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Rebel Rabbit

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Rebel Rabbit High Seltzer

Rebel Rabbit is a THC-infused seltzer made with both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC.

Best Price:$36 for a six pack from Rebel Rabbit

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Who Should Buy This?

Anybody who partakes in the green stuff should give this a look. I’d also recommend this to anybody like myself, whose hangovers are no longer the cutesy, ironic thing they used to be, and now take a full, crippling two days to recover from.

rebel rabbit high seltzer cansPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

What We Liked

I tasted Mandarin Orange, and the flavor was absolutely aces. Like many mandarin-flavored seltzers, this tastes very much like an orange peel, but never gets too bitter. It’s also not sweet at all (only 4g of sugar), which is nice. It’s easy to drink and took me about 45 minutes to get through all of it — not unlike a standard beer.

As for the high? It’s nice and pleasant, and certainly not too strong. I opted for the “Wild” variety, which contains 10mg of THC as opposed to the 5mg “Mild” version. I’m, uh, an experienced user so 10 didn’t fully knock me out. Because it’s Delta 8 THC (extracted from legal hemp plants), it’s not as potent as the Delta 9 THC that comes from cannabis plants grown in legalized states. This was easygoing and chill for about three hours after I drank it.

What We Didn’t Like

The branding on the website is absolutely great. We’ve got a nice logo, a pretty font, a well-executed color scheme; the works. The cans that came in the mail, however, are incomprehensible to me.  

Remember that anti-piracy commercial from the early 2000s? It’s all I can see when I look at this can. I hope what I was drinking was some old branding that they’ve decided to replace, cause damn, this is bad. If this is the new direction that Rebel Rabbit's marketing team is going in ... yeesh.

mandarin orange rebel rabbitPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

TLDR: Pros and Cons


  • If you’re a THC fan looking to cut out vapes and smoke, this is a perfect option.

  • It tastes great.

  • 5mg and 10mg cans are available.

  • These are legal for anybody to order.


  • The old branding makes you feel like a lame, skateboarding teenager when you drink it.

  • It took about an hour for me to feel the effects, making it hard to drink in a bar with friends.

  • Ordering these online is an expensive thing.

Evaluating the Competition

I haven’t had a lot of THC seltzers, but the big difference I noticed here is that it takes a longer time to hit. The first time I had a cannabis-infused drink, I felt it in about 20 minutes. If you’re hanging out with your friends at a bar or a backyard BBQ and you want to go toe-to-toe with them as they drink beers or hard seltzers, you’ll be a little bit behind.

What to Look For

The most important thing to look for when you’re buying a THC seltzer is the dosage. What’s your tolerance like? If this is your first dip into the THC pool, go for a low-dosage like those available in Rebel Rabbit’s 5mg options. If you’re more experienced, the 10mg cans will do you just fine.

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rebel rabbit high seltzerPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

The Bottom Line

If hangovers are your nemesis and you’re looking for a vapor or smoke-free way to get high, Rebel Rabbit is a really great option. It tastes good, doesn’t blast you into space with its potency, and brings you a mellow, relaxing experience. 

The drawback is that because of the price, these are more of a special occasion treat than a quick pull on a vape or a few beers. After shipping, the six-pack ran me about $50, which makes these cost over eight bucks a can. 

Our Process

As an experienced cannabis user, I opted for a 10mg Mandarin Orange. To evaluate, I drank one, sat back, and waited. Almost exactly an hour later I started to feel a buzz, and it lasted a little over three hours. It never reached that unpleasant I’m-way-too-high peak that edibles did in the pre-legalization days, which is really nice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rebel Rabbit taste like weed?

Not even a little bit. The flavors are clean, crisp, and super well-balanced.

How is Rebel Rabbit legal?

Rebel Rabbit is made with Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC extracted from hemp, which, thanks to The Farm Bill, is legal. In states where all cannabis is fully legalized, this type of thing would be made with THC extracted from a far more potent cannabis plant.

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