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There are still a lot of fine products made in the United States, but frugal consumers don't necessarily care: 61 percent of U.S. shoppers say they are more likely to buy a product made here, a poll by AdWeek and Harris finds, but only 30 percent would pay more for a U.S.-made item if they could find a cheaper alternative made elsewhere, according to an Associated Press poll. With increasing political emphasis on trade deals and tariffs, prices matter — so which "Made in the U.S.A." items stand out? We went shopping and found the following brands and items that distinguish themselves from the pack.
Louisville Slugger Series 3X Ash Bat
Photo credit: Courtesy of dickssportinggoods.com

Price: $30 | Buy it at Dick's Sporting Goods
The lumber that sends Costa Rica-made Rawlings baseballs into the bleachers continues to be produced in Kentucky. Louisville Slugger supplies 60 percent of the bats used in Major League Baseball, hands out the Silver Slugger award to the best offensive players in the American and National leagues, and has its own museum in Louisville.

Original Metal Slinky
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $3 | Buy it on Amazon
Naval engineer Richard James inadvertently invented the stair-descending spring during a failed attempt at making stabilizers for ships' instruments during World War II. After selling a bunch to a department store in Philadelphia in 1945, demand became so great that James started mass-producing them there. Production eventually moved to Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, where more than 300 million have been made to date.

Kitchenaid Classic Series Mixer
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $189 | Buy it at Walmart
The old story goes that a Hobart Manufacturing executive's wife coined the name in 1915, when he came home with a yet-to-be-named stand mixer and she replied "I don't care what you call it, this is the best kitchen aid I ever had." The KitchenAid brand appeared four years later, but didn't pick up steam until it appeared in multiple colors in 1955. Now more than 40 colors are produced by 700 workers at a factory in Greenville, Ohio.

Weber 22-Inch Kettle Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of homedepot.com

Price: $99 | Buy it at Home Depot
Not all Weber products are made here, and some parts are sourced elsewhere. But the original charcoal kettle grill with its porcelain enamel bowl is still produced in Palatine, Illinois. It's inexpensive, it's simple, and it's easily modified into as impressive a grill as you'd like.

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $13 for 152 | Buy it at Amazon
Crayola has set up Crayola Experience attractions in Minneapolis; Orlando, Florida; and Plano, Texas, but the best sits in Easton, Pennsylvania — not only where Crayola is still headquartered after opening in 1903, but near the multiple Lehigh Valley plants that still make Crayola products today.

Igloo 48-Quart Island Breeze Cooler
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $16 to $19 | Buy it at Walmart
Igloo makes all of its coolers at a 1.8 million-square-foot, three-building facility in Katy, Texas. Roughly 1,200 workers churn out more than 500 different products, including this versatile, durable model that should look familiar to just about anyone who's ever used a cooler.

Indian Scout Motorcycles
Photo credit: Courtesy of indianmotorcycle.com

Price: $11,499 | Buy it at a local Indian dealer
Founded in 1897, left for dead shortly after World War II and revived briefly during the '60s, '70s and late '90s, Indian Motorcycle took on new life in 2006 and began producing bikes at a facility in North Carolina. The move brought back an iconic American ride that once set world speed records, and a deal with motorcycle and water vehicle manufacturer Polaris in 2011 maintained production in Iowa and Minnesota. This 11-horsepower starter bike is a nice introduction to the line.

Lodge Five-Piece Cast Iron Cookware
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $70 | Buy it at Walmart
Based in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, Lodge has been making cast-iron cookware for a century and has told people time and again that cast iron coated in cooking oil and seasoned in an oven should last a lifetime if you don't do foolish things such as soak it or put it into a dishwasher. This set of pans, a skillet, and a Dutch oven should meet most cooking needs and never need replacing.

Mike and Ike
Photo credit: Courtesy of target.com

Price: $1 | Buy it at Target
Produced by Just Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, (which also makes marshmallow Peeps), Mike and Ikes are not only not owned by a multinational company of any kind, but are made entirely within Pennsylvania's borders. There are a lot of confections we could single out for this honor, but for a small company like this to take Mike and Ike nationwide is no small feat.

Tom's Of Maine Toothpaste
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $4.50 | Buy it at Walmart
Bought by Colgate-Palmolive in 2006, Tom's of Maine still produces its products in Sanford, Maine, and sticks to its more than 45-year mission of using natural ingredients in its toothpaste. It also remains transparent about ingredients.

Stern Pinball Guardians of the Galaxy Limited Edition
Photo credit: Courtesy of thepinballcompany.com

Price: $8,999 | Buy it at The Pinball Co.
Pinball isn't dead, largely because Stern Pinball helped revive it. Based in Chicago and still producing games there, Stern rose from the ashes of a company originally founded 40 years ago. Functioning in its current form since 1999, Stern has been particularly adept at identifying licensing opportunities, constructing great games around them, and letting the results roll in a few quarters at a time.

Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $10 | Buy it on Amazon
These undeniably sturdy pieces of kitchenware once made by Corning and known for garish color schemes have been made here since 1915. Initially made in upstate New York, Pyrex has been produced in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, since the 1940s — now by parent company World Kitchen, based just outside Chicago. It's estimated that 80 percent of U.S. homes have at least one Pyrex product in their kitchens; this simple little measuring cup sits in many of those homes' cupboards.

Duraflame Four-Hour Fire Logs
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $20 for four | Buy them at Walmart
Back in 1968, California Cedar Products discovered that sawdust from its pencil making could be recycled by mixing it with petroleum wax and turned into fire logs. Now based in Stockton, California, Duraflame has production facilities in California and Kentucky. These 6-pound logs provide a long, lazy burn.

Vitamix A2300
Photo credit: Courtesy of vitamix.com

Price: $470 | Buy them at Vitamix
Founded in 1921, Vitamix employs hundreds of workers in Olmsted Township, Ohio. It draws high praise from Consumer Reports for quality and satisfaction, though its price is still eye-opening.

Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe
Photo credit: Courtesy of harley-davidson.com

Price: $17,999 | Buy it at a local Harley-Davidson dealer
Founded in 1903, Harley-Davidson has four U.S. factories — two in Wisconsin, one in Missouri (though it's getting ready to close) and one in Pennsylvania. This motorcycle, with its ample chrome assets, whitewall tires, and 107-horsepower engine, is what most people envision when they think of a Harley.

New Balance Postal 706V2 Walking Shoe
Photo credit: Courtesy of newbalance.com

Price: $125 | Buy it at New Balance
Boston-based New Balance has an entire line of shoes it insists have 70 percent U.S.-made content or greater. The Postal Service itself approved this shoe and its compression-resistant midsole cushion, polyurethane outsole, and a breathable leather upper portion.

Leatherman Heritage Rebar
Photo credit: Courtesy of leatherman.com

Price: $48 | Buy it at Leatherman
Leatherman introduced its first multitool 35 years ago, and has built all of its tools, knives, watches, and other products in Portland, Oregon, ever since. This one features 17 tools and a 25-year guarantee.

Carhartt Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree
Photo credit: Courtesy of carhartt.com

Price: $50 | Buy it at Carhartt
Based in Dearborn, Michigan, Carhartt makes items such as this one from its "Made in the U.S.A." line at sites in Tennessee and Kentucky. They're built tough, too, with double front panels, debris cleanout openings, multiple tool pockets (including reinforced back pockets for hand tools), and a loop specifically for carrying a hammer.

Steinway Model O Piano
Photo credit: Courtesy of steinway.com

Price: $80,000 | Buy it at a Steinway retail location
Steinway's grand pianos have been handmade in New York since 1853 — after German cabinetmaker Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg built his first piano in his kitchen in 1836, then nearly 500 pianos more in the next decade so he could move his family to the United States. Steinway & Sons, founded in a Manhattan loft on Varick Street, makes pianos in Astoria, Queens, on the street that bears its (changed) family name.

Gibson Les Paul '50s Tribute T
Photo credit: Courtesy of guitarcenter.com

Price: $1,249 | Buy it at Guitar Center
Yes, it's struggling with bankruptcy and has downsized its plant in Memphis, but Gibson created the first electric guitar in 1936 and still has a broad following among the world's musicians. Les Paul died roughly a decade ago, but this version of the guitar bearing his name is a fine introduction to this brand.

K'Nex Imagine Ultimate 100 Model Building Set
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $21 | Buy it at Walmart
Invented by Joel Glickman back in 1992, these mechanical model sets are still produced in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Now also the parent company of Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys, K'Nex created generations of makers before the term "maker" existed.

Dr. Bronner's Soap
Photo credit: Courtesy of walgreens.com

Price: $11 | Buy it at Walgreens
Dr. Bronner's soap traces its roots back to 1948, but founder Emmanuel Bronner's calls for peace and a constructive approach to capitalism struck a chord in the '60s and set this brand's legacy for years to come. While it still advocates for environmental and community causes — as well as for the cultivation of hemp — Dr. Bronner's organic, fair-trade, pure-castile liquid soap has been embraced by the masses largely for its lack of preservatives and harsh detergents.

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs
Photo credit: Courtesy of hermanmiller.com

Price: $820 | Buy it at Herman Miller
Know that really comfortable chair in the office that's been around since your company was a startup? It's likely Herman Miller's Aeron. Much like the other iconic American products on this list, the Aeron's beauty stemmed from its design. Folks in the design community love it so much that it's found a place at the Museum of Modern Design in New York. Herman Miller cranks out its chairs at two factories in Western Michigan, producing about four a minute.

Pendleton Wool Camp Blanket With Leather Carrier
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $169 | Buy it on Amazon
Among blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills — which can run into the mid- to high hundreds, depending on intricacy — this is a fairly decent deal, especially with the carrier. Made in Pendleton, Oregon, and Washougal, Washington, these blankets are a summer staple, but make decent throws in winter.

Ideausa V402 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones
Photo credit: Courtesy of walmart.com

Price: $199 | Buy it at Walmart
While there are those who enthusiastically believe that these are better headphones than their counterparts from Apple-owned Beats By Dre, just having a U.S.-manufactured product in that discussion is incredible. Made in Chino, California, the v402 blocks out 85 percent of ambient noise, holds a Bluetooth connection from 33 feet away, and holds a battery charge for 25 hours.

Go Forth Goods Jane Leather Cross Body Bag
Photo credit: Courtesy of goforthgoods.com

Price: $275 | Buy it at Go Forth Goods
While the "they'll outlast you" claim made by Go Forth is a bit ominous, you'll be glad the goods produced in this tiny shop in Marietta, Georgia, are guaranteed for at least your life. Should this baby duffel fail you, lose a strap, or otherwise come undone, Go Forth will set you up with a new one. Each bag is made to order and takes three to five days to produce.

Vermillion Mirror Wool Throw
Photo credit: Courtesy of faribaultmill.com

Price: $180 | Buy it from Faribault Woolen Mills
Scratchy wool blankets are particularly miserable on summer nights. That is why Faribault, which has been making wool products in Faribault, Minnesota, since 1865, backed up the inviting Nordic pattern on this throw with a soft, 85 percent Merino wool fabric that makes a pleasant shield against the elements on a biting winter night. If cared for correctly, it should stay that way throughout this throw's lifetime.

L.L. Bean Men's and Women's Boots
Photo credit: Courtesy of llbean.com

Price: $119 | Buy it at L.L. Bean
Not everything by L.L. Bean is from its facilities in Maine, but its trademark boots still are. Waterproof, snow-hardened, and nearly indestructible, the duck boot has become a fashion statement all its own in the more wintry corners of the country. No, they aren't pretty in conventional terms, but take a walk around an East Coast city in the middle of a nor'easter and tell the myriad folks trudging to work, digging out cars, or making their way to a dinner reservation through nearly a foot of snow that these aren't fashionable.

Todd Shelton Pro Original Mid Jeans
Photo credit: Courtesy of toddshelton.com

Price: $255 | Buy it at Todd Shelton
Designer jeans don't need to be imported, and these selvedge denim zip-fly jeans are made — though the denim is often sourced elsewhere — in the marshy confines of East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Red Wing Heritage Line Clara Boots
Photo credit: Courtesy of redwingheritage.com

Price: $340 | Buy it at Red Wing Heritage
Red Wing Shoes not only still makes its heritage line by hand in Red Wing, Minnesota, but uses leather from the same tannery it bought in 1987. While it's known for oil-tanned work boots, the company's been making women's boots like this for more than 90 years.

Darn Tough Vermont Men's Vertex Micro Crew
Photo credit: Courtesy of darntough.com

Price: $19 | Buy it at Darn Tough
These socks made by Darn Tough in Vermont are guaranteed for life. Should anything take these thick, soft Merino wool socks out of action, they're covered by a lifetime guarantee and shockingly easy to return and replace. At nearly $10 a sock, it's an investment, but it's also peace of mind.

Solaire 27-Inch Deluxe All-Infrared Freestanding Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price: $2,397 | Buy it at BBQGUYS
Manufactured in Whittier, California, this luxe commercial-grade stainless steel grill is built to be the talk of the barbecue. There's only 542 square inches of cooking surface, so it has infrared burners that preheat in three minutes and cook food twice as fast, removable trays and burners, and fold-down slide shelves to provide more grill for little spaces.

Airstream Sport
Photo credit: Courtesy of airstream.com

Price: $46,990 | Buy it at a nearby Airstream dealer
Wally Byam started the company by building streamlined trailers in his Los Angeles backyard during the 1920s to help buyers save on fuel costs. The chromed-out, space-age oddity of the American roads was born, outgrowing Los Angeles eventually for bigger digs in Jackson Center, Ohio. Now owned by Thor Industries, Airstream still has the exterior design geeks love and fills trailers with two-toned accents and tech toys that have made them the road vehicle of choice for companies such as Nintendo and Quicksilver. There are models cheaper than this one, but if you want an actual camper and not just a rolling steel closet, here's where you start.

Jeep Wrangler
Photo credit: Courtesy of jeep.com

Price: $27,495 | Buy it at a nearby Jeep dealer
The distant relative of the Willys MB, the original World War II military "Jeep," the Wrangler has been stretched out and beefed up a little in recent years — even being turned into a pickup truck for 2019. The Jeep has spent more than 20 years being put together in Toledo, Ohio. Even if you're the skeptical sort who likes knowing where every part of the vehicle comes from, with Cars.com noting that even though Jeep parent company Chrysler was bought by Italy's Fiat, 80 percent of Wrangler parts are still made here.

John Deere 1023E Sub-Compact Utility Tractor
Photo credit: Courtesy of deere.com

Price: $12,062 | Buy it from John Deere
"American made" doesn't apply to all John Deere products. If you're interested in a lawn mower or smaller tractor from the company, chances are it or at least a bunch of its parts are coming from India or Germany. If you need a combine, though, certain small tractors, a large tractor, graders, loaders, dump trucks, or most other items John Deere makes, they're made at facilities in Augusta, Georgia. This pocket tractor and lawn mower is about as close as you can get to an entry-level Deere.

Aquasana Two-Stage Under Sink Water Filter
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $140 | Buy it at Amazon
Aquasana manufactures its filters and filtration systems in Texas and has built them to remove lead, chloroform, algae, and other nastiness that neglected municipal water systems leave behind.

Sherwin-Williams Duration Home Paint
Photo credit: Courtesy of sherwin-williams.com

Price: $65.50 | Buy it at Sherwin-Williams
Headquartered in Cleveland and manufacturing paint all over North America, Sherwin-Williams has been producing paint for more than 150 years and still does so primarily in the United States. Consumer Reports notes that it's pricey, but self-priming and environmentally friendly.

Sub-Zero 48-Inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator
Photo credit: Courtesy of subzero-wolf.com

Price: $10,660 | Buy it at a Sub-Zero dealer
Madison, Wisconsin-based Sub-Zero has more than 1,000 workers at plants in Madison and Fitchburg, Wisconsin; Phoenix, Arizona; and Richmond, Kentucky, and took over cooking equipment manager Wolf back in 2000. It's known for high-end refrigerators now, but had far more humble beginnings when founder Westye Bakke's invented the world's first free-standing freezer in the basement of his home in Madison in 1943.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0
Photo credit: Courtesy of smith-wesson.com

Price: $599 | Buy it at a local Smith & Wesson dealer
Smith & Wesson founders Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson first worked for Volcanic Repeating Arms, then under their own name, building the first repeating pistol in 1854. Their revolvers were quickly being sold around the world. Today, Smith & Wesson is the biggest U.S. gun company, but is still based in Springfield, Massachusetts, with facilities in Houlton, Maine, and Deep River, Connecticut.

J.W. Hulme Co. Weekend Satchel
Photo credit: Courtesy of jwhulmeco.com

Price: $975 | Buy it at J.W. Hulme Co.
John Willis Hulme started his baggage company in St. Paul, Minnesota, back in 1905, designing reinforced duffel bags for early hunters and fishers. His Legacy Collection handbags are similarly durable, but his leathers now fit smartphones and tablets, as well as bottles. Not only is every product guaranteed for life, but even small leather goods are eligible for free monogramming.

Woolrich Camp Wool Blanket
Photo credit: Courtesy of woolrich.com

Price: $95 | Buy it on Woolrich
The company behind these blankets, made in Woolrich, Pennsylvania, has been dressing people against the elements since 1830, with items meant to last a lifetime. Though a lot of manufacturing is done overseas (and plenty of the goods are sold overseas) the company still employs more than 400 people in America at one of the oldest, continuously running mills in the country. There is no deadline on returns, and Woolrich will take back items just because "there may be occasions when you need to return or exchange merchandise."

Slim Bifold Wallet
Photo credit: Courtesy of shinola.com

Price: $195 | Buy it on Shinola
From wallets to bikes, Shinola is bolstering Detroit manufacturing one gift at a time. This leather wallet comes with a leather-lined cash pocket, silk-lined credit-card pockets, and the knowledge that you're helping Shinola bring good jobs back to Detroit.

Recycled Glass Nightlights
Photo credit: Courtesy of uncommongoods.com

Price: $38 | Buy it on Uncommon Goods
Need some help for a kid who's afraid of the dark? Maybe you'd just like to get to the bathroom at night without slamming into a wall or corner? Vawn and Mike Gray get it. This married couple has making these recycled-glass nightlights in a computer-controlled kiln in their Cape Coral, Florida, studio for years.

Post-It Notes 24 Pads
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $19.50 | Buy it on Amazon
The Post-It note has been stuck to American office culture for 36 years, and is now one of the few U.S. innovations still made here. Invented by 3M employee Art Fry in 1974, the Post-it Note first hit stores as "Press 'n Peel" in 1977 before receiving its soon-to-be genericized trademark in 1980. Though knockoff versions have been produced since 3M's patent expired in the 1990s, Post-It Notes themselves are still made at a plant in Cynthiana, Kentucky. As for 3M, the former Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. still calls Minnesota home.

Oreck XL
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $170 | Buy it on Amazon
Minnesota made yet another contribution to the all-American marketplace back in 1963 when former RCA employee and future infomercial pitchman David Oreck acquired a patent for a lightweight vacuum cleaner from Whirlpool and began supplying those vacuums to hotels. Staff loved them and Oreck figured out that it would be pretty easy to demonstrate the benefits of a lightweight vacuum by going on television between game shows and soap operas to lift his Oreck XL with one finger. The plan worked and the Oreck XL is made in Cookeville, Tennessee, to this day, little more than an hour's drive from Oreck's original headquarters in Nashville — but still in the same country as Oreck's Ohio-based parent company.

Intel Core I7 7-7820X Processor Unlocked
Photo credit: Courtesy of frys.com

Price: $468 | Buy it at Fry's
The majority of Intel's manufacturing and advanced research and development is done in the United States, and last year said it would invest more than $7 billion on what it calls the most advanced semiconductor factory in the world in Chandler, Arizona. Considering that 80 percent of Intel's processors then head overseas, Intel is doing its part to balance out the trade deficit.

Vermont Castings Intrepid II Catalytic Wood Stove
Photo credit: Courtesy of vermontcastings.com

Price: $1,999 | Buy it at your local Vermont Castings dealer
Though owned by Hearth & Home Technologies in Lakeville, Minnesota, the company's stoves have been made at a facility in Randolph, Vermont, for about 30 years. This wood-burning cast iron stove is lovely, and has a built-in thermostat to regulate heat output, a top-loading hatch, and catalytic burn for 85 percent-longer burn times.

Kohler Brockway 36-Inch Sink
Photo credit: Courtesy of homedepot.com

Price: $1,232 | Buy it at Home Depot
How American is Kohler? Consider that the plumbing product manufacturer is located in Kohler, Wisconsin, the company town it founded in 1912 after leaving nearby Sheboygan to expand operations. Folks nearby still call drinking fountains "bubblers" in deference to the original Bubbler invented by Kohler. This sink that folks of a certain age will recognize as a janitor's sink is now a coveted fixture in HGTV-influenced homes.

Alfresco Alxe 30-Inch Freestanding Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price: $6,509 | Buy it on BBQGUYS
Alfresco has been producing commercial-grade stainless steel grills in Hacienda Heights, California, for roughly two decades, and this one has an integrated, hidden rotisserie system with a chain-driven spit that will support up to 120 pounds of meat. With one dedicated grilling burner, one sear-zone burner, a smoking burner for the smoker drawer, pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes, and a spring-assisted hood system, this grill does everything but buy the meat and veggies for you.

Sterilite Storage Bins
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price: $24 for 12 | Buy it at Amazon
Based in Townsend, Massachusetts, and still producing its storage containers, laundry baskets, wastebaskets, and office supplies there today, Sterilite is a household name that sneaks into consumers' homes in some of the most mundane forms imaginable. It's been in business for nearly 80 years.

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