Tinksky Bone-Shaped Ballpoint Pens
Courtesy of amazon.com

20 Weirdest Items Sold on Amazon That You'll Still Want

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Tinksky Bone-Shaped Ballpoint Pens
Courtesy of amazon.com


There are plenty of useless products on Amazon you should never buy but also quite a few strange ones you might be surprised to discover you need in your life. From hilarious novelty products for pranking coworkers to wacky but actually useful gadgets, we tracked down the weirdest items sold on Amazon that you're liable to actually want. Just be careful if one-click ordering is enabled; you might raise some eyebrows by ordering the whole list.

LumiLux Multi-Color Toilet Bowl Light
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Price: $15 | Buy it
Avoid awkward middle-of-the-night stumbles and feel like you're taking care of business at a disco with this oddly useful LED toilet bowl light. Not only is it motion- and light-activated, but you can choose from 16 colors and five brightness levels. It's a hit with potty-training families and older customers who get up frequently in the night, and with more than 3,000 positive reviews, they can't be the only ones.

Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector
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Price: $36 | Buy it
The Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock may seem absurd at first glance even for those hoping to keep their Chunky Monkey pints to themselves. But anyone who's gone to the freezer to indulge in their favorite flavor of ice cream and found someone else devoured it will see the value.

Demeter Funeral Home Cologne Spray
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Price: $34.50 | Buy it
More than just a gag gift, Demeter's Funeral Home Cologne Spray earns positive reviews from consumers for its clean and light scent. According to the company, it's designed to smell like classic white flowers, including lilies, carnations, and gladiolus, with a subtle hint of mahogany and Oriental carpet. (One reviewer complains it smells too much like embalming fluid, but we're not sure how serious they are.) If "funeral parlor" is not the essence you're aiming for, the company also offers Paperback, Mildew, Kitten Fur, and Condensed Milk, among others. The best part is telling people what you're wearing.

Ostrich Travel Pillow
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Price: $99 | Buy it
Sometimes you want to escape for a nap, but you're on a plane, in a cab, or, you know, at work. The goofy-looking Ostrich Pillow is a solution. The cushy napping pillow slides over the head, blocking out light yet allowing you to breathe. It even provides convenient holes where you can place your hands while slumped forward for a snooze. It's a bit of a splurge considering the mixed reviews, but can you put a price on a good nap?

Edible Seasoned Grasshoppers
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Price: $24 | Buy them
Eating insects may not be everyone's idea of a good time, but grasshoppers are considered a delicacy by many, particularly in Oaxaca, Mexico, where they're known as chapulines. Seasoned with chili peppers, garlic, salt, citrus, and other spices, these dehydrated grasshoppers can be added to tacos or other dishes, or just eaten with a twist of lime and cold beer (as they're often enjoyed in Oaxaca instead of peanuts). The adventurous can find all manner of animals and insect snacks on Amazon.

Shreddies USA Flatulence Filtering Men's Hipsters
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Price: $47 | Buy it
Paying so much for a pair of underwear may seem crazy, but these drawers are equipped with a carbon fiber material that dissipates unpleasant odors. If you've ever been embarrassed by the smell when you break wind, you might be happy to have these. Several reviewers say they're particularly useful for those with certain medical conditions. They're available for men and women and in a variety of sizes.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron
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Price: $50 | Buy it
When standard square or circular waffles just aren't brightening the morning the way they used to, this keyboard-shaped waffle iron will help you ESC a boring routine and SHIFT to a new one. The easy-to-clean die-cast aluminum iron is, well, wireless, so you can take it anywhere — including a camping trip with tech-geek friends. As they say, it's "CTRL + ALT + DELicious."

KidsFunwares Dinosaur Taco Holder
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Price: $12 | Buy it
You may not have realized you need a device to hold a taco (besides your hand), let alone a dinosaur-shaped one, but now you're wondering how you've survived without one. Reviewers point out that the TriceraTaco holder holds only two tacos, but we'll let it slide. The company suggests also using it for sandwiches, waffles, and more, and claims it helps promote "family unity" by getting fussy kids to stay at the table longer — oh, wait, this is for kids?

Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Stick
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Price: $10 | Buy it
Why should you be the only one having fun taking selfies when the dog could be joining in? This simple (and cheap) device clips atop a phone and holds a squeaky tennis ball to keep a pup's attention while you snap the best selfies ever. You can also use it to take portraits; just hope the dog doesn't try to fetch the ball with the phone attached.

Nasco Human Body Fat Replica
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Price: $30 | Buy it
This anatomically accurate replica of a pound of human body fat, designed for educational purposes, is undoubtedly a weird and startling thing to have around. But reviewers praise it for helping them lose weight, as a reminder of what delicious indulgences can add to the body.

Fred & Friends Banana Wine Bottle Stopper
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Price: $8 | Buy it
When opening a good bottle of wine, we usually reach for classy accoutrement such as a decanter, elaborate corkscrew, or nice stemware. This hilarious banana wine stopper brings the fun to the wine club. Does it look weird sticking out of a fine vintage? Sure, but it's bound to get some laughs.

My Critter Catcher Spider and Insect Catcher
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Price: $20 | Buy it
We've all been there: A leggy spider is crawling across the wall and you'd like it gone without having to squish it. My Critter Catcher is a handy (if odd) device that allows an easy and gentle grab with soft bristles controlled by a trigger at the end of a 26-inch stick, so spiders can be captured and dropped outside unharmed. It can also catch moths, crickets, scorpions, and other large insects — though we're not sure we'd try it with wasps, as the product description suggests.

Fred & Friends Fred E.M.T. Insulated Lunch Tote
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Price: $18 | Buy it
A great way to shock coworkers, the E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote is perfect for keeping food alive — er, fresh — while you enjoy a laugh. It also makes a good gift for paramedics, but maybe think twice before packing it for a kid; school administrators might not think it too funny.

Giant Gummy Bears Party Python
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Price: $120 | Buy it
You might ask yourself, "Why would I need an 8-foot, 27-pound edible gummy python?" The real question is: Why wouldn't you, especially if you have 450 gummy-candy-loving friends (the approximate number of servings) who would like to share it (and maybe chip in on the cost)?

Gotta Go Poncho Pocket-Size Disposable Restroom
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Price: $9 | Buy it
The pocket-size "disposable restroom" includes a hooded poncho (for privacy!), two leak-proof, zip-close bags for waste, and two moist cloth wipes. One bag contains a fast-absorbing polymer that turns liquid to gel; the other has a "no-miss triple harness catch system." Why would you want this? Ask anyone who has needed a bathroom desperately at an outdoor music festival or some other inconvenient location.

Smart Planet Edible Spoon Maker
Courtesy of amazon.com


Price: $25 | Buy it
There are plenty of kitchen gadgets you don't need on Amazon, and this might look like another at first. But think how much fun it would be to serve appetizers in delicious edible spoons or how excited the kids would be to chow down on spoon-shaped waffles. It's environmentally friendly, too — you won't be cluttering the planet with more disposable plastic.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Oven
Courtesy of amazon.com


Price: $18 | Buy it
Do you need a device that cooks only one dish, and only hot dogs and buns, at that? Of course not. But life with more hot dogs can't be bad. Although some buyers consider this novelty toaster little more than a gag gift, other reviewers tell of happy kids and adults munching away on hot dogs that cook in minutes.

Bob Ross Signed Check
Courtesy of amazon.com


Price: $250 | Buy it
Shoppers may not realize Amazon has entire sections devoted to collectibles, including art, coins, movie, and sports memorabilia — and celebrity-autographed items such as this signed bank check from late PBS painting host Bob Ross. Did he sign his checks as lovingly as he instructed us to paint, with little fluffy flourishes? There's only one way to find out.

D-CLICK Cheeseburger USB Flash Memory Stick
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Price: $12 | Buy it
Flash drives are useful for easy data transfers and storage, but they're also easily lost and can be confused if there's more than one in a bag or desk. Not when one's shaped like a cheeseburger, though. Other peculiarly shaped USB memory sticks from the same company include a finger, a bullet, ice cream, watermelon, and a throwing star.

Tinksky Bone-Shaped Ballpoint Pens
Courtesy of amazon.com


Price: $8 | Buy them
These bone-shaped pens actually write well, reviewers say, and might have comic appeal for medical workers ... or goths. Make no bones about it: You'll know who your true friends are once you start writing with these pens.