27 Unique Novelty Gifts for the Holidays


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A young man and woman wearing tacky Christmas sweaters and acting silly
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Some gifts are meant to warm people's hearts. Some gifts are meant to impress. Novelty gifts are meant to make the recipient laugh and ask, "How is this even a thing?" As this year's gift-giving holidays approach, we've compiled 27 of the best novelty gifts, including everything from mean teddy bears to a "Game of Thrones" blanket. (Note: Prices and availability are subject to change.)

Bacon Candy Canes
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Price: $6.76 | Buy it on Amazon
Bacon can be found on and wrapped around just about every food item imaginable: scallops, ice cream sundaes, and even sushi rolls. But one company is taking the cured pork craze a step further by offering bacon-flavored candy canes. Try this "meat candy" at your own risk.

Feisty Pet Santa Bear
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Price: $29 | Buy it on Amazon
Some might think this grouchy teddy bear is mean-spirited. But then again, real-life bears aren't exactly the warm and docile creatures toymakers have made them out to be. So if you know someone who appreciates realistic anthropomorphization, or someone who shamelessly exhibits a grouchy side, this feisty Santa bear is a fitting gift.

Animated Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Price: $34 | Buy it from Odditymall
The ugly Christmas sweater industry has boomed in recent years, catapulting the idea of festive tackiness to unimagined heights. However, the high-water mark might have been found: This ugly Christmas sweater lets you display an animated fireplace front and center. Check out the link to see how it works.

Shakespearean Insult Bandages
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Price: $8.49 | Buy it on Amazon
Although Shakespeare didn't coin the phrase "add insult to injury," these witticisms from The Bard's famous plays do just that. Take this one, for example: "Thy wit's as thick as Tewksbury mustard."

Electrifying Reaction Game
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Price: $35 | Buy it on Amazon
Game night just got an exciting and painful update with this reaction game. To play, you and several friends hold metal handles and wait for a light to turn green. When the light turns, everyone must click the buttons on the handles. The person slowest to react gets shocked. Seems fair, right?

Mova Globes
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Price: $160 | Buy it on Amazon
The solar technology of MOVA Globes allows the softball-size planets to rotate slowly and silently, without using any cords or power supply. Simply place the globes near ambient indoor light or sunlight, and you're good to go.

Nintendo Flasks
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Price: $20 | Buy it on Amazon
Have you replaced your video game habit with a drinking-at-inappropriate-times habit? Well, Ink Whiskey has the perfect gift for you: A flask disguised as an old NES game cartridge, each with a delightfully punny name, like "Drunk Hunting," "Kega Man," and "Fine Ale Fantasy."

Tea Maker Alarm Clock
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Price: $70 | Buy it on Amazon
A perfect gift for those who need a little extra incentive to get out of bed in the morning, this unique clock will wake you with an alarm and a hot cup of a tea.

Instant Underpants
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Price: $5.25 | Buy it on Amazon
If you ever get in a jam and find you need a fresh set of underpants, you'll wish you had Archie McPhee's Instant Underpants. Just add water to the underpants, let soak, and then pull them apart to reveal a set of beautiful, dripping wet undies.

Horse Head Mask
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Price: $18.35 | Buy it on Amazon
This horse head mask supposedly makes the wearer "the life of the party." And though we can't guarantee that, this slightly creepy mask is guaranteed to turn some heads. It's a perfect gift for fans of horses or the TV show "BoJack Horseman," or simply for people who want to be a horse.

Doggie Water Fountain
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Price: $46 | Buy it on Amazon
A perfect gift for people with outdoor dogs, this water fountain provides a constant supply of water and is operated by simply pressing down on the lever. It will not only keep dogs hydrated, but it will encourage them to fresh and clean water instead of whatever else they find in the yard.

Tiny Hands
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Price: $9 | Buy it from Vat19
Hands aren't funny. But baby-sized hands on an adult man? That's comedy gold. Entertain and terrify your friends with this set of creepily tiny hands.

Potty Putter
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Price: $11 | Buy it from Prezzybox
Do you need to work on your short game? Do you also need to go No. 2? If yes, this potty putter is the perfect gift for you -- simply pop a squat, lay out the green, and enjoy some leisurely putting action.

Canned Unicorn Meat
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Price: $13 | Buy it on Amazon
Offering "magic in every bite," this can of unicorn meat makes for a perfect gag gift for your friends and family who like the more subversive side of humor. The product description reads: "All jokes aside, inside the can is a cut-up unicorn stuffed plush toy."

Whiskey Wedge
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Price: $18 | Buy it from Uncommon Goods
The whiskey wedge is a perfect solution to making an "on the rocks" drink without diluting it. Simply fill the silicone mold with water, put it in the freezer, and add spirits.

DIY Hot Sauce Kit
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Price: $35 | Buy it from Uncommon Goods
Want a little more spice from the condiments in your fridge? Make your own with this DIY hot sauce kit, which comes with spices, three pepper varieties, vinegar, gloves, and empty condiment bottles.

Planet Lollipops
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Price: $30 | Buy it from Uncommon Goods
Become a destroyer of worlds and satisfy your sweet tooth with these planet lollipops. Creator Heather Kelly uses a candy-making method to make the edible suckers, each of which looks like one of the nine planets (Pluto included!).

World's Smallest Violin
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Price: $12 | Buy it on Amazon
"It's the world's smallest violin, and it's playing just for you." This sarcastic phrase is famous, though it's not immediately clear where it was first used. It is clear, however, that actually having this 3-inch violin to give to someone when they're not quite deserving of sympathy is way more satisfying than saying the phrase.

Confetti High-Five Blaster
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Price: $9.95 | Buy it on Amazon
Whether you reserve your high fives for moments of ultimate triumph or throw them up for the smallest of victories, these shooters are bound to enhance your high fives by blasting confetti into the air upon hand contact. Surprisingly, the developers claim this product required "years of researching the perfect high five and thousands of trials" before it was perfected.

Dad Bag Fanny Pack
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Price: $17 | Buy it on Amazon
One of the more disgusting gifts on our list, each of these rubber fanny packs is designed to look like a man's beer gut. Each pack features a zippered compartment where you can store a phone and wallet, and, let's face it, cans of beer.

Westeros Map Blanket
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Price: $37 | Buy it on Amazon
This blanket won't just keep you warm while you're watching "Game of Thrones": It'll also help you keep track of what exactly is going on in Westeros, the fictional continent where most of the saga takes place. When summer comes, this 48-by-62-inch blanket can also serve as a wall decoration.

Floating Light Bulb
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Price: $349 | Buy it on Amazon
A bit more on the expensive side, this floating light bulb uses magnets to levitate above a platform that powers the light via induction. The company FLYTE designed the system with a minimalist approach: Simply touch the platform to turn the light on and off.

Dog Fence Window
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Price: $39 | Buy it on Amazon
These dog fence windows allows your dog to keep tabs on what's going down in the neighborhood while keeping him safe in the backyard. Installable at any height, the makers of the windows say it's a great solution for curious dogs that like to hop over fences or otherwise escape from the yard.

Color Changing Coffee Mug
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Price: $10 | Buy it on Amazon
Discovering your coffee has gone cold can make a bad morning infinitely more depressing. This heat-sensitive shows you how hot your drink is without using any batteries, powered instead by the heat itself! Just beware: The mug only begins to change colors when liquids are 158 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty hot.

Gross Key Hiding Spot
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Price: $8.95 | Buy it from Stupid.com
Is this gag gift gross? Sure. It's also somewhat ingenious. After all, tossing your spare key under the welcome mat isn't really thief-proof, but hiding your key within a disgustingly realistic pile of poop might be. The price is just under $9, in addition to whatever cost you assign to having to see fake poop by your house every day.

Simulated Jellyfish Lamp
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Price: $105 | Buy it on Amazon
Want to enjoy the beauty of marine life without taking on any responsibility? This color-changing LED lamp that displays simulated jellyfish might be the answer. It claims to be a "mood lamp," but in all fairness it's easy to see how a lamp that displays animations of a fish that stings people could put some in an uneasy mood.

The Growable Boyfriend
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Price: $3.69 | Buy it on Amazon
The dating world can be brutal. So if you have a lonely friend, go ahead and show them some support by gifting them a growable boyfriend. All they have to do is add water, wait 72 hours, and begin pair bonding.

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