Shattered Piggy Bank In The Water


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Money can be stressful, but nothing quite matches the all-encompassing anxiety you get when there's no money to be had. "More money, more problems" was clearly coined by a wealthy capitalist who wanted to keep the little guy down, because it doesn't hold true when you're living paycheck to paycheck with kids to feed, elderly parents to care for, and collectors calling you at all times of the day. The best way to stay sane in that soul-crushing, down-and-out cycle is by adopting a healthy sense of humor and cackling at relatable Tweets like these because sometimes you just have to laugh or else you'll go absolutely crazy. 

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That's your sign to turn off notifications because yikes.


Every little bit counts when your wallet is empty. Pour one out for that overpriced vending machine coffee that was so bad you didn't even drink it.


How are you supposed to express yourself and be your own person when all you have is hand-me-downs in your closet?


Does anyone else set up reminders for when streaming service free trials end or is it just us? God help us if we had to put in a debit card to sign up and it automatically bills without us knowing.


Everyone has different priorities. If an iced coffee keeps you sane, you do you.


In case you missed it, a much-anticipated new game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, was just released. The FOMO is strong if you don't have $70 to drop on it like the 10 million other people who bought it already.


Those book fairs were amazing! And they are totally responsible for this next weet...


See? This is all Scholastic's fault. 


Opening all those shopping bags when you get home gives you the same endorphin rush as Christmas morning did when you were a kid.


If only it were that easy.

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