8 Genius Tips To Beat the Heat and Slash Your Electric Bill This Summer From Redditors

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Is Your Electric Bill Making You Sweat?

Summer is coming, and it's time to enjoy the warm weather. The one problem? You're breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about the super high electric bills that result from using the air conditioning. Between electric, natural gas, and water bills, utilities can cost a fortune. 

We can't all live in a perfect 72-degree household year-round, and yes, we need to have lighting and cook and do laundry. So how do you save money while keeping the lights on? Redditors have some useful tips on how to lower your electric bill — here are some of our favorites.

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Don’t Use Your Dryer

Multiple Redditors suggest that using the dryer wastes a lot of energy. Some commenters say they use drying racks or clothes lines, while another subscriber shares that putting a dry towel into the dryer with wet laundry cuts drying time and power. Genius!

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Shut the Curtains

One Redditor says using dark curtains saves them from Florida heat. It makes sense, as without sun shining in, a room won’t overheat.

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Follow Your Power Company’s Timing

Another Redditor says their electric company shared that rates are highest from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. They avoid doing laundry, vacuuming, and other activities using electricity during that time. 

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Avoid Using the Oven When It’s Super Hot Outside

Subscribers widely advise against cooking — especially using the oven — when it’s a really hot day. Any heat added from cooking sources are likely to be fighting against your air conditioner, making it use more electricity.

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DIY Your Lighting

This is a little extreme for us, but hey, who are we to judge someone who wants to go hardcore. A commenter recommends making battery-operated lamps to save from using electricity. Attach a tap light to a vase and add a shade to make a lamp that avoids plugs.

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Use Your Work Electricity

A Redditor suggests “borrowing” electricity at work. Use the microwave at work to heat up meals in advance before going home. We can’t say it’s the worst idea.

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Turn Off the Water Heater

When you need to bathe, turn it on about an hour before, suggests a commenter. They claim they saved over $30 a month with this hack.

Too many wall chargers

Beware of Vampire Energy

This isn’t as spooky as it sounds. It simply refers to appliances using up energy even when they aren’t turned on. For example, a fully charged device that stays plugged in is using up energy. Every cord plugged into an outlet is using some amount of energy. The solution? Unplug appliances you aren't using.