Where to Find Good, Cheap Pasta in Every State


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Americans love pasta so much that dishes like spaghetti and meatballs are thought of as more American than Italian. Restaurants serving pasta hit a variety of price points, but because they're often seen as romantic, they can be expensive. Luckily, there's affordable pasta to be found in across the country. Here are top-notch spots to get a cheap pasta fix in every state.
Giuseppe's Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama
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At Giuseppe's Cafe, you can get plenty of pastas for under $14, and all come with a big chunk of homemade garlic bread. You can order a classic, red-sauce dish like spaghetti and meatballs, or try something full of herbs and veggies like fresh chicken pesto linguine.

Peppercini's Deli & Catering in Anchorage, Alaska
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Everything's expensive in Alaska, but you'll find some real bargains on the menu at Peppercini's in Anchorage. Go for smoked salmon Alfredo with penne pasta, which is under $10, or the old standby of spaghetti with garlic meatballs for $8.

Casella's Italian Delicatessen in Scottsdale, Arizona
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Although most people go to Casella's for fantastic Italian hoagies and cheesesteaks, this 40-year-old family-run deli also has two pastas on its menu: spaghetti with meatballs and lasagna. The lasagna is $10 and comes with a side of garlic bread, and the spaghetti is even cheaper.

Roma Italian Restaurant in Jacksonville, Arkansas
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There are so many pasta dishes under $10 at Roma that it's hard to choose just one. Spaghetti with meatballs or sausage clocks in at $7.95, and you can also get something like linguine with clams, chicken piccata with pasta, or a number of baked pastas topped with cheese for under 10 bucks.

Little Henry's in San Francisco, California
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San Francisco
What do you get when you cross a diner with a red-sauce Italian joint? Little Henry's, one of the cheapest places to get pasta in San Francisco. Nothing here is fancy, unless you count the red checkered tablecloths, but the plates of fettuccine Alfredo and ravioli all come in under $10, a real steal in this expensive city.

The Twisted Noodle, Colorado
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Multiple locations
With three locations in Colorado, The Twisted Noodle has cornered the market on inexpensive pasta. Although it may remind you of some national fast-casual chain restaurants, the quality here is much higher. Nothing on the menu is over $10, including a creamy asparagus and artichoke pasta dish and shrimp scampi.

Carmela's Pasta Shop in Wethersfield, Connecticut
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Why go to a fancy restaurant when you can get fresh pasta straight from the source? The staff at Carmela's make all kinds of fresh pasta and sauces by hand, and they're available cooked right in the store for lunch. Try the numerous ravioli flavors, like wild mushroom and lobster, all of which top out at $11. If you like it enough, you can buy some uncooked pasta for later.

Mr. Pasta in Wilmington, Delaware
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Mr. Pasta has been hand-making pasta in Wilmington since 1959. It's a no-frills spot where everything is made right in the building, so prices are low. Choose a plate of ravioli and meatballs for $7, or spring for lasagna or chicken parmesan for $11. Frozen pasta to go is available for $3.50 a pound.

Piccola Italia in Tampa, Florida
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This tiny restaurant is putting out some stunning pasta dishes at low prices. The entire menu at Piccola Italia comprises 10 pasta dishes, all for $10. Spaghetti carbonara is a good bet, or try pasta with tuna and cherry tomatoes. The daily specials on the chalkboard are worth the splurge, especially the osso buco.

Figo Pasta in Atlanta, Georgia
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With five locations around Atlanta, it's easy to get an inexpensive pasta fix at Figo. The menu is a build-your-own affair — choose a pasta and the sauce to go with it. Primavera with fresh veggies and a white wine sauce or classic beef Bolognese are solid choices under $10.

J P Spaghetti in Oahu, Hawaii
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Hawaii isn't known for having inexpensive anything, but J P Spaghetti on Oahu has some great pasta deals. The laid-back shop has a walk-up counter and only a few tables. Seafood is popular, naturally, so try the $13 shrimp special, which comes with seven huge shrimp, vegetables, and bacon in a white wine sauce.

Cucina Di Paolo in Boise, Idaho
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This small cafe makes 14 varieties of lasagna and serves four of them for lunch. Cucina di Paolo offers Italian sausage, traditional meat, chicken and spinach, and chunky vegetable lasagnas for $12, including a salad and garlic bread.

Chato's Pasta House in Chicago, Illinois
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Located in the Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen, Chato's Pasta House is a cozy restaurant with the kitchen right in the middle of the dining area. Pick your pasta, sauce, and toppings starting at $10, or go for the meat lasagna at $11.

Bruno's in West Lafayette, Indiana
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West Lafayette
Located just off the Purdue campus is Bruno's, an Italian joint and sports bar that's been around since 1955. While it's probably hard for students to pass up the pizza, there's a menu of pastas worth trying too: lasagna, Alfredo, and manicotti all come in under $13.

Luigi's Italian Restorante in Des Moines, Iowa
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Des Moines
Luigi's is a comfortable restaurant that serves big portions of pasta. Lemony chicken piccata and spicy chicken arrabiata are both served over spaghetti for $12. Go meat-free with spinach ravioli and Alfredo for the same price.

Albero Cafe in Wichita, Kansas
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Albero Cafe is quaint inside, with big windows and inexpensive prices. Fettuccine formaggio with a creamy sauce is $9, or upgrade to chicken scampi over angel hair for a few bucks more.

Come Back Inn in Louisville, Kentucky
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The Come Back Inn has dim lighting and a cozy feel reminiscent of an old-school, red-sauce joint. Simple linguine with marinara sauce is $10, and you can add three meatballs or a whole Italian sausage for 3 bucks more.

Two Tony's in New Orleans, Louisiana
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New Orleans
It's hard to escape seafood in New Orleans, and why would you want to? Even Italian restaurants like Two Tony's specialize in seafood as well as pasta. A spicy shrimp fettuccine will set you back $16, but if you forgo the seafood, you can get meatballs and capellini for under $12.

Sam's Italian Foods, Maine
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Multiple locations
Originally opened in 1939, Sam's Italian Foods now has a number of locations across Maine. It's known for Italian subs and pizza but has some great deals on pasta, too. Ziti or spaghetti with meatballs is $7, and you can get a pasta sampler for under $10.

Grano Pasta Bar in Baltimore, Maryland
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You'll have to head outside of Baltimore's Little Italy to find cheap pasta, but Grano Pasta Bar is just as cozy as some of the better-known spots. It's called a pasta bar because the kitchen is behind the bar, allowing diners to see the action. Calamari Vesuvio and carbonara, both about $12, are good bets.

Casa Razdora in Boston, Massachusetts
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A lunch-only spot catering to downtown crowds, Casa Razdora serves up freshly made pasta with a variety of sauces and toppings. Pasta with three meatballs and marinara is $9.99, or opt for one of the tempting daily specials like cannelloni or seafood pasta.

Pop's for Italian in Ferndale, Michigan
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Pop's for Italian is a modern Italian restaurant with industrial decor and high ceilings. The restaurant makes pasta daily, and you can get beet gnocchi with pistachio pesto or wild mushroom fettuccine for $13.

Degidio's in St. Paul, Minnesota
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St. Paul
Opened by a bootlegger in 1933, after Prohibition ended, DeGidio's has a long history in the Twin Cities. It's known for its $14 chicken parmesan, but a small spaghetti with one meatball is $11.

The Sicilian II in Biloxi, Mississippi
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Located in a strip mall, The Sicilian II might not be too pretty on the outside, but murals on the walls inside make up for it. You can get chicken marsala, scampi, or Alfredo for $12, or upgrade to shrimp for $2 more. The pastas come with breadsticks and soup or salad for a full meal.

Cunetto House of Pasta in St. Louis, Missouri
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St. Louis
Head to The Hill neighborhood in St. Louis for great, inexpensive Italian-American classics. Cunetto's is a classic red-sauce restaurant with dishes like pasta with Bolognese and meat cannelloni for under $12. Don't leave without trying the toasted ravioli appetizer, which was invented in the city.

Bruno's A Taste of Italy in Billings, Montana
Photo credit: Brunos-Italian-Specialties/facebook.com

In Montana, you can get inexpensive, delicious pasta at Bruno's. Five different pastas (plus a gluten-free option) can be topped with whatever sauce you like for under $11. The price includes meatballs and sausage, too.

Mangia Italiana in Omaha, Nebraska
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Like other restaurants where you order at a counter, Mangia Italiana in Omaha generally has lower prices than full-service spots. Pasta with sugo, a long-simmered Italian tomato sauce with meat, is $10. You can add meatballs for a buck more.

Russo's Pizza Kitchen in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Las Vegas
You're going to have to go off-Strip to find cheap pasta in Las Vegas. Head west of the Strip to Spring Valley for a kid-friendly pizza and pasta spot, Russo's. Linguine with meatballs, cheese ravioli, and Alfredo are all $13. It costs a little more to get the signature penne with vodka sauce and sausage.

Fratello's, New Hampshire
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Multiple locations
The three locations of Fratello's each bring rustic decor and inexpensive pasta to New Hampshire residents. Customers pay between $9 to $13 to pick a pasta and a sauce, including a hearty Bolognese or spicy fra diavolo with cherry peppers. For a buck more, you can get stuffed shells or vegetable-filled lasagna.

Caffe Espresso Italia in Newark, New Jersey
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It's not much to look at, but what Caffe Espresso Italia lacks in ambiance, it makes up for in homemade pasta just like Grandma used to make. While it specializes in Italian sandwiches, there's also at least one pasta special every day. Lasagna, penne with vodka sauce, and linguine with calamari are all popular, and usually $9 or less.

Saggio's in Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Head to Saggio's for pizza and pasta in a fun, vintage atmosphere filled with celebrity statues and tchotchkes. Get traditional Italian pasta like ravioli or gnocchi, or pasta with a New Mexico twist like penne with green chili sauce and chicken, all for under $12.

Spaghetti Incident in New York City, New York
Photo credit: Jando S./yelp.com

Everyone knows there's plenty of great Italian food to be found in New York City, but not much of it would be considered inexpensive. Head to Spaghetti Incident on the Lower East Side, where a bold puttanesca is $11, or spring for homemade chitarra pasta with fresh tomato and homemade mozzarella for $14.

Antonio's Pizza in Charlotte, North Carolina
Photo credit: AntoniosPizzaCLT/facebook.com

Leave it to college students to support cheap restaurants. Antonio's, located just off the University of North Carolina campus, sells plenty of pizza and pasta in a fast-casual atmosphere. Pasta prices range from $7 to $11, including some hearty choices like lasagna and a breaded chicken and broccoli Alfredo.

Bruno's Pizza in Bismarck, North Dakota
Photo credit: Bruno's Pizza/yelp.com

With two locations in North Dakota (Bismarck and Minot), Bruno's has double the cheap pasta to go around. Spaghetti and meatballs will run you $11, along with stuffed shells, chicken parmesan, and baked macaroni and cheese.

Pasta Villa in Columbus, Ohio
Photo credit: John S./yelp.com

Pasta Villa, a strip-mall eatery, offers a number of pastas for under $12, including prosciutto and portobello ravioli and baked ziti. If you can't decide which pasta to try, come for lunch on a weekday, when there's a pasta and pizza buffet for $7.

Falcone's Pizzeria in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Photo credit: FalconesPizzeria/facebook.com

Oklahoma City
Although it's known for pizza and sandwiches, Falcone's serves up some mean pasta entrees, too. Spaghetti and meatballs and fettuccine Alfredo top out at $10.

Ooh, Pasta! in Portland, Oregon
Photo credit: Yen N./yelp.com

A food truck in Portland is serving up Italian and Thai-style pastas. Ooh, Pasta! has nine pastas on the menu, and all are under $10. There's clam linguine and penne alla vodka on the Italian side of things, or you can get Thai tipsy linguine or noodles and vegetables with a Thai-style peanut sauce.

Capofitto in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photo credit: Capofitto-Pizza-Gelato/facebook.com

Sometimes the trick to finding good, cheap pasta is to go to places known for other dishes. Capofitto makes great pizza and gelato but also has some inexpensive pastas for dinner, which is no small thing only three blocks from Independence Hall. A simple spaghetti and red sauce is $11, or spring for a braised short rib Bolognese for $14.

Angelo's in Providence, Rhode Island
Photo credit: Nancy G./yelp.com

In operation since 1924, Angelo's is a family-friendly and comfortable Italian restaurant in Providence. Its homemade red sauce is known as "house gravy," and you can get it on a healthy portion of spaghetti for $10. A big block of meat lasagna for $13 might be pretty tempting, though.

Il Giorgione in Columbia, South Carolina
Photo credit: Il-Giorgione-Pizzeria-and-Wine-Bar/facebook.com

This little bistro in Columbia serves up an entire menu of pizzas and pastas for $12 or less. Choose from pastas like spaghetti carbonara and meat tortelloni at Il Giorgione. Enjoy them outside on the patio in warm weather.

Tomacelli's Pizza and Pasta in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Photo credit: Pam B./yelp.com

Sioux Falls
Head to Tomacelli's for a kid-friendly meal of Italian pasta. None of the pasta dishes tops $11, including "jumbo" portions of pastas like shrimp Alfredo and jambalaya. Don't forget to bring along a marker — the staff lets patrons write and draw on the walls and furniture.

Dino's Grill in Memphis, Tennessee
Photo credit: Brian L./yelp.com

The family that owns Dino's Grill has been in the restaurant business since 1945. They're still serving up classic Italian-American favorites to anyone looking for a bargain. Don't pass up the homemade ravioli or stuffed shells, filled with cheese and spinach. You can get them both as a half-and-half entree for $11.

Mandola's Deli in Houston, Texas
Photo credit: Natalie D./yelp.com

This homey Italian deli with a large dining area in Houston feels like it's been there forever (but really it dates to 1975). Mandola's Deli serves up spaghetti with meatballs for $9, or shrimp Alfredo for $12. The staff doesn't doesn't skimp on the sauce, so there's lots to sop up with garlic bread.

Mediterranean Market & Deli in Salt Lake City, Utah
Photo credit: Candice P./yelp.com

Salt Lake City
Mediterranean Market & Deli is an Italian import store in Salt Lake City. The restaurant has a spacious eating area where you can munch on subs and other deli goodies. While the pasta menu is basic, it's dirt-cheap, too. You can get any combination of spaghetti, meatballs, and homemade marinara and sausage for $7.

Papa Frank's in Winooski, Vermont
Photo credit: Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Papa Frank's has been serving Italian favorites to the families of Winooski since 1984. The entire menu is incredibly inexpensive, from simple pastas for $6 to chicken and broccoli Alfredo for $11. You can even get veal parmesan with a side of pasta for for less than 11 bucks.

Ciro's Italian Eatery in Elkton, Virginia
Photo credit: Juliana C./yelp.com

Ciro's Italian Eatery, a large restaurant in Elkton, has a very long list of low-cost pasta dishes. Eggplant parmesan with pasta, gnocchi with bacon and peas in cream sauce, and baked rigatoni with meat sauce are all $11. For a few bucks more, you can get shrimp, clam, or chicken pasta dishes.

Lopriore Bros. Pasta Bar in Seattle, Washington
Photo credit: Fiona T./yelp.com

Located in the famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, the LoPriore Bros. Pasta Bar has been slinging Italian fare since 1985. The "Pastabilities" part of the menu includes classics like ravioli and meat lasagna for under $15, and smaller portions cost less.

Pizza Barbarossa in Charleston, West Virginia
Photo credit: Shane H./yelp.com

Pizza Barbarossa is an Italian restaurant with heavy Greek influences. There are classic pastas like spaghetti and meatballs and chicken Alfredo but also Mykonos spaghetti baked with shrimp and feta cheese for something unique. All are less than $10.

Capri Di Nuovo in West Allis, Wisconsin
Photo credit: capridinuovo/facebook.com

West Allis
Capri was an Italian restaurant in a Milwaukee suburb for decades before shutting down. New owners swooped in and reopened it as Capri di Nuovo. You can still get inexpensive pasta there, including spaghetti and meatballs for $11, or up the ante with a cheesy lasagna baked in individual dishes for $12.29.

Pizzeria Caldera in Jackson, Wyoming
Photo credit: Jocelyn T./yelp.com

A popular casual pizza spot in downtown Jackson, Pizzeria Caldera also has some tasty pastas on the menu. Pasta marinara, pesto pasta, and cheesy baked ziti ring up at $13 or less. And really, every meal is worth a lot more when you consider the mountain views from the upstairs patio.

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