Laughably Overpriced Items That People Still Buy

The Cost of a Beer and Hot Dog at Every NFL Stadium

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Breakfast Burrito

These Prices Nowadays Are Comically Absurd.

Okay, it's an AskReddit thread like the one we have here that can make you feel reassured in knowing that you're not hopelessly alone when it comes to caving to financially impulsive purchases like grabbing that box of Kerrygold (genuine dessert butter) at the grocery store, even though you're not sure how you're going to pay your utility bills for the month. 

However, a thread like this can also paint just a bit of an apocalyptic picture about where this whole inflation thing might be going as the days and the weeks and the months and the years continue to pass on by, while the total cost of a grocery shop outing sets its sights on The Land of the Unfathomable. 


That's Not The Ideal Way To Start The Day.

This whole mounting trend of various establishments and fast food restaurants aggressively raising the costs of their breakfast burritos needs to take a hard stop. 

(Thankfully there are still some fast-food deals to be found.)


Grocery Store Trips Nowadays Are Wildly Stressful.

Gone are the days when one could actually look forward to a grocery store outing, and not have to worry about triple-checking their bank account balance before checking out


Uber Eats Needs To Chill Out.

Might as well just take the hike to wherever you were going to order from delivery from in that case. 

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Inflation Certainly Isn't Making Anything Easier.

You're not alone if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, in a state of cold sweaty panic over what inflation seems adamant on doing to the steadily rising costs of food. 

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Oh, To Be Back In The Old Days Of Reasonably Priced Live Music.

Might as well double down on the various Spotify playlists at home, and save yourself for the very special occasion of a live show every now and again. 


Lights Out Then In That Case.

With winter approaching, the feeling of going back to our hibernation caves amidst the escalating costs of electricity has never felt more painfully real. 

(Thankfully there are some hacks to help lower your electricity bills.)


Now More Than Ever, It's Very Difficult To Secure The Bag Of Potato Chips.

It's never been more crucial to keep an eye out for whatever discounted bags of potato chips that your local grocery store might be offering. 


And It Doesn't Even Taste That Good.

Could these gluten-free bread companies at least invest a bit more of what must be a nice green-colored tidal wave of cash due to their pricey products, back into the "bread" that they sell consumers?


Could Be A Smelly Future, Indeed.

When the wallet's slimmed down and your finances are on fumes, it really hurts to realize that your dirty pile of clothes may have to co-exist in your living space with you for just a while longer. 


And It's Legally Required.

It shouldn't be this difficult to meet the financial obligations of a legal requirement, but here we are. 


Shouldn't Have Brought Meat Into This.

Yet another example of how it is key to keep your eye on the reasonably priced price, and always pit stop at the discounted meats section if you do in fact eat meat. 


Even In The Struggling Cities.

It used to be that you could uproot your life and set your sights on greener more economically affordable, potentially very rural pastures, but less and less does that prove to be the case. Property is quite, quite expensive. 


An Oil Change Can Make Quite The Divot In That Bank Account.

Many folks will literally wait as long as possible before they finally commit to getting what very well could be an imperative oil change


Okay, But This Is Just Kind Of Asking For It.

This is on par with subjecting yourself to the demonically overpriced candies and snacks at your nearest movie theatre. You know that they're not going to be agreeably priced, whatsoever, yet you proceed onwards into the eye of the financial hurricane.