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Holiday Gifts You Can Get at the Dollar Store

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Presents for Pennies

When holiday shopping leaves budgets stretched thin, it’s the dollar store to the rescue. The dollar store is a particularly good source for inexpensive stocking stuffers, classic kids' toys, and practical finds for grown-ups. Stop in often for a different selection, particularly as the seasons change. You can also check store websites to browse before you go or shop online at Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Dollar General. (And just for laughs, take a peek at the 24 Weirdest Things We Found at the Dollar Store.)

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Hats and Gloves

Hats and Gloves

Everyone can use a warm hat or an extra pair of gloves this winter, and most dollar stores carry this welcome stocking stuffer. Expect basic knit options in solid colors or traditional designs. Paying a little more might get you a cozy fleece lining, and there are often character options for kids for a slight premium.

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They might sound cliché, but simple slippers do come in handy when padding around the house, and they're cheap at dollar stores. Shoppers can often pick up a pair of cloth slip-ons or fuzzy slippers at Dollar General for $5 or less.

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Grown-Up Craft Supplies

Grown-Up Craft Supplies

Dollar stores don't ignore crafty grown-ups. They often have staples such as floral foam, wreath forms, ribbon, miniature hot glue guns, and organizers. Giftable options may include make-your-own ornament kits, assorted beads for necklaces, and colorful rolls of washi tape with tons of fun patterns.

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They won't deliver Bose-quality sound, but dollar-store headphones are a great stocking stuffer for kids who need them for tablets, or as a cheap backup pair for anyone. Earbuds start at just $1 at many stores, while teen-approved over-the-ear styles and kid-friendly headsets with volume control are easy gifts for a few more bucks.

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Board Games
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AA batteries


Sure, batteries probably shouldn’t be the only gift you put under the tree, but wrap up a few cheap packs from the dollar store for all those new toys, and you may just be the MVP of Christmas morning.

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Dog Toys

Pet Supplies and Treats

There's no need to leave Fido high and dry this Christmas. Unless the pooch has expensive taste, the dollar store is a great place to grab cheap pet gifts including dog and cat treats, bones and biscuits, squeaker toys, balls, teaser wands, and more. (Or you could make your own.)

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Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks and anything else that can light up the night with vibrant neon color is a guaranteed hit for any kid's stocking. There are tubes of bendable, connectable glow bracelets and necklaces at the dollar store for a buck. Some may also carry glow wands, balls, and even glow-in-the-dark fidget spinners.

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Everyone needs 'em, so stuff a pair or two in a stocking for cheap. While dollar stores often have big packs of basic white crew socks, they may also carry super-soft non-skid socks perfect for the winter, thermal or boot socks, and even toe socks for the kids. Some stores carry trendy items such as slipper socks and boot toppers for a few more dollars.

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Kids' Craft Supplies

Kids' Craft Supplies

Dollar stores are a great shopping source for creative kids. Options include basics such as coloring books, crayons and watercolors, clay, chalk, Play-Doh, stickers, and more. For on-the-go kids, activity kits featuring licensed characters like Care Bears and Transformers are easy stocking stuffers.

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Phone Cases

Phone Cases

As long as you don't need military-grade drop protection, you can often find phone cases on the cheap at the dollar store. Cases with fun colors and patterns are particularly good stocking stuffers for teens glued to their phones. Just don't expect to find cases for the latest smartphone models (sorry, iPhone 11 owners).

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Dollar stores have plenty of candy for every sweet tooth, and not just off-brand options: Most carry Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, and more. Not particular about wrappers? Look out for discounts on Halloween candy, which can last up to a year without declining in quality. Giftable boxes of assorted chocolates and wrapped Christmas candies are also easy to find.

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Know a puzzle lover? Fill their stash with inexpensive dollar-store options. Grown-up-friendly puzzles for just $1 include vibrant travel scenes and landscapes up to 500 pieces. For kids, licensed-character options with fewer pieces include favorites such as "Frozen," Paw Patrol, and Star Wars. Some mini puzzles come packaged in small tins, perfect for stockings.

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measuring cups

Kitchen Gadgets

Make meal prep a little easier for your favorite chef by replenishing their supply of kitchen tools and gadgets. You’ll find basics like measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, peelers, and scoops. There are also specialty gadgets like citrus squeezers, avocado slicers, and garlic presses.

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Bath Products

Bath Products

Make a custom gift basket of bath products from a host of dollar-store options. Bubble bath, bath gel, fancy soap, lotion, and even trendy bath bombs are among frequent finds. Don't forget to throw in exfoliating gloves, poufs, washcloths, and other accessories to complete your gift.

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Dolls and Action Figures

Dolls and Action Figures

There are a surprising number of name-brand toys at the dollar store. Many are no longer on the shelves of big-box retailers (although it's always worth double-checking to make sure you're really getting a good deal). Finds may include Trolls, Barbie, Monster High, Shopkins, PJ Masks, DC Comics Superheroes, classic soldier figures, and more. For kids who aren't picky, off-brand dolls and action figures are on tap for less.

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Active Toys

Active Toys

Add to the kids' arsenal of ways to burn off energy with toys that will get them moving. Dollar stores carry jump ropes, foam footballs, paddle ball sets, mini basketball sets, and more. Some also have off-brand, Nerf-like dart blasters, regulation-size game balls, and pool floats, although these bigger toys are usually pricier than a dollar.

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Toy Cars

Toy Cars

Got a toy-car lover in your life? Fill their need for speed at the dollar store, where there are often plenty of toy cars on the cheap, including familiar names such as Disney’s “Cars,” Matchbox, and Hot Wheels. Larger toy cars, some remote-controlled, are often also available for those willing to spend a little more than a buck.

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Flashlights can come in handy when you least expect it, and they never seem to be nearby when you need them. Give them as stocking stuffers, and they can be kept in purses, glove compartments, on keychains, or in a nightstand drawer.



As long as you don't expect to find the latest best-seller, you may be surprised at the selection. This goes for children's books, too. There's certainly no reason to spend a ton on something that's so prone to damage by little hands.

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Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Check the dollar store for cheaper frame options, especially if plastic or faux wood is okay. Options include 8x10s suitable for gallery walls and smaller tabletop frames perfect for gifting. Metallic finishes look convincingly pricey on a high bookshelf. Slip in a drugstore photo print and create a keepsake to please anyone.

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A great gift for a tween or teen who needs a safe space to vent, colorful journals are often available on dollar store shelves. Options range from basic composition books and spiral-bound mini notebooks to hardback journals with elastic bands to keep them closed. For a few more dollars, some stores have kid-approved furry covers, journals with writing prompts, or even lockable diaries.

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Card Games and Flash Cards

Card Games and Flash Cards

Traditional decks of playing cards are a dollar-store staple, and perfect for putting in someone's stocking this year. Frequent finds include classics such as Old Maid and Go Fish or decks with kid-friendly characters such as Mickey Mouse or Shopkins. Flashcards with the ABCs or simple math are another option.



There's little need to overpay for candles, particularly those used primarily as décor. Dollar stores feature a range of styles, including rustic-looking miniature mason jar candles, tea lights, pillar candles, large jar candles with long burn times, and even battery-operated LED votives.

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Blu-rays and DVDs make excellent stocking stuffers. As with books, the selection may not be recent or overwhelming, but depending on who you're buying for, you might just be able to find a movie that fits their taste.

Travel Toiletries

Travel Toiletries

Frequent fliers will love a small kit packed with travel essentials easily found at most dollar stores. You'll find face wipes, small bottles of shampoo and hand sanitizer, miniature tubes of toothpaste, toothbrush holders, and purse-size packs of tissues. Put them in a cute toiletry bag for a great gift.

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Fill a tree with a stash of dollar-store ornaments. Large packs of shatterproof balls in a variety of colors are a staple at most stores for no more than a few bucks. Giftable single ornaments are also available for $1 — think knit penguins and Santas, glittery reindeer, and plush snowmen.

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Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Stuff a stocking with vibrant shades of nail polish, available for only a buck at most dollar stores. Wet n' Wild and L.A. Colors, name brands that cost more at big-box stores, are among the options at several dollar stores. Some also carry small gift sets that are already ready to stuff in a stocking or put under the tree.

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Lip Gloss and Lip Balm

Perk up someone's pout with dollar-store lip gloss and lip balm, perfect for stockings. While there are plenty of off brands, don't be surprised to spot tubes of Carmex, Blistex, Chapstick, Wet 'n Wild, Eos, Maybelline, and other familiar names.

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car phone charger

Gadget Chargers

Your favorite techie can always use a few more chargers in their life, even as backups. Car chargers and micro USB cables can be had for as little as a buck at Dollar Tree, and we’ve even seen iPhone-compatible braided charging cords for just a few bucks more at Dollar General.

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Know someone with long hair? Dollar stores are a treasure trove of barrettes, scrunchies, clips, bows, headbands, and elastics. You can also find basic styling products like gel, hairspray, shampoo, brushes, and combs, along with handheld mirrors.

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letter board

Wall Décor

You might be surprised at the variety of home décor available at the dollar store. We’ve spotted small canvases with quirky sayings, decorative mirrors, shadow boxes, trendy letter boards, and even flashy signs with LEDs built in that would be great for a tween or teen’s bedroom.

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Tote Bags
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Reusable Tote Bags

If you’d rather skip the wrapping paper, the dollar store has plenty of reusable bags that you can use to present your treasures instead. Many have fun or festive patterns that make them a gift in themselves.

Greeting Cards
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Greeting Cards

There are many occasions to send thank you notes, get well cards, or birthday greetings throughout the year, so it's smart to have some ready. Greeting cards are a stocking stuffer people will actually use.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Some kids can never have enough plush friends, and dollar stores have plenty of stuffed animals. There are $1 miniature bears, monkeys, and holiday friends for stockings. Some dollar stores also carry full-size options and name brands including My Little Ponies and even Elmo, although they're usually a little pricier.

kid superhero

Dress-Up Supplies

If you’ve got young kids on your holiday list, the dollar store is a great place to get them masks and costumes for pretend play. Shop before Halloween is over for the best selection, but even after the holiday, you can find wigs, silly hats, masks, superhero capes, wands, and more.

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DIY wreath

Homemade Wreaths

This idea requires a little creativity, but the dollar store sells everything you need to make a wreath perfect for gifting. You’ll find wreath forms and foam, faux florals, ribbon, wooden shapes, and other supplies. The results can look downright professional, too: Check out these ideas for every season if you don’t believe us.

christmas garland

Holiday Knicknacks

Your favorite Kris Kringle-wannabe will always appreciate more décor for their stash. The dollar store is a reliable source of cute holiday-themed signs, door covers, wreaths, figurines, garlands, and more. We’ve even spotted snow globes, and for a bit more, outdoor decorations like yard stakes.