10 Ridiculous Food Holidays That You Won't Believe Exist

egg salad sitting on the iron throne A.I. art

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egg salad sitting on the iron throne A.I. art
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Celebrate Food Times, Come On

There are more food holidays than any one person can count. It really seems like if you can think of any sort of ingredient or dish, there’s a national holiday to celebrate it.

But you’ve already heard about National Chocolate Day. You’re well familiar with National Spaghetti Day. Here are some of the weird ones you’ve never heard of, celebrating everything from baking soda to lima beans.

gumdrops by hmerinomx (CC BY-NC-SA)

1. Gumdrop Day

February 15

Unless you have cast some anti-sticking spell upon your teeth, gumdrops are a huge nightmare. Sure, they make a great chimney on a gingerbread house, but to devote an entire day to the little buggers seems like a lot. Also: my birthday. Hugely disappointed to share it with a stinker like this.

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Korean corn dog with blurred night cityscape

2. Something on a Stick Day

March 28

As far as these highly specific food holidays go, Something on a Stick Day is actually quite broad. You’ve got a whole range of options here, from savory to sweet. You don’t get a lot of holidays where popsicles and corndogs both count. 

Still can’t decide? Grab a skewer and stick it into literally anything you want to eat. Bingo bango bongo, Something on a Stick Day.

Lima Beans
Lima Beans by Indiana Public Media (CC BY-NC)

3. Lima Bean Respect Day

April 20

In this house, every day is Lima Bean Respect day. Lima beans are wonderful. Stewed slowly? Chunky ham hock? Tons of garlic and pepper? Yes, yes, and yes. And on top of it all, it just so happens to coincide with another holiday that’ll make you appreciate the lima beans even more.

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egg salad from konbi
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4. Egg Salad Week

The First Monday After Easter

A whole week! Damn. You love to see it. As a big fan of egg salad, this is the kind of respect I’ve been waiting for. Japan has it figured out in the egg salad department, so maybe if enough people get on board with this wonderful week-long extravaganza, the U.S. can get there too.

One question, though. If this is the week after Easter, is there a subtle implication that all this egg salad is meant to be made from all the Easter eggs made during the holiday? Not sure what’s going on here.

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candied orange peels
candied orange peels by Jocelyn McAuley (CC BY-NC-SA)
fruit cups
fruit cups by Garry Knight (CC BY)

6. Fruit Cocktail Day

May 13

I’m very sorry to disrespect something you may love, but wow, these nasty little cups gross me out. I’m stunned somebody would devote a holiday to it. Just thinking about that thick, syrupy juice that comes in the cup — oh boy. Oh lord. It’s a no for me.

Mushroom Omelet

7. Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Omelet Day

July 9

At least with something like Lima Bean Respect Day, it’s pretty obvious as to what you’ll be doing to celebrate. I really don’t know what to do on Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Omelet Day. Am I just making a regular omelet? Or is it like a wink-wink-let’s-have-fun thing where I am supposed to use up all my remaining eggs to make an omelet? I need some guidance. 

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Brandy McKnight/shutterstock

8. National Grits for Breakfast Day

September 2

Unlike Egg Salad week, you’ve only got a very tiny window of time to observe National Grits for Breakfast Day. Better not sleep in today, you’ve got a mess of grits to make. Use cheese and lots of black pepper. 

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Noodle Ring
Mr. Food Test Kitchen

9. Noodle Ring Day

December 11

A noodle ring is one of the strangest retro foods you’re likely to come across. I love that there was a time that people just went nuts for eating a ring of something. Truly seems like it didn’t matter what. In this case, it's noodles, mushroom soup, and broccoli.

Take a look at this recipe if you want to make your own noodle ring. No better way to prepare for Christmas than with a noodle ring, right?

Baking Soda

10. Bicarbonate of Soda Day

December 30

I bet in all of your New Year's Eve festivities, you’ve forgotten Bicarbonate of Soda Day, haven’t you? Well that’s a shame. This is basically just a fancy way of saying baking soda. Make sure to carve some time out during your holidays to celebrate by … baking something? Pouring some out onto the table and doing a photoshoot? Sticking it under a microscope? I don’t know about this one. Have fun.