Shattered Piggy Bank In The Water


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Money can be stressful, but nothing quite matches the all-encompassing anxiety you get when there's no money to be had. "More money, more problems" was clearly coined by a wealthy capitalist who wanted to keep the little guy down, because it doesn't hold true when you're living paycheck to paycheck with kids to feed, elderly parents to care for, and collectors calling you at all times of the day. The best way to stay sane in that soul-crushing, down-and-out cycle is by adopting a healthy sense of humor and cackling at relatable Tweets like these because sometimes you just have to laugh or else you'll go absolutely crazy. 


Who doesn't have a library (aka boxes full of books) stashed away somewhere that they never read? Can't be just us.


But all you need is love, fam.


Photographic evidence that caffeine is addictive (no judgment here!).


To those of you who live in the few cities where cars are not necessary: we're totally jealous.


If you can do something relatively inexpensive that also gets you tons of compliments, that's 100% worth every cent.


Supply and demand is real. You have to plan way ahead for big events like sports and concerts or else you're going to need to empty your bank account. 

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Ah yes, the old "actually, working more of your life is a good thing" article. Who writes these things and why do they love the capitalism Kool-Aid so much? GTFO of here with that.


This week, Apple released its new virtual reality headset and the prices start at $3,500. Naturally, the company is getting roasted over the price for an electronic doohickey that only has a battery life of two hours. 


Think of all the fun you could have with a giant animatronic dinosaur in your front yard! It would be a hit with the kids in the neighborhood! You could even charge $1 admission to see it, something no one would pay to do with your overpriced VR goggles.


That's about as close as we're going to get to $3,500 goggles, too.

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