50 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Him Under $50


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Finding the right gifts for the men in your life can be challenge, but it doesn't need to be an exercise in tedium. Our guide features 50 inexpensive ideas, from grooming products to kitchen gadgets to fitness equipment, as well as novel suggestions sure to match the interests of just about anyone. Best of all, each is under $50.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker
Photo credit: Courtesy of thinkgeek.com

Price: $40 | Buy it from ThinkGeek
Fans of the Star Wars franchise looking forward to the latest installment, "The Last Jedi," coming out Dec. 15, will be thrilled to make waffles shaped like the Death Star.

Lee Hanton Sherpa Lined Fleece Hoodie (Grey)
Photo credit: courtesy of Tanga

Price: $25 | Buy it from Tanga
Sherpa-lined fleece will keep him cozy on the coldest of days. It's the same style and comfort as an Ugg hoodie that retails for three times the price.

Cooper Cooler Blitz Beer Chiller
Photo credit: courtesy of Amazon

Price: $40 | Buy it from Houzz
Taking drinks from room temp to ice cold in under four minutes, this portable chiller is the perfect accompaniment for any party, anywhere, anytime -- as long as there is an outlet to plug into.

Sur La Table DIY Bacon Kit
Photo credit: courtesy Sur la Table

Price: $20 | Buy it from Sur la Table
Help a bacon lover truly appreciate pork in all its glory. Sur la Table's DIY kit comes with a curing bag, the cure, maple sugar, a thermometer, and directions. All you need to add is 5 pounds of pork belly, currently selling for about $5 a pound at a local butcher. The bacon can be made in an oven or a smoker and the entire family can reap the benefits.

Winston Set
Photo credit: Courtesy of harrys.com

Price: $40 | Buy it from Harry's
Available without engraving for $25, this set includes everything he needs for a clean, close shave: an aluminum razor, three blades, a travel cover, and foaming shave gel.

Bushnell Falcon Binoculars
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price:$30 | Buy them on Amazon
Hunters, hikers, campers, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds need a second set of eyes. Backed by the Bushnell brand, these lightweight Falcon series binoculars feature high-definition clarity and come with a case. They're rugged and built for outdoor wear and tear.

Maple & Rosewood Engraved Pen and Box
Photo credit: Courtesy of executivegiftshoppe.com

Price: $29 | Buy it from Executive Gift Shoppe
No need to shell out hundreds of dollars for a fancy pen such as a Montblanc. This unique pen comes with free engraving and features gold accents, as well as a two-tone wooden case that will class up any man's desk.

Prank gift card boxes from Vat19.com
Photo credit: courtesy of Vat19.com

Price:$4 | Buy it from Vat19 
Give him a laugh by wrapping a real gift card inside a prank box that advertises a not-so-relaxing massage offered by self-professed foot lover Barry del Greco.

Novelty rocks glass with embedded bullet
Photo credit: courtesy of Apollo Box

Price: $23 | Buy it from Apollo Box
The only thing more outrageous than this rocks glass is the story he'll tell his friends about it.

Rockdove memory foam slippers
Photo credit: courtesy of Amazon

Price:$20 | Buy them on Amazon
With a nonslip hard sole, these cozy-as-anything slippers double as shoes in a pinch for that frigid jaunt to the mailbox first thing in the morning.

Bitter Truth Travelers Bitters Set
Photo credit: courtesy of B+B Bar Supplies

Price:$22 | Buy it from Bitters and Bottles 
This traveler's set of bitters from The Bitter Truth makes the perfect gift for the drinker committed to quality no matter where he goes.

You Only Live Once bucket list book by Lonely Planet
Photo credit: Courtesy of Barnes & Noble

Price:$14 | Buy it from Jet 
Lonely Planet's compendium of daily adventures will inspire anyone to seize the day and live life to the fullest.

Myron Nixon Pitmaster BBQ Grill Tool
Photo credit: courtesy of Rakuten

Price:$26 | Buy it from Rakuten
This 3-in-1 grill-master tool slices, dices, and opens an ice cold beer. The only thing missing is a thermometer ....

Infrared Laster Thermometer Gun with Meat Probe
Photo credit: courtesy of Amazon

Price:$18 | Buy it on Amazon
Just point and shoot for instant temperature readings. Check the grill to see if it's ready for steaks; check the pool to see if it's as warm as the kids say; or check the engine block to see if it's safe to pull that radiator cap. A digital meat thermometer completes the package for a backyard barbecue.

Blue Sky Hammocks Mosquito Net Hammock
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $20 | Buy it from Walmart
This stretchable hammock has a built-in insect net that offers pest protection for relaxing in the great outdoors (aka the backyard).

The Warm Welcome Collection Sampler
Photo credit: Courtesy of omahasteaks.com

Price:$50 | Buy it from Omaha Steaks
Give the gift of a fancy dinner courtesy of Omaha Steaks. The Warm Welcome Collection sampler includes two top sirloins, four Omaha Steaks burgers, four gourmet jumbo franks, a pound of Omaha Steakhouse fries, and four caramel apple tartlets. Meat eaters salivate at this combo, which ships for free in the U.S. The food is frozen and packed in a cooler with dry ice.

Chewbacca Pajamas for Adults
Photo credit: Courtesy of shopdisney.com

Price: $35 | Buy them on Amazon
If he was alive when the original "Star Wars" was released in 1977, he's at least 40 years old today. But let him cling to his inner kid and go to bed wookiee-style with these all-cotton Chewbacca pajamas.

Bottle loft fridge storage strips for opening and holding beer
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $17 | Buy them on Amazon
Beer enthusiasts will love these super-strong magnetic strips. Designed to suspend beverage bottles from the ceiling of a refrigerator, they help conserve precious fridge space by holding up a six-pack of brews, leaving plenty of room for snacks.

What Do You Meme Board Game
Photo credit: courtesy of Tanga

Price:$22 | Buy it from Tanga
Fans of Cards Against Humanity will love this party game where the best meme wins.

Agloves Grip Touchscreen Gloves
Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $12 | Buy them on Amazon
With touchscreen gloves, people who live in colder climates can operate a smartphone without exposing their hands to the elements. These have 10-finger functionality as well as grippy dots on the palms for easy device handling.

Guanciale - Cured Hog Jowl
Photo credit: Courtesy of olioandolive.com

Price:$5 or $25 | Buy it from Olio & Olive
Bacon now enhances nearly every type of food, from cupcakes to beer. Cooks often use pancetta, pork belly, or the standard smoked variety, but guanciale -- cured meat from the jowl of a pig -- would make a singular Christmas gift for a pork-loving foodie. Popular in central Italy but less known in the U.S., guanciale is leaner and boasts a more pronounced flavor than bacon. Olio&Olive sells 4 ounces for $5 or 2 pounds for $25.

Rocketbook Everlast
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $23 | Buy it on Amazon
Even pen-and-paper holdouts can go high-tech with the Rocketbook Everlast, which can easily send notes or sketches to a number of productivity apps including Dropbox, Slack, and Evernote to share them or keep them for posterity. The pages can be erased with a moist cloth and written on over and over again using a special kind of marker, pen, or highlighter.

Padauk wood iPhone case for iPhone 7
Photo credit: Carved.com

Price:$24 | Buy it from Carved
Designed and handmade in Indiana, Carved Traveler cases are distinctive and practical. Rubber bumpers protect from bumps, scrapes, and drops. The cases come in a range of styles and sizes to fit a wide range of iPhones as well as popular Android models.

Sengled Solo Bluetooth JBL Speaker LED Bulb
Photo credit: courtesy of Sengled

Price:$40 | Buy it from Sengled
He'll marvel at the gift of wireless music packaged in an energy-efficient bulb that plugs into any standard lamp or light socket. Dual JBL speakers provide crisp, clear sound, and LED efficiency means the bulb should last up to 17 years.

Wrangler Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit Jeans
Photo credit: Courtesy of sheplers.com

Price:$20 | Buy them from Mills Fleet Farm
Rugged and reliable, Wrangler jeans are the perfect fit for a man who takes pride in hard work and appreciates clothes that will last.

Hyper Tough Tool Set
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $35 | Buy it from Walmart
Perfect for the handyman in your life, this extensive 86-piece tool set has everything he needs in an organized three-drawer case.

ODODOS Interchangeable Sunglasses
Photo credit: Courtesy of Cheapism

Price: $23 | Buy them on Amazon
For active men who love to hike and bike, Ododos Interchangeable Sunglasses feature five pairs of shatterproof lenses designed for different activities. For example, one enhances color contrast to improve the wearer's vision of the trail ahead. The lightweight frames are designed to be strong yet flexible.

NCAA Collegiate Fleece Blanket
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $15 | Buy it on Amazon
Make him proud to show his pride with a cozy fleece blanket from his alma mater.

Herrington Play Almost Anywhere Practice Golf Set
Photo credit: courtesy of Herrington

Price:$25 | Buy it from Herrington
Bring the range to the backyard with golf balls that mimic the physics of the real thing, and a target that lets him work on his short game whenever he wants.

Darn Tough Merino Micro-Crew Socks
Photo credit: Courtesy of Campmor

Price:$15 | Buy them from Campmor
All Darn Tough socks are made in the United States and guaranteed for life -- a cut above the usual cotton-poly blends.

Bear Paws Pulled Pork Shredding Meat Claws
Photo credit: courtesy of Amazon

Price:$13 | Buy them on Amazon
Unleash the barbecue beast within and give the gift of meat claws for preparing pulled pork. Strong enough to shred other kinds of slow-cooked, grilled, or smoked meat, the claws also can be used to pick up food and carve large pieces of meat without slippage. More than 2,500 reviewers award the claws an exceptional 4.7 stars.

Weber RapidFire Chimney Starter
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $15 | Buy it from Walmart
Most barbecue aficionados will tell you that charcoal beats gas any day. Help him get grilling quickly with this chimney starter.

Bagsmart travel cable organizer for electronics wires and accessories
Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Price:$19 | Buy it on Amazon
Perfect for the digital nomad who never leaves home without his laptop, phone, and a cluster of adapters and chargers to power and connect them, this handy organizer will help tame the cable chaos once and for all.

RavPower External Phone Charger
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $30 | Buy it on Amazon
Great for that someone whose phone is always dying, this gadget charges a phone anywhere, extending its battery life. This particular model is compatible with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and iPad. It has a standard USB port for charging e-readers and other devices, as well.

Destiny 2
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $47 | Buy it on Amazon
The sequel to the hit game, Destiny 2 takes players on an adventure to defeat Gual, race Sparrows, and basically save humanity. Epic.

Zippo 12-Hour Hand Warmer
Photo credit: Courtesy of cabelas.com

Price:$13 | Buy it on Amazon
If gloves aren't warm enough, a Zippo hand warmer will really heat things up. He can fill it with lighter fluid, slip it into a pocket, and get up to 12 hours of toasty heat.

Mr. Beer Homebrewing Kit
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $50 | Buy it on Amazon
Beer lovers, rejoice: This kit is the perfect gift to get him into the art of brewing at home. It comes with everything he needs, and reviewers say it's easy and fun to use.

Cordless Drill
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $19 | Buy it from Walmart
Compact and lightweight, this cordless drill can easily and effortlessly handle any household task. It comes with a charging station and an LED work light, too.

Lend Me Your Ears: Greatest Speeches in History  - Anthology by William Safire
Photo credit: courtesy of Barnes & Noble

Price: $28 | Buy it from Barnes & Noble
Inspire greatness with this collection of history's greatest speeches, a gift that celebrates the eloquence and wisdom of the spoken word.

Nerf N-Strike Blaster
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $36 | Buy it from Walmart
The fastest motorized Nerf blaster on the market, this toy gun shoots five darts per second. It'll be the start of many fun family battles.

Men's Tweed 6b Panel Ivy Driving Cap
Photo credit: courtesy of Target

Price: $15 | Buy it from Target
Add a touch of vintage style to his wardrobe with this retro driving cap.

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp
Photo credit: Courtesy of thinkgeek.com

Price: $50 | Buy it from ThinkGeek
For some next-level procrastination, he'll love to arrange (and rearrange) this desk lamp when he should be working. This Tetris lamp has seven colorful blocks that can be stacked any which way. The LEDs light up when touching other pieces.

Turtle Beach Headphones
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $34 | Buy it from Walmart
Perfect for the gamer in your life, this headset is compatible with PS4, XBox One, PC, and mobile devices. It has a high-sensitivity, adjustable boom microphone and stereo sound.

Irish Flannel Pajamas from Hammacher Schlemmer

Price: $40 | Buy them from Hammacher Schlemmer
Super-soft flannel will have him sleeping like a baby, and a lifetime guarantee means he'll cherish them for years.

Waliki Toys Hopper Ball for Adults
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $30 | Buy it on Amazon
Is a special someone looking longingly at your toddler's hopper ball? Get them their own. The 29-inch Waliki Toys Hopper Ball is specially made for grown-ups, with a sturdy handle. Made from PVC-free rubber, it includes a double-action pump for quick inflation and comes in several colors. Nab the plush version to make a dream of riding a horse or a unicorn come true.

TV Remote Control Organizer Holder
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price:$15 | Buy it on Amazon
Everything a binge-watcher needs for a successful night on the sofa can be stashed in a handy organizer that sits right over the arm of most couches. It holds the remote, a cellphone, reading glasses, and much more in six pockets. There's even a snack tray for food and drinks.

Marie Sharp's Belizean Habanero Hot Sauce Collection
Photo credit: courtesy of Amazon

Price:$21 | Buy it on Amazon
Habanero heat combined with a touch of sweetness from carrots makes this Belizean hot sauce assortment both distinctive and delicious.

Zippo Lighter
Photo credit: Courtesy of zippo.com

Price:$15 | Buy it from Zippo
This windproof lighter is an American classic that comes with a lifetime guarantee: If it ever stops working, he can send it back and the company will fix it for free.

Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Pocket Tool
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price:$1 | Buy it from Newegg
With six wrenches, two screwdrivers, a fruit peeler, and nine other essential functions, this credit-card-size multi-tool easily earns a spot in his wallet.

The Original Stormy Kromer Hat
Photo credit: Courtesy of stormykromer.com

Price: $45 | Buy it at Stormy Kromer
Iconic as it is warm, the Original Stormy Kromer Hat is handmade in Michigan. Lined with cotton flannel, it comes in more than a dozen colors and six sizes to ensure a snug fit. An integrated ear band can be adjusted up or down depending on how chilly it is.

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