17 Meaningful, Fun, and Indulgent Hanukkah Gifts for $20 or Less


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Hanukkah gifts are often more practical than extravagant, but that doesn't preclude a little indulgence. Without going over the top, opt for everyday luxury items that are special but inexpensive. Because many families share gifts on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah, keep the focus on small items that are meaningful, fun, and practical. These Hanukkah gifts will make an impression in an understated way that works for everyone on your gift list.
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Tea is an everyday indulgence especially suited to the colder seasons. An $18 holiday gift set from one of the finest producers in the country offers a pair of premium teas in special seasonal flavors for the tea lover in your circle. You can also shop the company's extensive collection, which includes prices as low as $12, to find just the right match for a loved one.
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Socks are a traditional Hanukkah gift, but they can get boring year after year, so opt for a colorful pattern from Darn Tough (starting at $15). All the socks are made in the United States and guaranteed for life -- a cut above the usual cotton-poly blends of years past.
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It's never a bad idea to give chocolate. Look to a small handmade-chocolate company with good ethical sourcing and practices. Nunu, which is based in Brooklyn but ships nationwide, offers handcrafted assortment boxes starting at just $8.
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Since Hanukkah is all about celebrating the festival of lights, which burned oil, a flavored cooking oil is in keeping with the theme. A gourmet white truffle oil ($20 from Stonewall Kitchen) will be used time and again to put a special finishing touch on many meals. You could also give other flavors like garlic- or herb-infused oils.
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This useful holiday gift adds a brilliant pop of flavor to gourmet and everyday dishes. Small-batch artisan salts from Chef Salt start at $10 each, or $25 for a decorative gift box of any two jars plus recipe cards. Volcanic and sea salts are blended with herbs and spices to create varieties such as Bamboo Curry and Holy Mole.
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A sleek and lightweight glass water bottle from Purifyou is a sought-after model that makes a practical yet special gift for just about anyone. On sale for as little as $15 on Amazon, this upgrade from a conventional plastic bottle a great way to encourage loved ones to stay hydrated in style.
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Giving handmade Hanukkah candles is a small way to bring a little extra luxury into someone's home. Menorah candles handcrafted in Israel start at less than $20 and come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to choose a box suited to your loved ones' tastes. Because the candles are literally made for the occasion, it's best to give this inexpensive and classy gift on the first night of Hanukkah.
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Simple dreidels are a typical and expected gift every year for kids. Why not kick it up a notch? Dreidels with candy inside come in a pack of six for $12. Give one to all the kids in the family (and maybe even the adult kids, too).
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This seasonally flavored coffee liqueur (around $20) is an adults-only gift that packs a lot of punch. The drink's smooth and sweet flavors are delicious on their own, but they also work well in hot or cold cocktails and in holiday baking. The high quality of the product, inexpensive price tag, and overall deliciousness make this a winner.
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One of the most delicious aspects of Hanukkah is always the sufganiyot, or traditional jelly doughnuts. Chances are your hometown has a place or two that specializes in this holiday treat, although any jelly doughnuts will do in a pinch. A box of fresh doughnuts may not be the most expensive gift, but it will likely be the most popular once unwrapped.
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Homemade cookies are always a welcome gift during the holidays, and Hanukkah is no exception. You can find a themed cookie-cutter set for less than $5 for making festive treats from a basic sugar-cookie recipe. Copy a family favorite onto a recipe card and spend a few more dollars on icing and sprinkles. Present it on a festive plate wrapped in colored cellophane from a dollar store to complete this special homemade gift.
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Oil is a central theme of the Hanukkah story, which is why fried foods are traditional fare during the holiday. While simple, a decorative oil lamp is an on-trend gift that can come in handy all year round and has a deeper meaning. An $8 version is available on Amazon, and there are many styles and prices available online and in stores.
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Since Hanukkah falls during the coldest season of the year, practical seasonal gifts are especially popular. A hot water bottle available for $18 on Amazon comes with a soft fabric cover to provide a step up in comfort. It should come in handy for warming up cold sheets before crawling into bed and for snuggling when temperatures drop.
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The original symbol of Judaism, and one of the centerpieces of Hanukkah, a menorah is a must-have for anyone who wants to celebrate the holiday. This thoughtful and inexpensive gift is ideal for young people who may be starting to explore their heritage or living on their own for the first time. A silver-plated menorah costing less than $20 can become a lifelong family heirloom that carries significance far beyond its dollar value.
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A pretty and practical piece, a Hanukkah dishtowel from Judaica is selling for just $8. The recipient will appreciate the lighthearted theme of the item as well as the fact that it will come in handy at many holiday gatherings for years to come.
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Encourage your family or group of friends to enjoy the holiday season by spending time together. It may cost as much as $15 a person, but there are ways to save on movie tickets. This is an opportunity to bond over a shared experience (and get a jump on Oscar season).
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One of the cornerstones of Judaism is charitable giving. Donating in someone's honor is a loving way to show respect for common values and show young children how important and gratifying it is to give back to the community.