24 Weird, Surprising, and Gross Over-the-Top Foods on a Stick

A vendor standing behind he's food stall near Times Square.

Alexandre Tziripouloff/istockphoto

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A vendor standing behind he's food stall near Times Square.
Alexandre Tziripouloff/istockphoto

Stick to Your Ribs

From bustling outdoor markets abroad to the deep-fried meccas of U.S. state fairs, a wooden stick can be the vehicle for some of the most interesting (and questionable) foods in the world. Whether ingenious, outrageous, or terrifying, many of these foods — some of which come pretty cheap and could even be made at home — are just begging to be tried. 

Andi and her alligator
Andi and her alligator by Joe Szilagyi (CC BY-SA)

Alligator on a Stick

At Riverfest in Wichita, Kansas, revelers line up to eat a feared predator deep-fried on a stick. For those interested in trying it at home, a pound of alligator nuggets from Louisiana Crawfish costs $23. 

Jan. 4: National Spaghetti Day

Deep-Fried Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick

Spaghetti and meatballs can be messy to eat— and it's not deep-fried. A Bon Appétit recipe corrects all this in a filling and cheap dish that can be made at home.

Food Insects: Worm insect or Chrysalis Silkworm fried for eating as food items on fork and in salad vegetable, it is good source rich of protein edible for future. Entomophagy concept.
Deep Fried Snickers
Deep Fried Snickers by Amy Aletheia Cahill (CC BY-SA)

Deep-Fried Candy Bars

A staple at state fairs across the country, the deep-fried candy bar mixes doughy and crispy with sweet and gooey on a stick. The batter is simply eggs, water, baking powder, flour, salt, oil for frying, and brown sugar, and virtually any candy bar goes with it.

Chocolate Covered Scorpion
Bizarre Food

Scorpion on a Stick

Like mealworms, scorpions are surprisingly lean and healthy— but folks eat them deep-fried and dipped in chocolate at the Arizona State Fair. You can get a scorpion pre-dipped in chocolate shipped to your home for $5, though you'll have to skewer it yourself. 

Bacon on a stick
Bacon on a stick by Stickboy (CC BY-ND)

Deep-Fried Bacon on a Stick

This snack combines three important elements of state fair food: bacon, deep-frying, and sticks. Unlike a corn dog, which is fried in cornmeal, the bacon is fried in thick, sweet funnel-cake batter. 

Antipasto Salad Kabobs
squid on a stick
squid on a stick by Ernie (CC BY)

Grilled Squid on a Stick

When calamari just isn't exotic enough, opt for ikayaki, Japanese grilled squid on a stick — a full squid, tentacles only, or cut into rings. Sometimes called "squid pancakes," this delicacy usually runs up to 500 yen, or less than $5.

Fried Snicker!
Fried Snicker! by Nate (CC BY-NC-ND)

Fat Elvis on a Stick

A Wisconsin State Fair treat evokes The King's favored peanut butter and banana sandwiches — and his notorious weight gain. A Reese's peanut butter cup on a stick is dipped in banana batter, deep-fried, covered with chocolate sauce, and sprinkled with bacon. 

matt eats ostrich
matt eats ostrich by Sarah (CC BY-NC)

Teriyaki Ostrich on a Stick

The ostrich is one of the fastest animals on Earth, but catch one and it cooks up really nice — especially with teriyaki, according to a Twin Cities food blog. A contributor found the massive, flightless bird in bite-size chunks on a skewer, with a side of dipping sauce, at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair.

Deep Fried Starbucks at the San Diego County Fair
Dulce R./Yelp.com

Deep-Fried Starbucks Coffee on a Stick

Following in the footsteps of deep-fried Coke (yes, that's a thing) comes deep-fried coffee — and not just any old coffee. A booth at the San Diego County Fair served up a treat made from ground Starbucks coffee, Foodbeast reported. Those tempted to try this at home might start with cheaper coffee.

starfish on a stick!
starfish on a stick! by annaspies (CC BY-NC-ND)

Starfish on a Stick

Starfish are not just for drying out and displaying in beach houses. At a night market in Beijing, crunchy, crispy, starfish on a stick cost less than $4 each.

Deep-Fried Milk and Cookies on a Stick
Thao T./Yelp

Deep-Fried Milk and Cookies on a Stick

For this dessert from the State Fair of Texas, milk and cookies are slow cooked into a custard, chilled, sliced, dipped in egg wash, covered with breadcrumbs, and, of course, deep-fried on a stick.

Waffle Kabob

Eggo and Fruit Kabobs

What's for breakfast? Toaster waffles with fruit? Make it portable and kid-friendly by partnering cut-up waffles with chunks of banana, strawberry, or another favorite fruit on a skewer.

Alemeda County Fair
Alemeda County Fair by Kent Buckingham (CC BY-NC)

Deep-Fried Butter Balls

Deep-fried butter balls have been a favorite heart attack on a stick at the State Fair of Texas since they won "Most Creative" at the 2009 Big Tex Choice Awards. To make, simply scoop out a globe of butter the size of a golf ball, roll it in sweet dough, and throw it in the fryer.


Deep-Fried Stuffing on a Stick

Who else but Paula Deen could come up with a way to eat stuffing on a stick? Like any stuffing, it can be made with a number of different ingredients, but Deen's recipe leans on sausage and spice. Even better, it's deep-fried.

Pig snout and pig tails
Pig snout and pig tails by Robert Clark (None)

Pig Snouts and Tails on a Stick

In China, the variety of foods that can be eaten on a stick is quite diverse. Roasting and skewering pig snouts and tails does nothing to distort the unmistakeable Miss Piggy shape of the nose and curl of the tail.

Pretzel Brownie

Deep-Fried Pretzel-Crusted Brownies on a Stick

At the Wisconsin State Fair, desserts include a brownie/cake concoction covered in pretzels and chocolate. It is, of course, deep-fried, and comes with caramel dipping sauce.

炸豬腸 deep fried pig intestines on a stick
炸豬腸 deep fried pig intestines on a stick by Dave Hu (None)

Pig Intestines on a Stick

Fried pig intestines are big in Hong Kong; the Philippines, where the dish is called isaw; and Myanmar, where it can be found alongside pig lungs and pig tongues, also served on sticks — part of the no-waste, head-to-tail philosophy of butchering common in much of the world.

slider on a stick texas state Fair
Angel B./Yelp.com

Deep-Fried Bacon Burger Slider on a Stick

This creation was a finalist in the 2016 Big Tex Choice Awards at the State Fair of Texas. It's made from a miniature beef patty stuffed with bacon, cheddar, and a beef hot dog, then skewered with a pickle, deep-fried in tempura batter, and served over shoestring fries.

The Spamsicle
The Spamsicle by FridayFunStuff1 (None)


A deep-fried slice of Spam on a stick has been featured at more than one fair over the years. A recipe posted on BigOven takes a different approach, using gelatin, water, popsicle molds, and a blender or food processor to create a "Spam slurry" that freezes into something resembling a Fudgsicle. Then again, maybe this isn't something you'd want to try at home.

Lobster Corn Dogs with Whole Grain Mustard dipping sauce
Lobster Corn Dogs with Whole Grain Mustard dipping sauce by urban bohemian (CC BY-NC-ND)

Lobster Corn Dog

Chicago may not miss celebrity chef Graham Elliot's Grahamwich eatery, which closed in 2013, but his stand at the Lollapalooza music festival did give the world the lobster dog ($10). Want something slightly healthier? Try a lobster roll

Reap the potato whirlwind
Reap the potato whirlwind by Loozrboy (CC BY-SA)
Stockholm, Sweden
Alexander Farnsworth/istockphoto

Bacon-Wrapped Caramel Apple

If traditional candy apples aren't exciting enough, try dipping them in melted caramel and covering them with bacon bits — a not-too-healthy but flavorful fan favorite at the Oklahoma State Fair.