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Buying new glasses can be costly. How costly? The average price of a new pair is around $343, according to Zenni, an online eyeglass retailer.

It can be especially difficult to find affordable yet actually attractive frames. One TikToker is going viral for coming up with a rather unusual solution to saving money on glasses without sacrificing your eyesight.

In a video by @jason.reborn, the TikToker demonstrates that you don’t need expensive frames, but can get by with merely paying for lenses and wearing them alone. He shows how the lenses sit over his eyes by digging into his skin instead of sitting in a frame. I mean, there's frugal ... and then there's frugal.


the glasses industry does NOT want you to know this one secret 🤫

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“The glasses industry does NOT want you to know this one secret,”  the video caption says.

Viewers are intrigued, as the video has over 11 million views. However, a number of commenters had a reasonable conclusion — this idea isn’t much different than wearing a monocle.

“Get some lil monocle chains for them," concludes @nuerhoedivergent.

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We suppose this absolutely bonkers idea will save some money since you're not buying frames, but let's be real: It's a disaster waiting to happen. A lens can easily just fall off your eye and shatter, and then what? You’ll be paying for new ones. Also, some commenters didn’t see how the lens would even stay on in the first place based on their face shape. 

We think there are plenty of ways to get inexpensive frames without resorting to digging a lens into your skin. Costco and Walmart are particularly popular retailers for affordable glasses. And Zenni claims its glasses average out at around $44. 

But hey, if you want to attempt to bring back the monocle, perhaps this guy can be your inspiration.

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