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There are so many things that Trader Joe’s does well, but the cheese section can often be overlooked. Usually stuffed with tons of imported products, you can find a lot of quality cheese at TJ's prices.

A TikTok creator and professional cheesemonger named Liz (@athomemonger) has cultivated a following based around cheese recommendations, and she recently dropped the deets on which Trader Joe’s cheese options are worth your time. Here are her nine picks for the best cheeses at Trader Joe’s.

@athomemonger Cheese shopping at trader joes! I decided to make a new account just for my cheese content, because i want to share and educate on the vast and wonderful world of cheese. Let me know what you want to see next! 😋 #cheese #cheesemonger #traderjoes #traderjoescheese ♬ original sound - Liz | at home cheesemonger


Though Liz admits this is “kind of basic,” she says this Brie is great for cheese boards or snacking.

Saint André

For another Brie option, check out this “super rich, decadent, creamy” classic triple cream made in Coutances, a town in France's Normandy region.


If you’re hankering for what she calls “a real stinker,” go for this French bleu cheese.

Beecher's Flagship Cheddar

An American cheddar cheese made the list! Good for us. “It’s honestly one of the few domestic cheeses I really love,” says Liz, adding “it’s great for snacking, grilled cheeses, and mac and cheese.”


“I was pretty surprised to see this here,” she says of the goat’s milk cheese from France’s Loire Valley. “It’s a great goat cheese.”

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Iberico Cheese

One of Spain’s many, many delights is Manchego cheese; Liz recommends this one.

Mini Basque Cheese

For something “different than a Manchego but still with the same flavor profile,” she recommends this Basque cheese. Your pintxos-and-charcuterie board is nearly complete.

Le Gruyère

“You want to look for the little AOP stamp,” Liz explains about Gruyère. “That means it’s really from Switzerland.” I definitely did not know that.

Comté Cheese

Same rules as the Gruyère here. Trader Joe’s has Comté cheese with a stamp as well — that’s the one you want.

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