Low-cost Love

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25 for Him, Her, and Everyone Else

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Low-cost Love

low-cost love

The holiday of love doesn't have to leave you in the red — Cupid knows your credit card bills from the winter holidaysare just now trickling in. No matter who you're shopping for this Valentine's Day, you can surprise him, her or whomever with the perfect gift no matter what stokes your squeeze's passions. Whether it's movies, music, photos, or gardening, $25 is all you need to make this Valentine's Day a classic. Note: Prices and availability are subject change.

For The Music Lover
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the music lover

Folding Bluetooth Headphones
$17 | Buy it from Amazon

High-end sound for under $20 is what you'll get with this pair of foldable iJoy headphones, which feature a built-in radio receiver and an on-board mic for hands-free calling. Ear cups isolate the audio experience, and the five-button control panel includes an equalizer. The bass is accurate and rich, and the fit is comfy and snug.

For Anyone With A Sweet Tooth
Courtesy of ftd.com

for anyone with a sweet tooth

Just Smile by Mrs. Fields
$20 | Buy it from FTD

Valentine's Day has long been associated with red, but what better way to brighten up the dark days of February than with bright, cheery yellow and white? That's the color scheme on the keepsake tin that contains the goodies inside, but it's the actual goodies that take the cake, or at least the cookies and brownies. Bite-sized versions of both, as well as a sunshine cookie, combine to make up the ultimate gift box for someone with an affinity for sweet snacks.

For The Movie Buff
Courtesy of uncommongoods.com

for the movie buff

100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster
$15 | Buy it from UncommonGoods

From "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park" to "Airplane!" and "Mean Girls," this interactive scratch-off poster profiles 100 of the most memorable movies in history. You might assume the movie buff in your life already has everything cinematically relevant or interesting, but this poster — which you scratch off with a coin just like a lottery ticket to reveal art from each movie — brings a little piece of the theater to your home.

For Those Who Need Pampering
Courtesy of amazon.com

for those who need pampering

Bath Bomb Gift Set
$14.50 | Buy it from Amazon

Fun, fizzy, and natural, bath bombs like the one in this gift set are made as much for men as they are for women. Relaxing lavender, detoxing vanilla, and energizing grapefruit are just a few of the scents and sensations you'll encounter when you bomb up your bath with these dye-free, natural and rejuvenating bombs.

For The Nostalgic Romantic
Courtesy of personalizationmall.com

for the nostalgic romantic

Personalize Basswood Heart-Tree Plank
$20 | Buy it from PersonalizationMall.com

What lovestruck kids haven't carved their names into a tree surrounded with a heart and frozen in time with the date it was etched? This Valentine's Day, bring childhood romance back to life with a customized basswood plank that is the perfect picture of youthful romance in its most genuine and innocent form.

For The Bearded
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the bearded

Bamboo Beard Grooming Kit
$12 | Buy itfrom Amazon
If your man has a beard, he needs some tools to keep his face fur in good order. Both the comb and brush are pocket-sized and made from eco-friendly bamboo, which cleans and detangles without static cling. The scissors are the perfect size and shape for on-the-go trimming, and the entire set is built to last a lifetime.

For The Coffee Connoisseur
Courtesy of uncommongoods.com

for the coffee connoisseur

Bourbon-Infused Coffee
$20 | Buy itfrom UncommonGoods

If the coffee lover in your life has a taste for the finest, just wait until you show up with Arabica beans infused with the spirit made famous in Kentucky. Small batches of beans — which are actually roasted in neighboring Tennessee — are treated with fine bourbon whiskey, creating both a flavor and an aroma that even the most experienced coffee lover never tasted before. Don't worry, the brew won't contain any alcohol, but it will kick with plenty of caffeine.

For The Tea Aficionado
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the tea aficionado

Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Gift Box
$11 | Buy it from Amazon

Tea bags get a bad rap from true connoisseurs who tend to insist on loose-leaf tea. The quality of Taylors of Harrogate, however, would make it hard for even the most experienced tea lover to tell the difference. Made in the U.K. and packaged in a keepsake gift box, the set includes eight different varieties with six bags each.

For Anyone With A Green Thumb
Courtesy of amazon.com

for anyone with a green thumb

Planter's Choice Herb Garden Kit
$25 | Buy it from Amazon

Give the gift of an endless supply of fresh chives, parsley, cilantro, and basil this Valentine's Day with an herb garden seed kit from Planter's Choice. All seeds are 100 percent organic and non-GMO, and the kit comes with everything needed for a bumper crop of delicious herbs that even the novice can coax out of the kit, which includes everything you'll need from seed to table.

For The Amateur Chef
Courtesy of zazzle.com

for the amateur chef

Family Recipe Cookbook
$24.65 | Buy itfrom Zazzle

If your Valentine doubles as an amazing cook, this binder is the perfect place to store the recipes that are the source of the magic that happens in the kitchen. Personalized with photo-quality printing, it can hold up to 275 pages of family recipes both new and old to save for the generations to come.

For The Aromatherapy Obsessed
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the aromatherapy obsessed

Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace
$20 | Buy it from Amazon

You know the healing and calming powers of essential oils, but the problem is they only work if you're close enough to the diffuser to get the effects. With an aromatherapy necklace, you're always close enough. This necklace and healing amulet come complete in a gift box with lavender, peppermint, and inner calm essential oils.

For The Shutterbug
Courtesy of etsy.com

for the shutterbug

Camera Lens Necklace
$15 | Buy itfrom Etsy

If your Valentine is serious about photography beyond just selfies and Instagram food pics, we've got the gift for you. The pendant isn't an actual working camera lens, but it is a fine art photo print under domed glass. Crafted from your choice of a variety of metals, each one is hand made and ships in a gift bag or box.

For The Sentimental
Courtesy of etsy.com

for the sentimental

Eternity Rose
$18 | Buy it from Etsy

Roses are probably the most clichéd gift in Valentine's Day history, but this is no ordinary rose. Eternity roses are not artificial flowers, but real roses perfectly vacuum sealed so that they'll retain their color, shape, and beauty for many Valentine's Days to come.

For Long-distance Lovers
Courtesy of etsy.com

for long-distance lovers

Matching Couples’ Bracelets
$19 | Buy them from Etsy

Coordinated couples’ gifts for Valentine's Day are nothing new, but these matching bracelets are crafted specifically for those whose romance takes place at a distance. Both parties can wear their love on their sleeves, or at least close to their sleeves, with hand-stamped bracelets that include their exact longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates.

For The Artist
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the artist

Refillable Leather Sketchbook
$9 |Buy it from Amazon

Bound in soft leather and available in a variety of colors, this sketch pad is wrapped in maritime-themed decorations that aren't directly related to Valentine's Day, but which are uniquely inspiring nonetheless. Small enough to stow away in handbags, backpacks or purses, the book contains craft-quality paper that can be refilled after the artist in your life sketches, doodles and draws through every last page.

For The Cheese Lover
Courtesy of uncommongoods.com

for the cheese lover

Italian Cheesemaking Kit
$25 | Buy it from UncommonGoods

Plenty of gift basket companies and subscription services offer all kinds of exotic cheeses for dairy lovers, but how often do they get to make their own? If the DIYer in your life and the cheese aficionado in your life are the same person, that's exactly the gift you can give. Each kit comes with everything you'll need to make 10 different Italian cheeses.

For The Moonstruck
Courtesy of etsy.com

for the moonstruck

Anniversary Map Art
$25 | Buy it from Etsy

Imagine capturing an exact image of what the sky and the stars looked like at precise time and place you and your Valentine met for the very first time. You don't have to imagine any longer. Thanks to a collision between science and art, you can dazzle your Valentine with a print enshrined on museum-quality archival paper that reveals the exact position of the stars from any geographic location on any day in history.

For The Hopeless Romantic
Courtesy of etsy.com

for the hopeless romantic

Message in a Bottle
$25 | Buy it from Etsy

Add your own personalized message to a tear-jerking poem, all of which is contained neatly in a rustic and romantic bottle, like the kind lovers have been throwing into the ocean for centuries. Linen paper and India ink lend age and authenticity to the ancient-looking scroll, which is encapsulated in a bottle that's sealed with a cork and adorned with a heart.

For The Yogi
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the yogi

Foam Yoga Block and Strap
$20 | Buy it from Amazon

From crow pose to camel pose to half moon, sometimes yoga is better with a block. This set of two blocks, made from high-density foam, also comes with a strap to let the yogi in your life sink deeper into demanding poses while improving strength, flexibility and concentration. Light and portable, the blocks resist both moisture and odor.

For The 'Game Of Thrones' Fanatic
Courtesy of etsy.com

for the 'game of thrones' fanatic

'GOT' Decanter and Glass Set
$14 | Buy it from Etsy

Winter is here, and nothing goes with winter like whiskey. Whether it's Scotch or Bourbon, Irish, or Canadian, your Valentine will be drinking in the symbolic company of House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Stark and the rest of the great dynasties, thanks to this decanter set made from European glass.

For The Baker
Courtesy of southernhighlandguild.org

for the baker

Handmade Rolling Pin
$20 | Buy it from Southern Highland Craft Guild

Whether its bread, cake, cookies or tarts, the baker in your life can only succeed with the right equipment. A true generational keepsake, these rolling pins are more than just functional baking tools, but true works of art crafted by hand by a single craftsman located in Tennessee. Whether you choose classic straight or tapered, each rolling pin is a labor of love built to last a lifetime.

For The Secret Diarist
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the secret diarist

Love Journal
$7 | Buy it from Amazon

Gratitude journals are all the rage, but this fill-in-the-blank diary asks its owners to express what they're grateful for specifically about the person they love, which hopefully is you if you're giving it as a Valentine's Day gift. Prompts make it easy to express your feelings, and you get to decide the theme, whether you're feeling funny, mushy, sentimental, or serious.

For The Bookworm
Courtesy of southernhighlandguild.org

for the bookworm

Handwoven Bookmark
$7 | Buy it from Southern Highland Craft Guild

These page holders aren't your ordinary bookmark. They’re made by hand at the Weaving Room at Crossnore School & Children’s Home in Western North Carolina, which was founded in 1913 to continue the tradition of hand weaving. Just choose your colors and place your orders and your favorite bookworm will have a handcrafted masterpiece woven to last a lifetime for just $7.

For The Woman Of Faith
Courtesy of christianbook.com

for the woman of faith

Amazing Woman Wall Cross
$12 | Buy itfrom Christianbook.com

It's not hard to find crosses in the homes of people of faith, but this isn't just any regular wall cross. Give the believer in your life an affirmation of her beliefs that features sweet sentiments, such as "embraced in grace" and "God bless this amazing woman."

For The Bird Lover
Courtesy of amazon.com

for the bird lover

One-Way Bird Feeder
$25 | Buy it from Zulily

Bird-feeders are great, but how often do you actually get to see the winged wonders that stop by to munch? You can pack a pound of seeds into this transparent feeder box, which mounts directly onto your window for an up-close and personal view. A one-way mirror, however, means that you can see the birds but the birds can't see you, allowing you and your pets to observe for as long as the bird feeds.