Americans' Tax Bill Tops $5 Trillion


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Money can be stressful, but nothing quite matches the all-encompassing anxiety you get when there's no money to be had. "More money, more problems" was clearly coined by a wealthy capitalist who wanted to keep the little guy down, because it doesn't hold true when you're living paycheck to paycheck with kids to feed, elderly parents to care for, and collectors calling you at all times of the day. The best way to stay sane in that soul-crushing, down-and-out cycle is by adopting a healthy sense of humor and cackling at relatable Tweets like these, because sometimes you just have to laugh or else you'll go absolutely crazy. 


When you spend so much on rent that you can't afford to go out, sometimes you just have to buy some nice things for your home. At least you'll get more use out of a fancy hand soap than you would an expensive cocktail at a bar.


Sure, Muffin the Frenchie is adorable. But she's going to end up costing you big bucks in veterinarian bills.


We all have one of those exes, and we're all better off without them.


There's a Bollywood clip perfect for every situation. 


'Get a new hobby,' they said, not realizing we already have a favorite pastime that we're super good at.

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'A broke dude just looking for money' might be the most relatable that Donald Trump has ever been. (We like to think we've aged better, though.)


The cost of groceries is outrageous right now. Inflation is supposedly cooling off finally, but we don't know what those Wall Street pundits are talking about, because we're not feeling that at the grocery store.


Going Dutch on a first date is fine, but asking for a second date just so you can eat and still pay your interns? That's getting too close to sugar momma territory. This convo is probably fake, but we're still laughing.


Can't hurt to try praying for more money, right? At least it won't cost you anything.


In the immortal words of George Takei: oh my.

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