6x30 viewing scope can be easily balanced and stabilized with just one hand. The high-definition optical glass provides clear, crisp images through the no-slip grip device, which can be used with or without glasses.

Sharpty Inverted Umbrella
Courtesy of

sharpty inverted umbrella

Price: $21 | Buy it on Amazon

The C-shaped handle on this umbrella lets you stroll with both hands free, even in the strongest of rain and in winds up to 60 mph. The real reason he'll love it, however, is that opens in reverse — inside out — to keep not just him, but also the floor nice and dry when he's back indoors.

Vintage Leather Artist's Pouch
Courtesy of

vintage leather artist's pouch

Price: $20 | Buy iton Amazon

Rustic and vintage, this pencil, brush, and charcoal tote was made with sustainability in mind. It's crafted from thick, durable buffalo leather that was tanned in a traditional fashion that's more environmentally friendly than modern chemical treatments. Completely recyclable, the pouch is made by the people from the desert culture of Rajasthan, India.

Personalized Collar Stays
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personalized collar stays

Price:$49 | Buy iton

Even though they're critical components to a crisp, sharp shirt, normal collar stays would be a pretty boring Valentine's Day gift — but these aren't normal collar stays. Made from stainless steel and presented in a lined, bonded leather carrying case, all 12 stays are engraved with a dozen of your best flirty, loving, or otherwise romantic messages.

Havern Wood Watch
Courtesy of

engraved wood watch

Price:$80 | Buy it on Etsy

Lightweight and minimalist, wood watches from Grain and Oak are made from sustainable sources and are packaged in a recyclable, eco-friendly gift box. The best part, however, is what's found on the opposite side of the watch face — your personalized engraving.

Grow Old with Me Canvas Set
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grow old with me canvas art

Price:$45 | Buy it on

If romantic decor is on the shopping list this Valentine's Day, this piece is all about personalization. It's available in different sizes, on canvas or framed, with your choice to personalize any two names and a unique message.

Urmiss Shoulder Bag
Courtesy of

urmiss shoulder bag

Price: $19 | Buy it on Amazon

If your man has grown out of his backpack but just isn't a briefcase kind of guy, this bag is worn across the body messenger style. Made from canvas, it's thin, but it opens up nicely with six pockets in the front and one in the back — all in addition to the bag's main space.

Bath Bombs
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lifearound2angels bath bombs

Price: $27 |Buy it on Amazon

Who says women are the only ones who appreciate pampering bathroom gifts on Valentine's Day? Once he soaks with these bath bombs, it will become abundantly clear why the set earned 4.9 out of five stars after more than 3,200 reviews. Therapeutic, moisturizing, and made in California, these bombs turn bathtubs into fountains of youth.

Chef's Vision Knife Set
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chef's vision cosmic knife set

Price: $60 | Buy it on Amazon

If your Valentine is a science buff, a whiz in the kitchen or both, this knife set will be much more than just a gift. Designed with the brilliant colors of the expanding universe, this cutlery is far more than a novelty. Made from razor-sharp stainless steel and fitted with ergonomic handles, each cosmic knife in the set is coated with non-stick surface.

Rolling Shop Seat and Tool Tray
Courtesy of

rolling shop seat and tool tray

Price: $26 | Buy it on Amazon

More than 600 customers have combined to give this mechanic's stool and tool tray combo a 4-star rating. Made of steel and fitted with a comfortable padded seat, your Valentine and his tools can now glide effortlessly through the garage on 360-degree casters.

One Minute Prayers for Men
Courtesy of

'one-minute prayers for men'

Price: $8.39 | Buy it on Amazon

There's time for a moment of serenity and peace even for men with the tightest schedules. This prayer book is small enough to tuck away in briefcases or even pockets. When a free moment presents itself, he can emerge refreshed after stealing away for just a single minute of meditative prayer on topics like health, family, temptation, and success.

Hidden Passage Brain Teaser
Courtesy of

hidden passage brain teaser

Price: $9 | Buy it on Amazon

Whether it's for decompressing after a hard day's work or challenging his brain upon waking up, this highly rated brain teaser will keep him occupied while boosting mental dexterity. Handmade from natural, organic monkeypod wood, the 3D puzzle was built by master craftsmen and comes with a full warranty.

Shiatsu Back Massager
Courtesy of

shiatsu back massager

Price:$40 | Buy it on Amazon

Dissolve stiff necks and soothe achy shoulders this Valentine's Day with a shiatsu-inspired infrared heating and kneading nodes. This massager can go anywhere and travel where he does, and if your own muscles are in need of some love, borrow it and find out why its one of the highest-rated massagers on Amazon under $50.

Yeti Sidekick Dry Accessory Bag
Courtesy of

yeti sidekick dry accessory bag

Price:$50 | Buy it on Cabela's

If your Valentine is part of the Yeti tribe, he probably thinks his cooler is as good as it gets. The truth, however, is this container for valuables is pretty nifty, too. This accessory bag, made with DryHide technology, protects passports, phones, keys, and whatever else can fit inside. The HydroShield magnetic clasp is perfectly watertight but easy to access.

'50 States, 5,000 Ideas'
Courtesy of

'50 states, 5,000 ideas'

Price:$17 | Buy it on Amazon

Beautifully illustrated and compiled by the experts at National Geographic, this book spells out "Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do" for the traveler in your life. From Louisiana swamp tours to the world's longest yard sale, the book reveals some of the greatest hidden treasures in all 50 states.

Personalized Docking Station
Courtesy of

personalized docking station

Price: $41 | Buy it on Etsy

Crush clutter and say goodbye to frantically searching for misplaced personal items with this docking station. Hand-crafted from mahogany and personalized to order, it's the perfect holding area for wallets, keys, glasses, watches, jewelry and anything else that doesn't have a place of its own.

Quadcopter Camera Drone
Courtesy of

quadcopter camera drone

Price: $80 | Buy it on Amazon

His passion for photography and love of drones combine in this high-flying Valentine's Day gift for the middle-aged man who never lost touch with his inner kid. It comes with a 4GB memory card, so he can start surveilling the neighborhood and/or making memories right away. More than just a flying camera, it's actually a super-capable stunt drone with LED lights, and it can 60-degree flips at the push of a button.

Hot Sauce Making Kit
Courtesy of

hot sauce making kit

Price:$75 | Buy it on Man Crates

Spice things up on your own time this Valentine's Day in terms of romance, but spice things up in the kitchen with a kit that allows your man to craft his very own hot sauces. From the Carolina Reaper to Hell's Garden, these from-scratch kits will allow your favorite chef to blend his very own sizzling sauces.

Our Moments Game
Courtesy of

our moments game

Price: $19 | Buy it on Amazon

Reinvent the concept of QT with Our Moments, the perfect conversation starter for relationships both new and weathered. Whether in the car on a long drive or as part of date night, get reacquainted with a game that will make you laugh and make you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Bluetooth Headphones
Courtesy of

bluetooth headphones

Price: $17 | Buy iton Amazon

Light, waterproof, comfortable, and affordable, these Bluetooth headphones from MPOW are an absolute must for the active man in your life. Unlike earbuds, they refuse to fall out no matter how hard the workout, and the powerful battery complements great sound with nine hours of run time between charges.