Valentine's Gift for Men In Their 40s
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40 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Men In Their 40s

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Valentine's Gift for Men In Their 40s
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Let's be honest, men in their 40s are not always easy to shop for. The good news, however, is that this Valentine's Day you've got more options than you might be aware of. Whether his thing is movies or meat, games or grilling, this is the year you can move beyond gag gifts and hacky sentimental nothings that won't be long remembered. The perfect gift is out there waiting — all you have to do is click.

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Roku Express HD
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Est. Price: $29 |Buy it on Amazon

If he's been thinking of cutting the cord but didn't quite know how to divorce the cable company, nudge your Valentine in the right direction with a Roku Express. It offers smooth, HD streaming with a simple and intuitive remote and an interface that turns your TV into a subscription-free portal to Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and the countless other services that are helping the masses break the chains of cable and satellite TV.

True Utility Fixr Multi-tool
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Est. Price: $13 | Buy iton Amazon

There are utility tools and then there are FIXRs, and if your man fancies himself a handyman, you're not going to do much better than this do-it-all masterpiece by True Utility. Included are a wire cutter, several wrenches, box opener, pry bar, screwdrivers and enough other useful gadgets to put a Swiss Army Knife to shame.

Bushnell Powerview Binoculars
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Est. Price:$34 | Buy them on Amazon

The outdoorsman in your life couldn't possibly be upset if you surprised him this Valentine's Day with a compact and rugged 8x25 pair of Bushnell binoculars. Multi-coated optics and nonstick rubber come together to make for a clear and easy-to-handle pocket binocular that's as perfect for sporting events and concerts as it is for camping or hiking.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Film Camera
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Est. Price: $118 | Buy it on Amazon

Although much of the younger set has never touched an actual film camera, a refined gentleman understands the charm of a classic point-and-shoot. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, however, isn't your father's Polaroid. This instant photo camera boasts auto brightness detection, bulb mode, double exposure mode, kid mode, and many other modern features hidden inside a truly classic camera.

All About Us Hardcover
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Est. Price: $10 | Buy iton Amazon

By the time he reaches his 40s, it's likely your man could use a refresher on why he fell in love with you in the first place. "All About Us" is just that. Packed with questions about everything from dreams and plans to sex and daily life, “All About Us” is ready and waiting to bring him home to the foundation of those little things that make your relationship yours and yours alone.

The Big Activity Book For Couples
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Est. Price:$12 | Buy it on Amazon

Get reacquainted with your favorite 40-something with “The Big Activity Book For Couples.” Games and quizzes based on your relationship might bring you closer than you've ever been, allow you to walk down memory lane and, if you're feeling frisky, to dole out prizes for correctly answered quizzes.

Jerky Heart Gift Box
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Est. Price:$35 | Buy it on Man Crates

If sweet nothings aren't your man's cup of tea, perhaps his stomach is the key to his heart — particularly if he's a committed carnivore. With flavors like whiskey maple, honey bourbon, ghost pepper, and garlic, this heart-shaped gift box will deliver everything a box of chocolates never could.

Yeti Insulated Mug
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Est. Price: $25 | Buy iton Amazon

In the world of insulated leisure gifts, there's Yeti and there's everything else. Arguably the greatest rambler mug ever constructed, this baby is double-wall vacuum-sealed for scalding hot or freezing cold drinks that stay that way for what seems like an eternity. Among its finest features is a moisture-repelling exterior that ensures sweaty hands won't turn into frostbitten fingers if he's sipping out in the wilderness.

Old School Crate
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Est. Price: $80 | Buy it on Man Crates

For a man in his 40s, things like Pop Rocks, Slinkys, Rubik's Cubes, Pez, and Big League Chew are more than just nostalgic novelties — they're a direct connection to his childhood. Wow your middle-aged man with a retro gift crate like no other, and one that a man in any other age group could ever possibly appreciate as much.

Luxury Necktie Collection Gift Box
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Est. Price:$60 | Buy iton Amazon

Fancy men need fancy things, and this posh collection of neckties is fancy if nothing else. Made from 100 percent luxury Italian microfiber, the fabric looks, feels and behaves like silk, but it's far more practical in terms of resistance to staining and wrinkling. Hand-sewn, each elegant tie comes with a lifetime warranty.

Nut'n But Love For You Crate
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Est. Price: $45 | Buy it from Harry & David

You can insert your own pun here about your guy going nuts for this gift, but seriously, if your Valentine has a proclivity for pecans, almonds, pistachios and the like, you're not going to do much better than the Nut'n But Love For You Crate.

Brickell Hair Care Gift Set
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Est. Price: $37 | Buy iton Amazon

After all those years of sub-par retail shampoo and conditioner, your man's hair is due for an upgrade. If he's still got it, unlike so many of his contemporaries, he should be grateful enough to show it some love. This totally organic shampoo and conditioner set will breathe life back into his tired locks just in time for dinner on Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Gift Car
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Est. Price:$10 | Buy it on Etsy

If your man is a chocolate lover and a gear head, look no further for the treat that satisfies both his sweet tooth and his passion for cars at the same time. For just $10, you can score a perfect replica of classic whips like the Aston Martin, Mustang Shelby, Porsche 911, and more. Feeling generous? Choose as many as you like from nearly 20 different delicious makes and models.

Darth Vader Toaster
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Est. Price:$35 | Buy it on Amazon

If your man is in his 40s, there's a good chance that "Star Wars" was a big part of his youth. Gifts related to the greatest sci-fi franchise in history are not hard to come by, but few can measure up against a toaster than burns Darth Vader's visage on every single piece of bread that dares to enter.

Engraved Docking Station
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Est. Price: $58 | Buy it on Etsy

From his rings and his wallet to his watch and those fancy cufflinks, your guy has accumulated lots of great stuff over the last 40-something years. That stuff, however, doesn't seem to have a place — until now. This super slick, engraved docking station is the perfect spot for his cellphone, pens, coins, keys and all the rest. Best of all, it will look great on any nightstand or end table.

Godinger Globe Decanter Set
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Est. Price: $51 | Buy it on Amazon

Earning 4.7 stars after nearly 500 reviews, this classy decanter set is made from hand-blown glass. It's accompanied by two matching, old-fashioned whiskey glasses set into a mahogany frame. From candlesticks to tea sets, Godinger has been making fine and functional decor for nearly half a century, and this tilted globe is one of the company's finest creations yet.

Usb Mixtape
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Est. Price: $22 | Buy it on Etsy

Millennials might not know what a cassette looks like, but any man in his 40s has certainly crafted his share of mixtapes. Now, he can make even more magic, but this time with a modern twist. Thanks to a USB port, making mixtapes for your Valentine isn't nearly as much of a hassle as it was back when MC Hammer brought parachute pants to the masses. Choose from 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of storage.

Hand Carved Marines Flag
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Est. Price: $150 | Buy it on Etsy

If Semper Fi is the cornerstone of your man's credo, give the veteran in your life a gift that embodies Marine loyalty with a touch of handmade ruggedness. Each and every one of these magnificent flags is handcrafted, hand carved, hand burned, and hand sealed — by a Marine Corps veteran.

Finishing Touches Accessories Gift Set
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Est. Price: $60 | Buy iton Brooks Brothers

By the time he reaches his 40s, a man should know that accessories make the outfit. This gift set comes packed with 24 high-class embossed collar stays, two handmade lapel flowers, and two French cuff knots. Each set is made with hand-selected items.

The Grillfather Apron
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Est. Price: $19 | Buy iton Amazon

In your mind, it's February. In his mind, it's a few months until grilling season. He's not a grilling champ or a grilling pro. He's a grilling don — and dons must have a Grillfather apron. Made from 100 percent cotton, this grilling apron is one size fits all and the font and logo pay perfect homage to the movie that brought the word "don" into the American consciousness.

Barbell Plate Wall Clock
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Est. Price: $38 | Buy it on Zazzle

If your man keeps fit in his 40s in his own home gym, he needs a way to time his workouts. What better gift than a clock built to look like a hefty barbell plate? Available in either black or gray, the macho and masculine clock can be personalized to make sure that anyone who enters knows whose gym their walking into.

Secura Elite Wine Lover's Gift Set
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Est. Price: $48 |Buy it on Amazon

The perfect V-Day gift for the wine lover in your life, this 12-piece set includes everything he'll need to sip like a Napa Valley connoisseur. A lighted, cordless electric opener and foil cutter, an aerator, a chiller spout, and many more accessories will turn a bottle of wine into a true night of upscale Valentine's Day night of romance — or at least something to brag about when company comes over.

Ugears Mechanical 3D Puzzle Safe


Est. Price: $60 | Buy it on UGears

If you've got a tinkerer in your life, challenge his brain this Valentine's Day with one of the greatest three-dimensional puzzles ever created. Just assembling this mechanical safe model is a fantastically tedious brain teaser in itself, and once it’s built, the fun continues as he attempts to hone his safe-cracking skills over and over again.

Wet Shave Shaving Kit
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Est. Price:$70 | Buy it on Amazon

A refined man of wisdom and experience does not shave with drugstore razors and shaving cream peddled to the masses. This kit brings elegance back to the art of shaving with skin-nourishing sandalwood shaving soap, a stainless steel shaving bowl, a badger-hair brush, a safety razor with 10 blades and a canvas dopp kit.

Romantic Coupon Book
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Est. Price: $7 | Buy it on Etsy

Spice things up this Valentine's Day and make things interesting with a fun, frisky and altogether entertaining coupon book filled with IOUs that won't be accepted in your local grocery store. Packed with 22 promissory notes that range from a night alone to date night — and everything in between — this is a gift that can make a man in his 40s feel many years younger.

Over-ear Gaming Headset
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Est. Price: $28 | Buy iton Amazon

A gamer in his 40s has seen his passion evolve from Pong and Pac-Man to multi-player online first-person shooters. The moral of the story is that the gamer in your life has come to a place where he needs a quality headset. No driver is needed for this fully compatible over-ear set, which features an upgraded omnidirectional microphone, powerful stereo sound and comfort designed for long endurance sessions. Also, it glows.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel
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Est. Price: $39 | Buy it on Engraved Idea

Made from natural wood, a genuine whiskey barrel is the ultimate in decor for the refined drinker. His dorm-room days of decorating with bottle caps and empties are long gone — thankfully. This upgrade is not only elegant and handsome, but personalized with any engraving you like.

Auskey Bowtie Set
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Est. Price: $12 | Buy iton Amazon

Bowties are mature, classy — and hard to tie. The problem, however, is that clip-ons are tacky and obvious. The solution? An eight pack of sharp-looking Auskey bowties, each different and varied enough to suit any suit. Oh, and they come pre-tied.

Salami Bouquet
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Est. Price: $60 |Buy it on Man Crates

Maybe your guy is the type who loves a nice bunch of flowers, and that's just fine. But if not, there's nothing to say he can't still enjoy a beautiful bouquet — as long as you make it bloom with high-end salami. Peppered, Sopressata, Calabrese, Italian, and chorizo chub are all part of this oddly romantic bouquet of meats.



Est. Price:$80 | Buy iton Amazon

If your beau is a bookworm, save his aging eyes by upgrading from primitive paper to a device that's smaller than a book, yet contains virtually every volume ever written. The newest Kindle reads just like paper, but is much easier on the eyes. The new design is lighter and thinner and there's never any glare, even in bright, natural sunlight.

Leather Dopp Kit
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Est. Price: $60 | Buy it on Etsy

Your man can travel with a regular old toiletries bag, but why not help him step up his game with a refined and masculine full-grain leather dopp kit? Handmade in Arizona, each kit is fitted with a heavy brass zipper and a waterproof lining. You can also personalize with a monogram up to seven letters.

 Custom Sheet Music Art
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $42 | Buy it on Etsy

If your man is a musician or just a music lover, a band poster might have been great 15 years ago. This Valentine's Day, however, you should upgrade his wall with a beautiful sheet music print of your special song — or any song you choose, for that matter. It's printed on archival, museum-quality cotton fiber paper with water-resistant, pigment-based ink that's designed to last for 80 years.

Orazio Engraved Cufflinks
Courtesy of

Orazio Engraved Cufflinks

Est. Price: $10 | Buy it on Amazon

Smooth, classy cufflinks don't have to cost a fortune to add a great big helping of debonair grace to any shirt your Valentine chooses. Made from high-polished brass with metal electroplating, they're easy to put on and take off thanks to bullet-back closure buttons. For an extra touch of class, you can personalize them with any letter in the alphabet.

Personalized Bamboo Serving Board
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Est. Price: $12 |Buy itfrom Walmart

Built to last a lifetime, the budding chef in your life will fall in love with this bamboo serving tray, which he will then presumably use to cook and then and serve you dinner. Even if not, you can V-Day it up by personalizing the board with your names and marriage date, date you met, date of your first kiss or any other date that matters.

Herschel Little America Backpack
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $69 | Buy it on Amazon

A tired old backpack can make an otherwise well put-together man look drab and juvenile. That's why it's time for a grownup Little America Backpack by Herschel. There are more than two dozen style and color options, but all of them come with a padded fleece-lined laptop sleeve, magnetic strap closures and a custom-striped fabric liner.

Hookey Ring Toss
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $36 | Buy iton Amazon

Whether it's for outdoors or in a home office, for play with his buddies or for a friendly romantic game between the two of you, a ring toss board brings all the excitement of darts without any of the sharp flying metal. It's simple, it's addictive and it instantly makes any boring wall that much more exciting.

Woodies Walnut Wood Sunglasses
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $25 | Buy it on Amazon

Wayfarer-style lenses are propped up by walnut wood arms on these polarized, anti-reflective sunglasses. That's right, they're Woodies, which have earned 4.6 stars from more than 2,200 reviews who rave about these cheap but super-hip shades, which happen to be 50 percent lighter than Ray-Bans.

Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $37 | Buy iton Amazon

If your Valentine wears his manhood on his face, you can help him keep everything neat, clean, full, and full of sheen. Earning 4.8 stars on Amazon, this kit stands out from the imitators through the quality of its contents. A premium beard balm pairs with Japanese steel barber scissors, a dual-teeth comb and a natural stiff-brush bristle, all of which is packaged in a premium bamboo box.

Travelambo Minimalist Wallet
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $15 | Buy it on Amazon

With 4.5 out of 5 stars after more than 4,000 reviews, this slim leather wallet features not just RFID blocking technology, but superior craftsmanship for men with refined taste. Made from renowned Napa leather, this front- or back-pocket wallet is tanned with 100 percent plant oil — not chemicals.

Da Vinci Code Lock
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $40 | Buy it on GearBest

Add some mystery to your romance — particularly if your man is a Dan Brown fan — with an encryption machine that delivers love notes, but only to those in the know. Not only does the Da Vinci Code Lock deliver secret messages to your Valentine, but it's an amazing tchotchke for any fan of the blockbuster book and movie franchise to display as a decoration when it's not being deciphered.