Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em, These 8 Polarizing Foods Spark Serious Debate

person pouting with oysters, cilantro, and fruit cake

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person pouting with oysters, cilantro, and fruit cake
Cheapism / DALLE-E 3

Fan or Foe?

Picky eaters aside, there are plenty of polarizing foods out there that don't appeal to people. And, interestingly enough, those very same foods are some other people's favorites. We're talking about foods with zero in-between: You either love them, or you can't stand the sight (let alone the taste) of them. Here are eight of the most prevalent polarizing foods that have both a fan base and a cadre of haters.

Christmas fruitcake

1. Fruitcake

This stuff is in countless Christmas movies and cartoons. It pops up in grocery stores around the holidays every year. But who is buying and eating this? We the people want to know. We're just saying, the shelf chock-full of these at the store doesn't seem to dwindle too quickly.

canned anchovy fillet on a black wooden rustic background
Andrii Pohranychnyi/istockphoto

2. Anchovies

There are people who love these slimy suckers on pizza. There are people who will even eat them right out of the tin. And then there are those who would prefer to not even hear that they're a main ingredient in Caesar dressing. There is no in between.

Oysters close-up. A dozen of raw oysters on a platter

3. Oysters

You might enjoy the feeling of luxury when eating a plate of oysters before a good surf and turf dinner. Or maybe you think eating oysters is akin to slurping snot out of a shell. This one isn't a food many are "meh" about. 

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Licorice candies isolated
Oleksandr Blishch/istockphoto
Beet slice preserved
Colorful Candy Corn for Halloween

6. Candy Corn

If black licorice causes the most uproar and debate in the candy world, candy corn is hot on its heels. This stuff has a cult-like following on one end and a plethora of picketers plotting its downfall on the other.

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Blue cheese fresh bread.

7. Blue Cheese

Pungent and bursting with a flavor profile that is entirely its own, there is no way to choke down blue cheese if you don't like it. Its flavor is so prominent that you're either the president of its fan club or the one behind the petition to do away with the cheese for good.

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Woman cutting fresh green cilantro at black table, closeup
Liudmila Chernetska/istockphoto

8. Cilantro

Cilantro was dealt an unfair deck. Some people really enjoy its strong taste, while others are literally genetically wired to not like it because, to their tastebuds, it registers as soapy-tasting. This herb is one of the culinary world's strangest anomalies.