Don't Miss These Pizza Deals From Domino's, Pizza Hut, and More

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Americans eat a lot of pizza, and for good reason: It's tasty; it's convenient; and, most of all, it's relatively cheap. But with inflation busting budgets from the grocery store to the gas pump, consumers reported seeing higher pizza prices in a recent survey by Technomic, and a third said they're looking for more deals. We've rounded up ongoing and limited-time specials and discounts at more than a dozen major national pizza chains.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Ongoing deals:

  • $25 Big Dinner Box with two medium pizzas, breadsticks, and pasta or wings

  • $15 Dinner Box with one medium pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks

  • $11 large 1-topping pizza

  • $12 medium 3-topping pizza

Deals available this month:

  • $10 Tastemaker large pizza with up to 3 toppings

  • $13 Original Stuffed Crust large pizza with 1 topping

  • $15 Spicy Lovers Pizza

Check out Pizza Hut's coupons and deals page.

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Domino's Pizza store
J. Michael Jones/istockphoto


Ongoing deals:

  • $6 Mix and Match carryout of any two or more: medium 2-topping pizzas, breads, boneless and bone-in chicken, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and desserts

  • $7 Mix and Match delivery of any two or more: medium 2-topping pizzas, breads, boneless and bone-in chicken, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and desserts

  • $8 for carryout only: all large pizzas up to 3 toppings, 8-piece wings or boneless chicken, and Dip and Twists combos

  • $20 Perfect Combo with two medium 1-topping pizzas, 16-piece parmesan bread bites, 8-piece cinnamon twists, and 2-liter soda

Deals available this month:

  • $11 large carryout pizza with up to 5 toppings

  • $10 small gluten-free pizza with up to 3 toppings

  • $10 medium 2-topping handmade pan pizzas

  • $13 extra-large 1-topping Brooklyn style pizza

  • $5 2-piece chocolate lava crunch cakes

Check out Domino's coupons and deals page.

Papa John's Pizza
Saori K./Yelp

Papa John's

Ongoing deals:

  • $13 large 3-topping pizza

  • $25 Family Special with any large specialty pizza and any large 2-topping pizza

  • $7 1-topping medium pizzas when you buy two

  • $4 small 1-topping pizzas

  • $6 medium 1-topping pizzas

  • $8 large 1-topping pizzas

  • $6 Pick Your Faves when you order two or more: medium 1-topping pizzas, Papadias, breadsticks, garlic knots, chicken poppers, and desserts

Deals available this month:

  • $14 Epic Pepperoni stuffed crust pizza

  • $5.49 Spicy Pepperoni rolls

  • $16 Epic Stuffed specialty pizzas

Check out Papa John's coupons and deals page.

Little Caesars Pizza Franchise. Little Caesars is a Carry-Out Chain Featuring Pizza and Wings.

Little Caesars

Ongoing deals:

  • $5.55 classic cheese, sausage, or pepperoni pizza

  • $6.55 Extra Most Bestest cheese, sausage, or pepperoni pizza

  • $6 Slices-n-Stix pizza

  • $7 Extra Most Bestest thin crust pizza with cheese or pepperoni

  • $9 Detroit style cheese pizza

  • $9.50 Detroit style sausage or pepperoni pizza

  • $9 Extra Most Bestest stuffed crust pepperoni pizza

Deals available this month:

  • $3.49 Stuffed Crazy Bread

  • $10.49 Stuffed Crazy Bread meal deal with a classic pizza and 2-liter soda

  • $3.89 cookie dough brownie with Twix or M&M's

Check out Little Caesars' coupons and deals page.

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Papa Murphy's Pizza Restaurant, Tualatin, Oregon

Papa Murphy's

Ongoing deals:

  • $10 any large pizza with up to 5 toppings on Tuesdays

  • $12 any family size pizza with up to 5 toppings on Tuesdays

Deals available this month:

  • $10 XLNY cheese, giant pepperoni, or giant pepperoni and sausage pizza

  • $23 Kid's Favorite meal deal with two large pepperoni and one large cheese pizzas

  • $30 Family Feast with a large pepperoni pizza, large cowboy pizza, cookie dough, and a 2-liter soda

Check out Papa Murphy's coupons and deals page.

Jet's Pizza
Jenn S./Yelp

Jet's Pizza

Ongoing deals:

  • $14 large 1-topping pizza

  • $10 small 1-topping pizza

  • $6 two slices and a drink combo

  • $20 large 1-topping pizza and a dessert

Deals available this month:

  • $15 chicken bacon ranch pizza

  • $9 Deli Boats calzones

Check out Jet's coupons and deals page.

Marco's Pizza
Emex 1./Yelp


Ongoing deals:

  • $8 medium 1-topping pizzas

  • $8 pizza bowls

Deals available this month:

  • $10 large Pepperoni Magnifico with code PEPMAG

  • $9 large carryout 2-topping pizzas with code HOT2GO

Check out Marco's coupons and deals page.

Round Table pizza
Cheryl G./Yelp

Round Table

Ongoing deals:

  • $32 Pizza Palooza pack with a large 1-topping pizza, garlic parmesan twists, and three 20-ounce sodas

  • $25 Make It a Meal deal with a large 1-topping pizza and six classic or boneless wings

Deals available this month:

  • $20 large Double Play Pepperoni pizza

  • $10 12 classic or boneless wings

Check out Round Table's coupons and deals page.

Hungry Howie's
T.Bone B./Yelp

Hungry Howie's

Ongoing deals:

  • $12 large pepperoni duo pizza

  • $7 mix and match when you buy two or more: flatbread pizzas, medium pizzas, Howie Bread, subs, salads, or 4-pack of soda

  • $7 small 2-topping pizza

  • $12 large 2-topping pizza

  • $16 large speciality pizza

  • $9 large carryout 1-topping pizza

  • $18 Howie Deal with two medium 1-topping pizzas and Howie Bread or 2-liter soda

Deals available this month:

  • $9 flatbread pizza

Check out Hungry Howie's coupons and deals page.

Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese

Ongoing deals:

  • $22 for two large 1-topping pizzas on Tuesdays

  • $38 Family Fun Pack with two large 1-topping pizzas, unicorn churros, a goody bag with toys and activities, and 250 e-tickets to use on your next visit

  • $16 large cheese pizza

  • $14 medium pizza

  • $7 cheesy bread

Check out Chuck E. Cheese's coupons and deals page.

Cicis, Beyond Pizza restaurant
J. Michael Jones/istockphoto


Ongoing deals:

  • $24 value meal with two giant 1-topping pizzas and cinnamon rolls or cheesy bread

  • $29 value meal with two giant 1-topping pizzas, cinnamon rolls, and cheesy bread

  • $12 giant 1-topping pizza

Deals available this month:

  • $4 buffalo chicken, jalapeño, or pepperoni poppers

Check out Cici's coupons and deals page.

Old Chicago
Craig R./Yelp

Old Chicago

Ongoing deals:

  • $30 Party Pack for two with a starter, any large pizza, and a 6-inch Big Cookie

  • $55 Party Pack for four with a starter, any two large pizzas, and a 9-inch Big Cookie

Deals available this month:

  • $13 individual Detroit-style specialty pizza

  • $27 large Detroit-style speciality pizza

Check out Old Chicago's coupons and deals page.

A Blaze Pizza  restaurant in Buffalo, New York, USA.

Blaze Pizza

Ongoing deals:

  • $22 cheesy bread bundle with 2-topping large pizza, cheesy bread, and two 20-ounce drinks

  • $9 Party of One special with 11-inch 1-topping pizza and regular drink when you pick it up

  • $26 BFF bundle with two 11-inch pizzas, two fountain drinks, and two desserts

  • $27 for two large 2-topping pizzas when you order online

Deals available this month:

  • $11 11-inch garlic lover pizza

Check out Blaze Pizza's coupons and deals page.

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