7 Things Americans Waste Their Money On, According to Thrifty Redditors

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Dollars Down the Drain

If we look at metrics like food waste, energy use, or consumer spending, it's clear that American culture is a culture of excess. But Redditors on r/Frugal buck that trend, in part by thinking critically about their expenditures. In a recent viral thread emblematic of that spirit, members of the subreddit shared what they think American consumers waste their money on. Whether you're trying to reel in your expenses or are just curious, here's a list of everyday purchases that Redditors say are a waste of money.

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Food Delivery

Looking to drain your bank account in a matter of weeks? Order food delivery. As far as eating goes, it's about as expensive as you can get, as you'll be paying for service fees, delivery fees, and tip on top of what the restaurant is charging. An easy alternative: "Just go pick it up yourself if you want takeout," one Redditor suggests. If you can believe it, the average American spends around $1,850 on food delivery every year, according to a recent survey from Circuit.

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Airport Meals

Amusement parks, airports, movie theaters — if you're on a tight budget, there are just some places you should never buy food in the U.S. "Bring a snack or eat before you fly to avoid paying $14 for a tuna sandwich," one top comment reads.

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Buying Convenient Food

Convenience Foods

Pre-cut, pre-made, and pre-packaged foods abound in the U.S., but is the convenience worth the cost? Redditors say no. That said, some commenter said that having a few easy, pre-made meals on hand saves them money, as it prevents them from ordering takeout.

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